honestly the yoda/dooku/jinn/kenobi/skywalker/tano dynasty is like?? disproportionately influential to the galaxy at large compared to other dynasties? Like you’ve got

  • the freakin GRAND MASTER OF THE JEDI ORDER (who will later help train the last jedi)
  • a Sith Lord who is the face of the Separatist movement
  • a maverick/pain in the council’s collective butts who FINDS THE CHOSEN ONE AND BRINGS HIM TO THE JEDI
  • a Sith-killing famous Jedi General/Councilmaster who told the council about the clones and didn’t tell them about his apprentice’s girlfriend, watched over their last hope
  • THE ACTUAL CHOSEN ONE, the Hero with No Fear who was manipulated for years into falling to the dark side and helping to destroy the Order, terrorized the galaxy as the Emperor’s enforcer, slam dunked the old hag off a cliff #iconic
  • a teenage soldier who is a integral part of many battles, when the jedi turn their backs on her and then die she helps people instead of just hiding (which would be safer), as FULCRUM basically is Rebel Intelligence, took on darth freakin’ vader so kanan and ezra could escape

 the only other dynasty that could even possibly compete with this is windu/billaba/jarrus (dume)/bridger

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you guys keep confusing team, management and label. The label is the one that was doing the exploiting, working them as slaves. MGT works for them. Their team works for them. So, yes... thank you team. Makeup, Choreo, promo, agents (Maverick), the ones getting them gigs, the ones helping them brand, their lawyer, The only thing you should notice was that they were announced as Epic's Fifth Harmony. That's what you should raise an eyebrow about.