Divergent AU

Hi! So, a couple weeks ago, @faith-xx-love was asked about making a Divergent AU for ML, but she didn’t know the series well enough. I wrote my Extended Essay for IB on Divergent and it was awful because ANALYSIS. I can do another for the characters I’ve missed (such as Theo and Aurore), if anyone wants me to. Everything’s under the cut!

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Chasefield thoughts

So, the other day I was listening to the cover of “All of Me” by John Legend by Jasmine Thompson, and it got me thinking about Life is Strange, which a lot of stuff does nowadays.

..So. Chasefield. One night, Max goes into a restaurant to find Victoria taking professional photos of the entertainment when the band invites her up to perform out of the blue. Victoria has no idea that anyone who knows her from school is on the premises, let alone Max.. she agrees. It turns out that she can play piano and sing, so she requests to sing alone. The performers are friends of hers, so they allow it. 

She introduces herself, with a bit of a flustered determined sort of blush. She wasn’t expecting to be called up, but if she’s going to perform in front of people, she’s going to do a fucking bang up job of it. She explains that she will be singing a song about the only dream that she believes won’t come true for her. (We all know that Victoria is a highly determined and ambitious individual, but even some dreams can’t come true, tragically.) Max is intrigued and confused by this sort of introduction, because it contradicts the everyday Victoria Chase that she knows. 

Then she starts to perform. 

Now, the simplicity of the piano is perfect. It builds up the drama and intensity. Victoria makes it look effortless, and she allows herself to be lost in the song. Not where it’s too overbearing or over the top… just with enough theatricality to really be honest. Subtly weaving a tale of love and longing through the song “All of Me”. The way she sings it leaves her emotions out to the crowd and the crowd knows it’s just this crush that seems eternally unrequited.

When she sings “What would I do without your smart mouth? Calling me in, and kicking me out?”, she has this far off look in her eyes, her eyebrows furrowed. Almost as if she’s trying to picture a world without whoever this is. From that point to “I’ll be alright”, her face shifts to a determination. This person confuses her and she longs to figure out what they think about. “My head’s underwater, but I’m breathing fine. You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind.” She’s keeping a secret she won’t let go of. She’ll never let the object of her affections know, but she’s losing her mind thinking that it could ever be possible. And the chorus hits and she’s talking about everything their potential could be, and Victoria’s eyes looked so pained and hopeful simultaneously. Second verse hits and the longing and passion is building up, and the lights are hitting her in just the right ways. “You’re my downfall..” all the way up to “ringing in my head for you.”, is so raw and genuine that it almost floors the whole room with its intensity. The last chorus hits and all of Victoria’s walls have shed themselves and she is just dreaming of this reality she thinks isn’t possible. The song ends and the room explodes into applause. Victoria lightly smiles at the crowd and thanks them, but it’s clear that her mind really isn’t there. 

Max is staring at Victoria, and doesn’t recognize her at all. This can’t be Victoria. She’s too different. … yet Max is completely captivated. 

Victoria’s never looked so real and genuine and yearning and honest, and Max just can’t grasp why she never noticed this Victoria before now. 


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@maxeverett-hfap asked:

I’m still not your biggest fan but I talked to Stiles and I want to know more about both your father as a threat, and why you aren’t telling anyone and just letting us assume you’re a plain old psychopath.

Charmin’. As if I needed any adorin’ fans… I haven’t broadcast it to the world mostly because people don’t ask, and when they do, they either don’t really want to listen, or think I am makin’ excuses, and I have no intention of making excuses. That, and the more people that are close to me, the more weapons Alistair has against me. Is that acceptable, or do my current actions still not meet yer moral standards? 


School of Oz looks so cool 😭 Why don’t I live in Seoul 😭

School of Oz OST ~ One Day One Chance