A quick sketch of a possible head redesign of one of my psychopomp characters named Mavet

(He’s scary-looking but in reality pretty nice; in my “headworld” psychopomps serve generally the same purpose as they do in mythology, guiding departed souls to their place of judgement and consequent afterlife. Like big spirit buses. Problem is the souls of “mortal” beings that typically have no natural presence/business on the spirit plane until after death (such as humans) are basically defenseless against creatures adapted to dwelling on that plane with a taste for defenseless souls; most often demons. By themselves, they’re sitting ducks. It’s dangerous and risky to be a lone spirit! Thus most psychopomps are quite large, threatening-looking and powerful when provoked to deter predation upon those they’re temporarily charged with protecting/guiding. BIG LIVING (in a sense) SAFE-ZONES

Psychopomps are neither angels nor demons (though waaaay way back their roots stemmed from them), and consider themselves/are considered by others a neutral unbiased party towards either. Technically demons aren’t allowed to attack them since souls that haven’t yet been judged are supposed to be off-limits, but you know demons, many just don’t listen)