mavic open pro

My trusty 2006 Fuji Track. Survives all of the shit I put her through. This thing has seen dirt trails, tricks, potholes, shitty weather, overall negligence and its still demolishing kids on $800 MASH frames in sprints. I have so many good memories of riding her and I hope to create many more. She is covered in scratches, dents and grime, but I still find her beautiful.

I love you.

(yes, i do realize how silly i sound)


Mallorca, 2014

So, my knee kept me from really enjoying the regular climbs on Mallorca and instead I chose to try to challenge my road bike a little. I found, and rode, what I think is the perfect definition of the road less traveled.

After a short tarmac climb with over 20% grades, I ended up on this beat up gravel road with hairpins, ocean views and at the end of the road a small bar.

The ride was short, but really intense and ended up being a perfect day of sightseeing!