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It’s October 1st 2014, and my new homemade DeeBeeCaster™ in “surf green” seems incongruous with impending wet and chill of autumn.

Oh, and I have been running around telling everyone it weighs 5 pounds 3 ounces…but I was mistaken.  I must have measured it before it had strap buttons and stings or something because the ACTUAL final weight is 5 pounds, 14 ounces.  I am extremely happy when a guitar weighs between 6 and 7 pounds, so anything under 6 lbs makes me happy!

PS:  The other photos were taken in Sydney, Nova Scotia a couple of weeks ago during my holiday on Canada’s East Coast.  They were done from inside my car…the camera is focused on the rain on the car windows rather than the scenery behind it.

PPS: the book in the guitar photos is about American painters of the 20th Century, published by Time/Life Books in 1969 - so the book itself is “vintage”!  It is showing one of my favourite paintings of all time by Jasper Johns called “Numbers in Colour” (1959).  I have actually seen this painting in person because it hangs in the Albright-Knox gallery in Buffalo NY, which is under two hours drive from Toronto.  Jasper Johns also did one of the coolest Simpson guest spots ever.  :D


Homemade DeeBeeCaster #2.  I made this guitar because I always wanted a Fender American Vintage Reissue ‘62 Custom Telecaster in black, but in 2 or 3 years of shopping at literally dozens of local guitar shops I never once saw a single one in stock.  And then they discontinued them in 2012 or 13.  So when I met David from Maverick Guitar parts and found he made his own double bound Tele style bodies…I decided to build my own.  That will teach you guitar shops to not stock guitars I like!  ;)


Some of you out there who gave me their emphatic advice to NOT purloin the neck from my excellent homemade black DeeBeeCaster™ (right in the photos above) to build my new surf green DeeBeeCaster™ thinline (left), will be happy to hear that in the end the neck was not a great fit…so I stole a different neck off another, older, less amazing DeeBeeCaster™!

As I said - some of you will be happy to hear this…and of course some of you out there quite literally won’t give a flying f*ck to hear this.  :D

Anyhoo: here is my newly built surf green Telecaster Thinline replica.  Body by Maverick Guitar Parts of Toronto, maple neck by Stewmac, repro Fender Broadcaster decal by some guy on the internet who is no longer in business, pickups by the Fender Custom Shop, Gotoh vintage locking tuners, genuine Fender Tele bridge with black saddles

Candy Apple Red Custom Telecaster replica by DeeBeeUs™ International Ltd.

I know it’s been a kind of Tele onslaught around here for the last 3 months…but I JUST got this guitar to be awesome, so I am unfortunately going to continue saturate my blog-ish pixels with it for the foreseeable future.  Usually, a new guitar acquisition will do the trick to make me move on to a new favourite subject.  And on that note (pun very much intended), I have a strange feeling that we are going to be seeing a lot of turquoise Rickenbacker photos in the very VERY near future…  :D


My homemade Tele (or as I call it, the “DeeBeeCaster”) is playing better and better as I refine the setup.  

To be honest I was not happy with it at first.  But after seemingly hundreds of minor adjustments to the neck relief, the saddle height, the intonation the neck shim, yada yada yada…it’s playing pretty well.  And I am actually ENJOYING playing it now as well as looking at it (and taking pictures of it of course!).  :D


Lately there has been a LOT of neck shimming around here.  This is my homemade parts Tele…and I could’t get the action low enough for my taste, so into the neck pocket I slid a personalized shim! 

Someone once said that a business card is the proper thickness for a shim.  

And YES, this does mean I have my own business cards!  :P


My homemade DeeBeeCaster!  This was the first one I built, and I made ALL the mistakes on this one…from drilling holes in the wrong places, or off center, to sanding through the lacquer on the #headstock and damaging the decal, to misaligning the #pickguard and tuners and plugging holes and redrilling, to putting the #neck on crooked so the high E string was no longer above the #fretboard after about fret 15!


When it’s snowing outside I like to take guitar photos!  Here, I am building a Telecaster-style guitar to test out the new pickups being offered by my friends at Maverick Guitar Parts of Toronto.  The price on them is VERY reasonable - about 50% less than many after-market replacement Tele pickups.  So if they sound even half good they will be an incredible value for money!  


It’s a Tele, but it’s a DIFFERENT Tele form the one I have oversturated this blog with recently!  :)

My 2013/14 partscaster…built with a Maveric Guitar Parts body and a Stew Mac rosewood neck and a bunch of random parts I had around the workshop*

* And by “workshop” I of course mean “kitchen”  ;)