Here’s Guin! My sister is modeling it so its a tad baggy (I got a slightly chubby thigh and gut)
He still technically needs his second ears and tail, and some small other details, but other than that he’s done. Might add LEDs and a fan maybe. Who knows.
I had my business cards in my tail so I’d take one out of its mouth or let people reach in to grab one, so that entertained people.
He lost a tooth during Califur, but its no biggy. Easy fix.


Guin’s progress. Body suit is technically done but I realized I misplaced a color and need to cut that chunk out. I’ll only have one tail for him for Califur.
The feet I decided last second to make boot style since they are stompy. Easier to deal with, and enough room to slip my hand it to adjust. Probably carry my phone in there too.
The tail also it rather hollow so I can hide snacks and business cards in there probably :P
Upper leg still needs padding, but I and going to do that last, might end up being a pillow.

Made a proper ref sheet.

Made it incredibly diverse since I want it to have lots of room for creativity.
For right now, it’s a close species till I get a good chunk of adopts out.

Mawdas are super fluffy chompy mouth creatures. They are peaceful by nature unless their tails eat their head in order to take over the body. Once eaten by the tail, the head will regrow with a shared mind with the tail. Usually more aggressive and crazy. So most Mawdas have trouble sleepying or tie up their tails. Some coexist happily as long as the mawda sates it’s tail’s needs.
Some mawdas cut off their tails.
What ever the mawda tail eats can add attributes to the mawda body. Example: fur color change, added feathers, wings, hair, scales, ect.

So, I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in a mawda head and tail? Maybe even paws. Made this design if anyone is interested. Head would be $450, tail $150. If you want the thinner version of the tail, it may be posable since I plan on trying out some thick armature wire for it. Paws $100 with fleece pawpads. $130 if I manage to get my mawda pawpad mold made for silicone. I mostly want to make this to get rid of excess furs I have. Since I shipped out a commission, there is room and I have more fur coming in I need room O.O
And extra $50 and I’ll draw you a fullbody ref sheet to go with.

(I’m going to start tagging colors now occasionally for my own sanity.)

Now just need to wait for the plaster to dry. Trying out this rebound 25 silicone since the blick I go to has it in stock. I also found out i can special order things from them and pick it up there to avoid the shipping fees, so that’s cool. Saves like $15+. I’m going to make a tongue mold next thats extra long to use for my mawdas. Might cast it as flexfoam or ecoflex. I was thinkin of using armature wire to make a posable tongue. And maybe sell them if they’re good enough, just need to text different gauges. I might try making some posable tails too.
Anywho, prices for a mawda blank will be $70 uncut. $100 cut and hinge. $150 cut, hinged with eyes and mouth bits. You can have toony or acrylic eye. If you want larger acrylic eyes, it may cost more ‘cause I’ll have to order them and they’re way more expensive. (2 half balls at 2 inch are like $16 then shipping) i do have a mold that can do 2inch resin, but its fairly shallow so it doesnt have the follow me effect.

So yeah, thats all that fun stuff. Just waiting for it to dry so I can cast some.


New species I made up called Mawda. (
Name root in the word “maw” for mouth and “cauda” latin for tail.
Mawdas are usually peaceful unless the tail takes over. How? By eating the main head. Then it grows a new one that shares the thoughts of the tail, becoming more wild and aggressive.
If the tail eats anything, it may affect the body by changing fur color or additional parts like horns, hair, or wings. This is called “genetic appropriation”
The normal head is peaceful and intelligent.
For now its a closed species, bit if you’re interested in one, I might sell some adopts. The more common ones being cheaper, ect.

So here we have some adopts of some of my original species, mawdas.
Each Mawda is $10

So a little info for each one based on their appearance.
Bush Babe is a peaceful forest dwelling Mawda. Her tail is strong enough to lift her.
Aether Eater is a bit of a bad boy. He lets his tail slurp up loose aether magics. He’s suited for rocky terrain.
Chiller’s extra fluffy and stout to retain heat in his native cold habitat.
Bunny Eater lives in chilled plains and eats lots of wild bunnies. He’s grown longer ears and a fluff over his tail.
(Aether and chill are my favs)