max adler singing

So I've decided Azimio should find Dave singing in the shower.
  • Azimio: Dude. You're GOOD. You should join that Glee clu-
  • Dave: I thought Glee Club was was losers? No way man.
  • Azimio: But you sing good.
  • Dave: ...No I don't.
  • Azimio: YEAH. You do. And yeah, everyone else in that club would be losers but you'd be like... Not. And- DUDE THINK OF HOW MANY CHICKS YOU COULD GET.
  • Dave: ....-thought bubble of Kurt swooning- ....yeah. Maybe.
  • Azimio: I mean, even I was a little turned on I won't lie.
  • Dave: ..........I'm leaving now.

Max Adler singing Fever at G2 in Birmingham, UK

There are not enough episodes of Glee left to fit in all the Karofsky duets I want

I’m seriously sitting here, listening to “New York, New York” loop, just thinking “OH HE’D SOUND SO GOOD WITH RACHEL AND WITH FINN AND WITH KURT AND WITH SANTANA AND WITH QUINN AND WITH MR. SCHUE AND WITH…”
Maaaaax. Why is your voice so filled with harmonious possibilities? :c


theunknownsoul replied to your post  theunknownsoul replied to your post: I hope and…

Maybe that’s what he was TROLOLOLin about earlier with his YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOIN RIGHT NOW MWAHAHAHA. I’m going to hope.

me gusta this idea. Mucho gusta. Espanol beuno.

He said we’re not as good as Sherlock Holmes, but he forgot he’s castmates with Lea Michele who does not understand the concept of spoilers and keeping things private. CHRISTMAS CLUES.
I can almost guarantee when he gets his first duet with her, she’ll be all “Oh it’s so fun to sing with @MrMaxAdler! I love having a new, deep voice to sing with!!!!!! :) I can’t wait for you all to hear it!” no matter how secretive and trollish Max tries to be.