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[I wish we could have seen Prinadora, Rom’s first wife and Nog’s mom.]

Editor’s Note: The 6th season episode “Change of Heart” had a B-plot written that would have featured Rom’s ex-wife/Nog’s mother Prindadora, but it was cut for time reasons before being filmed. The Ferengi Family actors (Aron Eisenberg, Max Grodenchik, Chase Masterson) used to perform said B-plot at conventions on occasion, with Grodenchik’s wife/Trek pre-production coordinator Lolita Fatjo filling the role of Prinadora.

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[I love thinking about how history will describe Rom after the end of DS9: “Grand Nagus Rom was responsible for major reforms in Ferengi society, and was also a technological genius who made several contributions to the Alliance efforts in the Dominion War. His mother, Ishka, was a pioneering feminist activist, and his wife Leeta also contributed to Rom’s successes. His son, Nog, was the first Ferengi to join Starfleet. He also had a brother who owned a bar on an old space station.”]

It was a day of Max huffing around the house while Maci went to work with Aron. He had gotten bored in all reality and decided to start a new sketch. But nearly an hour before Aron got home, Max went to the bedroom. Grabbing one of his plugs and getting himself ready. Maci texting him details through the day did get annoying so he wanted some time with Aron as well. Hearing the car door and looking out the window to make sure it was Aron. Max quickly runs to the landing of the stairs, still naked. Down on his hands and knees as he’s now exposed for the man.