mavis vermillion

When something is just too beautiful, too beatiful for this world ; you realise you can’t do anything but look.



Zervis Doujinshi (and a bit Dragneel brothers moments) :D

This is officially my OTP! I don’t know if someone knew that, because I almost never draw Zeref and Mavis.(^^)

I was thinking about this Zervis AU a long time ago and now I finally released it! Didn’t want to do a classic “SCHOOL” doujin, cause it would be a very primitive story. I’m not sure if it’s end, because I can continue this story, so I didn’t write “the end” in the last page. (>w

I love you. I love you. I love you.

While thinking about how Mashima cried drawing an ending of a character, I doodled this. I imagine that in the end Zeref’s curse will be lifted but he will disappear from this world. Zeref will finally be able to express his love. Till the very end, he holds two people most dear to him in this world, Mavis and Natsu, and says “I love you” over and over again.