Dust Digger

The image above is by n8s on DeviantArt.

I look at the dust digger and one name jumps to the forefront: Sarlacc. Tentacles rise from the ground to haul prey into a fanged maw and down the gullet of a monstrous creature in the desert sands.  That’s where the appeal of this monster begins and ends.  Dust diggers are only large enough to eat ogres, they can move around through the sand and loose soil unlike the immobile sarlacc of Star Wars fame, but they’re straightforward monsters to run if you’re proficient with the grapple rules.  I’m okay with that.  Not everything needs to be simple and sometimes you just need a ravening maw to open, creating a sinkhole in the sand that gives the rogue a chance a to scramble free and lets the barbarian pluck someone from the very brink of depth.

Dust diggers are slightly older than the sarlacc, dating back to the I3 Pharaoh module in 1982 before being included in the First Edition Monster Manual II a year later.  1983 was also the release of Return of the Jedi, but for gamers of a certain age, the comparison is inevitable despite the vast difference in size. Let the sarlacc eat their camels and maybe the party too. Your players might thank you!

Deep beneath the surface nations of Iodraes and Struira, the ephemerally pale sands of the Vault of Krudunon are ruled by moldering nosferatu who bicker over territory in the name of mummy-kings who lie dreaming. The relics of the ancient times when these beings last drew living breath and the cryptic writings brought back to the surface suggest at a shared origin with ancient Iodruira, the predecessor kingdom that gave birth to the Grand Duchy of Iodraes and Struira’s collection of feuding baronies and republics three centuries ago.  Even if adventurers can reach a deal with the nosferatu viziers, though, simply crossing the underground deserts of the vault runs the risk of encounters with the deadly dust diggers who roam in the wilderness.  Ancient history is even further complicated when voyages across the Carlosan Sea bring back word of similar monsters in the desert there.

Taking advantage of light feet and a lack of thirst, the ghouls of Chopharia lair in the ancient fortress-temples in parts of the deserts that have been abandoned by the living.  Their raids on the caravans that supply the trade in silk, spice, and gems that is Chopharia’s economic lifeblood have become increasingly intolerable, adding to the inevitable losses from dust diggers.  And the dust diggers make the ghouls worse – with their dead, charnel smell, the ghouls don’t appeal, but living pursuers rarely survive long enough to even face the undead raiders.

Pursued by a hunting party of gnolls, a group of adventurers flees further from civilization through the rocky badlands of outer Kihath. Driven forward, the group is confused when the gnolls suddenly stop their pursuit as the terrain shifts to a sandy desert.  Sensing an opportunity for escape, they press forward… and discover what monstrous maws await them.

- Tome of Horrors Complete 247

Generally, when being pursued by enemies really dedicated to catching you, it’s usually a sign you should consider what you’re doing a little when they decide, “No, it’s okay, you go on in there.”

If you want a bit different look at the sarlacc, you might try here.


I never officially shared my Disney Dressphere/Disney Meets Final Fantasy X/X-2  series from my own Tumblr before- and back when it made the rounds here- I didn’t even have an account!

I’ve done a lot of revamps and add-ons since then, such as Anna and Elsa: Frozen Fantasy (13), and figured I’d share the series again! This all started in 2010 with Snow White, and the latest additions have been Shego and Kim Possible just a few months ago. I have many more I’d love to add someday- and I’m very thankful for those who have commissioned some of these to keep the series going in this busy time!

This project started off randomly and just for fun, and over theyears, it has snowballed into a very precious thing to me. I’ve been blown awayby the kind words and enthusiasm I’ve received from Final Fantasy and Disney fans alike- and I’m still, to this day, absolutely FLOORED by the incredible girls who have cosplayed these designs, from ALL over the world! I don’t know how to express my overwhelming gratitude, and how happy I am to have been able to share these with so many amazing people- but I hope it comes across with these words!

Much love- <3 - Skirtzzz

the new upd8 is wonderful and all but i was thinking

everyone involved in the fights around skaia can fly right

john rose dave jade dirk jane roxy and jake are all godtiers, hell even terezi has her jetpack

except for kanaya

kanaya we know why youre not grinning in anticipation youre about to fight the motherfucking batter witch who is floating 30 feet above you and you cant stay airborne if you tried

Finally finished this awesome commission request for a friend of mine! I haven’t done background heavy Mass Effect art in quite some time so this took me a lot longer to complete than I would have liked oop. It doesn’t help that I had trouble getting the composition down to begin with and when I finally did I lost the sketch and had to start all over… Luckily it turned out better than my original idea for it haha

To become a man, boys from Brazil’s Sateré-Mawé tribe have to wear gloves filled with bullet ants. The boys collect dozens of the ants, which have a sting 30 times worse than a bee’s, weave them into gloves, and wear them while performing a 10-minute ritual dance. They aren’t considered full warriors until they’ve done this 20 times. Source

so right now imma tell you about my buddy Matt, and the time he earned his spot in our gang’s gaming hall of fame with nothing but the machine gun on the Mako.  folks who haven’t played Mass Effect can skip this one.

so buddy Matt is our resident Bioware nerd.  he got into Mass Effect before anyone else in our group, he bought DA because it’s Bioware, come on, fucking do it, and everybody he knows plays these games because he won’t shut up about them.  buddy Matt is patient zero for the Bioware plague in my household.  he is the goddamn king of watching good people suffer in fiction and these games feed his sadness-crack addiction in a serious way.

buddy Matt is also the king of poking in corners.  this is a guy who takes four times as long as anyone else to finish a fucking game because if he even thinks there’s the slightest chance there might be something physically interactable on the other side of the bottomless chasm, he will hurl his fucking pc into that chasm over and over again until he fucking reaches it.  lever and switch puzzles make his toes curl with girlish glee.  like literally one time Borderlands gave him an achievement for climbing to the top of this fucking pile of trash or something and now he climbs every fucking thing he sees, just in fucking case.  this guy is Not A Casual RPG Nerd.

which is what makes this next part so goddamn amazing.

so in Mass Effect (the first one) you get an achievement for killing every single Thresher Maw.  this is a tough thing to do.  you get that achievement, you feel like you fucking earned it.  The Mako is stupid hard to maneuver and the damn things take FOREVER to kill.  right?

so buddy Matt is over and we’re all talking about gaming because what the hell else would we talk about, and he comments on how he’s got the achievement and we’re like hey congrats bro that’s legit

and he’s all yeah but man it was hard as fuck like how the fuck they expect people to be able to kill these bastards with the broke-ass gun on the Mako, took me for-fucking-ever

and me and the husband just kind of look at each other confused and we’re like you talkin bout the machine gun man?

and he goes uh yeah the gun on the Mako, what other gun would i be talking about

and we’re all the grenade launcher man, the grenade launcher on the Mako

and Matt gets real quiet for a sec and then finally, this obsessive bastard who will literally spend two hours exploring a single room in a dungeon just in case the loot is really well hidden, THIS GUY says

what fucking grenade launcher

and then we realized that buddy Matt has gotten the Thresher Maw killing achievement with NOTHING BUT THE MACHINE GUN.  the tiny-ass machine gun that deals like NO DAMAGE.  this crazy bastard had gotten through all of Mass Effect, killing every. single. Thresher Maw without ever realizing that there was a grenade launcher on the Mako, taking the time to whittle down the health of every single fucking Thresher Maw, inch by inch, painstaking bit by painstaking little bit, until he got that fucking achievement.  with zero explosives.

needless to say, he’s still pissed about it to this day