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just like how inspirits are able to give you strength, you’re able to give us so much more.

happy birthday, lee howon ♡

Malec being parents...

Max is from the books, and Madzie is from the TV show, in an AU I combined both.

Magnus woke up to an empty bed. He got scared for a second, it was like three in the morning, and he was sure Alec went to bed with him. He got out quickly and put on a robe. God, his son and daughter were just in the other rooms. Alec and Magnus got Madzie six months ago, after finally being able to rescue her; a year after they became an oficial couple; and Max? Max was left at the entrance of the institute two months ago, and with some persuasion, Alec finally accept to adopt him too. Madzie was 7, Max was 1; but maybe Alec finally realized it was too much for him. That being the father of a kid (warlock kid) wasn’t that bad, but of 2? And abobe that one of them being a crying, sweet baby? Magnus felt a shot in his chest. He loved Alec, and the idea of having a family with him, made him the happiest person alive, but maybe Alec didn’t felt that way.

He checked Madzie’s room first, she was sleeping peacefully on her bed, little harmless shots of pink magic coming out of her little fingers. Magnus smile and fixed the blanked on his daughter’s body, then closed the door and silently went to Max’s room. He frowned when he saw the door slightly open. But the moment he reached his son’s room, he froze dead on the door.

Alec was there, his beautiful lover, with dark circles on his eyes that were dimly illuminated by dark blue sparks of magic. He looked completely tired but at the same time in complete peace; so happy that Magnus felt his heart racing. Max was in his arms, his eyes wide and cristal with a trace of tears that indicated he’d been crying. But he wasn’t anymore, he was looking with complete adoration at his father, one small blue hand wrapped around a big finger. Alec was singing, a lullaby, he wasn’t a good singer but in the soft whisper he was chanting, it sounded beautiful. The song was a mixture of latin and old english, Magnus got some parts of the lyrics, things about protection, love, and a baby becoming his parent’s pride. It was so pure and beautiful that it left Magnus breathless.

He realized it was his son’s reaction too. Because he had stoped crying and was paying full attention to the song, he was looking straight into his father’s eyes, as if he could read his pure soul while listening; also he had a trace of a soft smile in his lips, Magnus wanted to kiss him. Actually he wanted to cry out of happiness, then kiss his son, and then his boyfriend. Alec’s look over Max, his warlock son, made any doubt Magnus had before disappear. He was looking at him with the same pure adoration, smiling at his son’s reaction over the song; moving his finger softly to keep Max’s concentration on him, Magnus was overwhelmed and mesmerized.

Alec finish the song and started speaking, “I see you liked the song, honey,” he whispered. “You see? There is no need to cry and wake up papa. Your daddy is here with you and you know I love you and protect you, baby.” Max pouted beautifully at the words and hugged his father, resting his little blue face and dark blue hair in his shoulder. Alec smiled and kissed his son in the head; Magnus melted.

“I love you, and you’ll be fine… By the Angel!” He exclaimed over a louder whisper when he turned around and saw Magnus. “Magnus, how long have you been there?” When Max felt the change in his daddy’s body he looked up, towards his father; and the warlock took a deep breath.

“Long enough. You weren’t in bed and I wanted to check the kids”, he was surprised of how wrecked his voice sounded. Alec crossed the room in long fast steps, with a deep frown.

“Babe, are you crying?” And with that Magnus realized why his voice was like that. Alec made him cry. His sweet boyfriend put a hand on his cheek, removing a tear gently. Max was curious so he poked with a tiny finger the other tear. Magnus smiled and kissed his son’s hand.

“I guess I am. But don’t worry sweetheart, they are touched tears because of the scene I just saw.” Alec blushed but smile too, kissing his son again.

“I heard him crying and I din’t want him to wake you or Madzie up, so I remember a lullaby that mom used to sing to me to make me stop crying; and well, Max liked it more than I used to when I was young.” Magnus smiled and kissed Alec softly.

“Clearly. I think it’s because you sing better than your mom.” Alec laughed softly and started kissing Magnus again. They kissed until they felt a small finger pocking at their entwined lips. They pulled away to see Max looking at them with a curiosity frown; Alec blushed but Magnus giggled, kissing his son’s head, and then his cheek.

“Maybe it’ll be better if we sleep with him”, Magnus suggested. Alec nodded and pecked his son.

“Magnus”, he called. “I know the song is pretty, and all, but not to the point of making people cry.” He pointed out. Magnus smiled again.

“It wasn’t only the song, it was you and… And the way you two were looking at each other. I never in my life would’ve imagine a Shadowhunter loving a downwolder so unconditionally, and you, Alec, you love three. I’m lucky to be one of them, and my children are the other two. I’ve dreamed of having a family for a while know, and you know that the downwolders that I take under my care are like my kids. But now I really have two of my own, and you, a Shadowhunter, the love of my life, is the father of those kids. I was just so happy to have you.” Magnus’ voice became lower with each word, but Alec heard him perfectly; he melted, his eyes where looking at Magnus with so much love, he felt like he was going to combust.

“I love you, Magnus,” he finally whisper. “I love you, and I could never asked for someone better to be the father of my children too. And I love our sons, doesn’t matter what they are. One they they’ll be just as amazing as you, and I’m going to be more than very proud of them.” Magnus smiled and kissed Alec again until Max pocked at their lips again.

“I love you too,” Magnus answered resting his forehead agains Alec’s.

“Papa, what’s going on?” A sleepy voice came from the door. When they pulled completely away, they saw Madzie, rubbing an eye with an sleepy pout. Magnus knelt to be at her height.

“Did we wake you up, my sweet dolphin?” He asked caressing her hair. Magnus called her that because Madzie liked dolphins and since she had gills, he thought that, just as blueberry was accurate for his blue skinned son, sweet or little dolphin was perfect for his daughter. Madzie shooked her head.

“I just woke, and then I heard daddy’s whisper so I came.”

“We are going to take your brother to sleep with us, he was crying a lot,” Alec told her while Max was pulling at his hair in a playful manner. “Wanna come, darling?” He asked. Madzie smile, a sweet inocente smile that could light a room; and then nodded.

“Ok, let’s go”, Magnus said taking her in his arms as they walked out of the room. When they where all settled in the bed, Max was already falling asleep. Alec told the three members of his family how much he loved them, with a kiss for each of them. Magnus did the same and then Madzie in a lazy voice said:

“I love you too daddy and papa. Thank you for saving me and Max.” That made the two fathers melt before going to sleep with a smile on their faces.


30 days of volleyball: day 6 - favourite outside hitter: matt anderson

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orisa explores the internet and sees what shipping is and whoever she finds she uses her gravity ball to pull them together whilst not really grasping its a romantic thing

1. Orisa is like a baby I love it
2. Max Claufield in a flower crown you are my new favorite

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Max: Zeva I love you so much baby I think I got the it is very important to me and I will be our first time tho I don't know what you are talking about the same thing with a few people notice but we will be there also

“What in the fuck are you talking about?”

Let’s talk hugs

More specifically, let’s talk about Life is Strange characters and hugs. (Max isn’t on here because she’s the one I imagine is getting all those hugs, ya?)

Warren gives typical teenaged boy hugs. He’s a bit too over-enthusiatic and his hands are kinda clammy and he has no idea where he’s allowed to touch, but once you set boundaries and he’s gotten used to it, his hugs are all warm and sweet and safe.

Kate trembles in your arms when you hug her and it takes a few moments for her to relax. When she is sure that your gesture is sincere, she hesitantly wraps her arms around your chest, resting the palms of her hands on your shoulder blades. Her touch is so light you barely feel it, but she presses her face into your shoulder and lets out a breath she’s been holding for too long.

Victoria’s hugs are very rare, very awkward and strangely aggressive. She’s so unused to hugging people, her arms around your shoulders feel like she’s trying to choke the life out of you. Her touch softens when you reciprocate and show her that you’re not gonna reject her gesture of affection. When she catches herself tracing idle patterns over your back, she shoves you away and acts like nothing happened.

Chloe has two kinds of hugs.
One, hugging you like she’ll never get another chance. Her arms are tight around your torso, her fingers claw into the fabric of your top, her face is buried in the nape of your neck and there’s really nothing you can do but hold on and try to reassure her that you’re not going anywhere.
Two, the happy one. It’s a perfect bear hug where she envelops you in her long arms and happily squeezes you like a favourite plush toy. Those hugs are wild and reckless and overwhelming, but she always makes sure to rest one gentle hand on the small of your back to keep you steady and safe.

Humans Spoilers

That was one episode for Colin Morgan man. When they woke Mia up and he went from gruff Leo to this like little boy in his mother’s presence, that acting was holy crap on point. He even looked different with his body language, it was incredible. and his background story finally yes.

and then oh god Max, baby Max no why. I mean i love you to death and I totally get it but oh man did that hurt.

And Niska and George and Odi yes yes yes.

and Fred yes. that scene was amazing too.

And everyone finding out how fucked joe is thank,

Prom night! || {CLOSED} || jerkxbitchx


Ben sighed as he sat in the shot gun seat next to Andrew, holding his hand. He grumbled and took of his tie and jacket. “Fuck this I’m taking this suit off.” He said stripping down to his tank and boxers. He sighed and felt so much better.

Max smirked and kissed Mary. “I love you baby girl.” He chuckled as he watched Ben. He leaned forward and chuckled in Andrews ear. “Looks like your in for a handful with Benny boy over here.”