Max Caulfield - Life Is Strange (sketch in mouse / esboço)


Favourite Sims of 2018

I know I’m pretty late, but I was tagged by the lovely @purplepxls ty honey ♡

Andie - Statistically one of the most popular sims on my blog, probably because of all the fun collab pics I took of her and @dizziesims Tortilla! I love her very much, and not just because she’s the child of my simself ;)

Max - I made him especially for @sparklyunicornsims bachelorette challenge and he won! Since then he has really stolen a place in my heart and him and Harlow are one of my favourite couples ever!!

Billie - She’s one of my most unique looking sims and I love that about her, and I really love the story me and @chuskasims are writing out for her and Jared ^.^

Kane - He was one of the first sims I ever made, and there was a period of time when I just couldn’t get him to look right and it was really frustrating. But since starting my blog I’ve really reconnected to his character and some of my favourite pics have him in it!

I’m gonna tag: @dizziesims @sparklyunicornsims @pandamoniumsimss @alluringsimss @chuskasims and anyone else who wants to do it! ♡    

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About the only thing in the finale of season 4 I can make peace with is Max winning as a silent owner of Nassau - and Idelle (a former whore) now being an acknowledged Governor's wife and respected as part of it.

I have more things to be thankful for when it comes to finale of BS,like Flint alive and reunited with Thomas,Anne and Jack alive and sailing under iconic banner (at some point I was scared at least one of them would die)-but agree about Max and Idelle. They ended up as queens of Nassau. Max as a true power player and a silent ruler and Idelle as Governor’s wife,but also with a good man who always appreciated her.


Jack, what did you do?I sent word to Anne to take the cache and disappear. No.The governor saw your letter to her.You don’t think I can convey a thought to Anne comprehensible only to her? A thought as simple as “run”? A letter that said everything the governor wished it to say in exactly the way he’d want to say it would not sound like anything I’d ever say.A thought here or two between the lines…I assure you,she understood.-Black Sails,306 .

Man, I love Hufflepuffs…

…Hufflepuffs who smile so big, so wide, they light up a room just by being there.

Hufflepuffs who just do whatever makes them feel comfortable, bc who cares? If other people think you’re weird, they’re not worth your time.

Hufflepuffs who listen to soft guitar or ukelele, for the peaceful strumming of a calming instrument.

Hufflepuffs who listen to exclusively showtunes, because sometimes you just need a good story with your catchy tune.

Hufflepuffs who listen to rock, because god if that beat isn’t insane.

Hufflepuffs who can talk up a storm, telling amazing stories & making everyone laugh with their stupid humor that you can’t help but love.

Hufflepuffs who keep to themselves, not very great at starting conversations. Who sit generally by themselves, but once you start talking to them, you realize they’re soft & sweet as honey.

Hufflepuffs that always have advice for you, when you’re having a hard time.

Hufflepuffs who’re there to just… listen when you need to vent your feelings.

Hufflepuffs who know how to cheer you up in that special way that only they can.

Hufflepuffs who love to be onstage, playing the romance, or the hero, or maybe even the villain for once, and just having the time of their life.

Hufflepuffs who work backstage, making sure everything goes right, that everyone’s ok, working as a team to bring joy to others.

Hufflepuffs who watch the show, so proud of their friends who’re able to go up and preform in front of others bc god that must be nerve-wracking.

Hufflepuffs with a bunch of succulents in their room, to lighten it up a bit.

Hufflepuffs who can’t keep a plant alive to save their life, but love plants nonetheless.

Hufflepuffs who are loved

who are cherished

who matter.

Hufflepuffs like you.