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The 5 Lads I Love PT.2

so i realized that i left out some examples of the best moments that the Fanmily and the lads had. and i just couldn’t bring myself to just leave it so here are some of our proudest, funniest, silliest moments as a Family. and some of our saddest because every good thing is leveled out with a bad

Maxie and Jaybird acting like dying plants

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The Fanmily spending hours on hours on hours voting to get these 5 amazing lads to win a peoples choice award for break out artist. 

Then came one of the saddest most worrying moments of all.

Baby Nath having to have throat surgery.

The surgery had two outcomes. 1) nathan being able to go back to singing or 2)nathans voice being completely damaged ending his career 

But we all took a breath of relief during the bands performance of I Found You at the Capital FM Summertime Ball 

He came back and blew everyone away.

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Then came the worst new of them all 

on January 22, 2014 we got the news that the boys were going on tour. The Word of Mouth Tour…..

it would also be their last for a while…

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on April 1st, 2014 they boys preformed their last UK show as The WANTED

On May 17, 2014 the boys preformed their last show of the tour in Oklahoma.

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And although its been hard to know we have no new music to look forward to, no new videos, no new mailers, no new wanted wednesday we still have many many amazing memories. 

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i can’t even begin to explain the emotions i feel right now, I’m laughing and crying, and I’m sad but happy all at once while making this post.

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so boys we still love you, we still want you back. please please comeback.

we need you.

~love a member of the Fanmily