honestly mavinsay is like. the golden ot3. it doesn’t get better than this, lads. you’ve got lindsay and gavin who are, in all actuality, the same people, and you have michael who yells at them for their antics but he does it with a smile on his face, and they apologize but they’re snickering the whole time, and like? this isn’t even conjecture? the way that michael interacts with both of them is literally exactly the same. listen to a michael and gavin argument from fuckin anything. listen to a lindsay and michael argument from ib or off topic. it’s michael yelling, gavin/lindsay defending themselves, michael getting hyped up because they’re so fucking wrong and gavin/lindsay giggling and smiling and continuing to defend themselves louder and louder while michael screams.

and let’s not forget the best moment of my existence, when lindsay referred to herself and gavin as michael’s boo and his boi. his boo and his boi. like? she said that? with her mouth? she willingly draws comparisons and points out similarities between her relationship with michael and gavin’s relationship with michael. these are real things that she’s done. 

then there’s the way that michael talks about meeting both of them, like, he talks about these two friendships that weren’t any work, they just happened. he met lindsay and they were friends, he met gavin and they were friends, just like that. and you can see that in how they hung out all the fucking time, how you had michael and lindsay and gavin, maybe barbara, but definitely gavin. if i remember correctly gavin kept spare swim trunks at their apartment because he came over so often and i just

obligatory mention of how michael literally said that him and meg are the same person, as are gavin and lindsay. i’m not saying any more about this because i’ll lose my shit

also: shout out to the story michael told about how gavin was over one day and gavin freaked because he saw a bug and michael grabbed him and pulled him away from it and then was like “lindsay get it. neither of us are gonna do it. you gotta kill the bug” while michael and gavin stood very far away and very scared of it, like, i’ve read fics touting their domesticity that don’t come close to this shit, what the everloving fuck,


lindsay and gavin are two sides to the same coin and michael’s stuck with them until death do they part and he’s not nearly as unhappy about that as he pretends to be

michael: i like my men how i like my women–someone i instantly click with who’s quick to argue with me over inane bullshit when they’re so obviously wrong and they’re really talented and smart and i say that sometimes but mostly i call them a fucking idiot or fucking nerd. but i DO get sincere about them on valentine’s day and tweet about how much they mean to me

so on the ah panel lindsay told a story about when she and michael were on a bar crawl during supanova, and in one of the bars slow mo guys came on the tv. and by this point, michael was drunk as hell and he pointed at the tv and started filming it with his phone and said “gaaaaaaaavin! give it up for my boi!” and then the entire bar full of fans clapped and cheered.

gavin finished this story with “best video i’ve ever gotten at 4 in the morning.”

Because I just found myself babbling about it with S-Dizzle

A short list explaining why I’m in so deep on Mavinseg (and Mavinsay, given that content with Meg is a little harder to find since the other three share an office)

top three contenders for biggest mavin shipper are barbara lindsay and ryan. i feel like lindsay earns The Top Spot for three reasons:

1) she’s the only one that’s talked about reading mavin fic
2) gavin will pass a mavin assist over to her and she fucking runs with it, and vice versa. (“gavin jones.” “one day. when we’re all in a polyamorous relationship”)
3) she is responsible for a lot of mavin/mavinsay moments (“so lindsay, watch your shit, or i’m gonna fuck gavin.” “aw. can i watch.” “you can film it.” “yesssss.”, “most people are worried about girls being attracted to gavin but i’m worried about michael being attracted to gavin”, “michael and gavin are off somewhere, probably touching butts”, “me and gavin have this thing called the tap and pass, the full phrase is tap, pass, and slap michael’s ass”, “[michael] and gavin have done pretty much everything [besides have sex]”, “FUCK JUGGEY MAVIN 4 LYFE [GUNSHOT CASH REGISTER NOISES]”, “i’m [michael’s] boo, b-o-o, gavin’s his boi, b-o-i”, and then that time she straight up reblogged a mavinsay cosplay with romantic overtones).

so i’m confident in assigning her Alpha Mavin shipper. but runner up is a contentious place between barbara and ryan.

barbara gets points for Big Things–she filmed the boyfrienders saga and. titled it boyfrienders saga. she is responsible for the “i’d count your teeth with my tongue” tweet. last year during extra life, she was casually suggesting michael kiss gavin for a goal. she’s quality, not quantity. i think she gets points for purposefulness, too. she fucking knows what she’s doing, she got michael to call mavin an otp. she’s Aware when she says something it’s gonna end up on tumblr.

ryan is quantity because of the sheer amount of things he’s in with michael and gavin. “i don’t know how many times i’ve walked in to see [michael, lindsay, and gavin] cuddling on the couch.” “gavin is mogar bait.” “you might be special-er bois.” “[after gavin says he’s oddly attracted to michael’s ootd and they’re both going to a party that night] something might haaaaaaappen”, “you two thelma and louised it”, and his tlr rant about the both of them. ryan doesn’t say this shit with the explicit purpose of ending up in the mavin tag on tumblr, like barbara does, so you have to weigh his genuine high frequency of mavin jokes with no alternative motive against barbara who makes her occasional mavin moments Count because she knows they’re mavin moments.

Let's play master chef part 2
  • Michael: gavin you got a nuggy?
  • Gavin: yeah
  • Michael: you want to come over here by me?
  • Lindsay: what are you going to do to him?
  • Michael: I'm going to kill him and take his nugget
  • Lindsay: I thought you were going to make out with him or something
  • Geoff: what?
  • Michael: oh no, this is a conversation me and Lindsay had early
  • Michael: it's another gavin

ok i seriously need to talk about the end of the CTT stream from RTX

because gavin comes into frame with his arms open to hug michael

but leaves his other arm open as michael hugs him

to bring lindsay in as well

and if these three aren’t the cutest motherfuckers you’ve ever seen then you’re a goddamn liar

(also, shout out to the pretty epic hug between ray and papa geoff)

anonymous asked:

Mavin fahc hurt comfort maybe or whatever you want

who’s ready for some paaaaaaaaaaaaain

i made this immortal fahc you’re welcome sinners also slight mavinsay

Warning: graphic depictions of violence, mild body horror, homophobic language used lovingly


Michael stepped into the elevator, inserting his key and hitting the button for the top floor with his knuckles and then leaning back against its mirrored walls. The mirror was too cold against the still tender skin of his bare back, but he was too drained to hold himself up any longer.

He was exhausted, had barely been able to keep his eyes open on the drive home. He must’ve nodded off on the elevator ride up because it felt like he’d blink and suddenly he was on the eightieth floor. 

The elevator opened into the crew’s living room, so he didn’t have to drag his feet across a hallway or anything. Perks of having the head of the city’s largest crime syndicate as your boss. He appreciated that, as at this particular moment, the perks seemed few and far between.

He didn’t have to look to know Gavin was sleeping on the couch, waiting for him. He smiled tiredly, though that quickly vanished when he stepped out into the apartment and felt a sudden change in temperature, from the stale chill of the elevator to almost on the wrong side of warm. Ryan, for his cold, hard exterior, kept the heat cranked pretty much year-round.

Usually Michael didn’t mind, but right now, in nothing but a pair of thin jeans, his mind flashed back to him, tied to that chair, everything being too hot, too, too hot, and it made him feel a little ill.

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