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inspired by @myheartbumpsfist ‘s Rabbits of Downtrodden inspired sketches and felt like maybe pecking at the process of slapping together some game-ready character model junk. handplaced low poly massing > Zbrush progress, still need to dig into some tutorials/tips’n’tricks regarding thin geometry, for them big floppy ears, as well as some good fur-related info so I can scratch that in a bit better than the few attempts I gave mid-process.

Give @theveryworstthing ‘s downtrodden masterpost a look, pretty neat stuff. If I had some more refined expertise, free time and/or capitol to develop games, I’d be pretty interested in the project after digging into all this worldbuilding!

Hello fellow Guardians of Tumblr! this past weekend I managed to help few people beat Skolas for their first time. It wasn’t much of a struggle at all since we knew what we were doing, Everything went better than expected! This week I’ll focus on taking new comers across Raids that they’ve never done or finished. As for this coming weekend I’ll return to helping people take on Skolas once more. If you are intereted in Raids message me on here. As for more info on Skolas, this are the requirements to join. Nothing to hard or anything really required:


Hello fellow Guardians! I come here to ask anyone if they still need help in taking on Skolas in the level 35 Prison of Elders for the completion of “Moments of Triumph”. If that is the case then you are indeed in luck! I will be helping people out all of Saturday and Sunday from 2pm PST to 9pm PST. What console? I will either be on Xbox 360 or Xbox One depending on what requests I am taking. Why am I doing this you ask? Simple, not everyone has a chance to do so or people don’t get accepted because you don’t have a Gjallarhron. That’s why I am here to help you Guardian! Requirements? A microphone in which you will need to be able to communicate with me as well as others that want to join, decent weapons at either 331 with max perks or 365 weapons, and you must be a 34 ONLY. I doesn’t matter what what class you are as long as you are able to hold you own and follow a given order so we can make the waves a little easier. If you are interested in doing so, please shoot me a message on here or on Xbox Live; my gamertag is YaBoiBonnie. I’ll see you this weekend Guardians, and remember to stay awesome!


Tuesday, resetday guardians!!! It’s time to restart all the asskicking and dive into that epic nightfall, tricky weekly heroic strike and slap skolas silly throughout his prison along with the other bosses that come along.

Like every week i will post as much info possible about the weekly reset…so lets kick off with the nightfall.

The Devil’s Lair - Sepiks Prime


  • Epic - Heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in great numbers.
  • Angry - Minions of the Darkness won’t flinch, even after massive damage
  • Lightswitch - Minions of the Darkness deal much  more melee damage.
  • Brawler - Guardian Melee damage is greatly icnreased.
  • Nightfall - If all players die, your Fireteam is returned to Orbit.
This week we have no burns in the nightfall…but we do have quite some shielded enemies. You can use whatever weapon you want but do keep in mind that you use the right weapon on the shielded enemies. Fang of Ir Yut won’t do much in the solar shielded shanks and so on. So what did i use for my first run.
  • Primary Weapon - Fatebringer
  • Special Weapon - Blackhammer , Shadow of Veils (arc damage)
  • Heavy Weapon - Gjallarhorn, the Fear (arc damage)

If your blackhammer is fully maxed out on 365 damage than you will be able to one shot the shanks. Icebreaker maxed out needs 2 shots because there will be a little bit of life on the healthbar.

The Shadow Thief - Taniks, the Scarred


  • Heroic - Enemies appear in greater numbers and are more aggressive.
  • Specialist - Special weapon damage is favored.

Special weapon damage is favored so use a special weapon that you feel very comfortable with so you can get rid of the enemies as quick as possible

Prison of Elders

Prison of Elders - Level 32 - Urrox’s Grudge

  • Round 1 - Hive - Trickle (Recharge of abilities is significantly reduced).
  • Round 2 - Cabal - Small Arms (Primary weapon damage is favored).
  • Round 3 - Cabal - Exposure (Guardian shields are increased but do not replenish)
  • Round 4 - Hive - Arc Burn (Arc damage from any source is greatly increased).
  • Round 5 - Hive - Kill Urrox - Solar Burn (Solar damage from any source is greatly increased).

Prison of Elders - Level 34 - Forever Eater

  • Round 1 - Vex - Catapult (Cooldown of Grenade abilities are greatly decreased).
  • Round 2 - Vex - Void Burn (Void damage from any source is greatly increased).
  • Round 3 - Fallen - Brawler (Guardian’s melee damage is increased)
  • Round 4 - Vex - Small Arms (Primary weapon damage is favored).
  • Round 5 - Vex - Kill Qodron - Trickle (Recharge of abilities is significantly reduced).

Prison of Elders - Level 35 - Skolas

Round 1 - Hive

  • Exposure (Guardian shields are increased but do not replenish)
  • Brawler (Guardian Melee damage is greatly increased)

Round 2 - Vex - Destroy Mines

  • Grounded (Players take more damage while airborne)
  • Airborne (Players deal more damage while in the air).

Round 3 - Cabal - Dismantle Mines

  • Catapult (Grenade recharge rate is greatly increased).
  • Arc Burn (Arc Damage from any source is greatly increased).

Round 4 - Fallen - Eliminate the Target

  • Specialist (Special Weapon damage is favored)
  • Juggler (Recharge of abilities is significantly reduced)

Round 5 - Fallen - Kill Boss: Pilot Servitor

  • Trickle (Recharge of abilities is significantly reduced)
  • Small Arms (Primary weapon damage is favored)

Round 6 - Kill Boss - Skolas

  • Small Arms (Primary weapon damage is favored)
  • Lightswitch (Minions of the Darkness deal much more melee damage).

And thats all for now Guardians. Enjoy the week and remember…

Fight Hard and Keep your Light safe!!!