sumi-miyano  asked:

Maww I love Ha-Neul and Ha-Yun so much like Saeyoung loves Elly. Gah it should be forbidden to have such cute kids D: How are those two regarding animals? Like someone being more the cat-type and the other more dog-type? ((You know I have a niece and I don't care a bit about her. So I always thought that kids from others aren't cute for me but honestly Ha-Neul and Ha-Yun are pure sugar. I would watch a 10 hours video of just Ha-Neul and Ha-Yun sitting somewhere because kewd <3))

Omgg lolol well I kinda like kids since I have a lot of children oc but sadly I can never be good with children. Idk how to interact with them omf. Afraid they will cry so I usually just give them my phone to play games-

So regarding Ha-neul and Ha-yun. Ha-neul will be more of a cat person like the Choi twins, while Ha-yun. Well Ha-yun- … She will pick a pet crocodile. LOL. She is an active kid so I guess more of a dog person that need alot of affection. Basically all animals she would like.

- “Daddy can I have a pet lizard”
- “No”
- “Daddy I want an elephant”
- “No”
- “Daddy. ostrich!”
- “Ha-yun no”
- “Daddy how about a shark?”
- “Ha-yun. Stop”
- “Saeyoung daddy’s car..?”

- “…”

- “Okay”

- “NOT MY BABYYY” (saeyoung)

Siguro tama lang na we take things slowly. Kasi kung mamadaliin din natin yung mga bagay bagay baka mabilis rin matapos yun. Tapos ang laki pa ng possibility na baka magsisi lang tayo at mapunta sa maling desisyon sa huli kakamadali diba? Mas tamang intindihin muna natin yung mga bagay bagay. Para in the end, mas maging sure na tayo sa na bawat desisyon natin at nang maging malinaw yung mga bagay para satin. Hindi kailangan magmadali kasi darating din tayo dyan kapag para sa ‘tin talaga yun.