mauve stones

his hands

landlocked lagoons; two
lotus-petaled bonfires
autumn’s fickle amber
footfalls of flames
palms of pyres

a venery of ocelots;
jade trains in jasper-skein
adam’s apple in foxhound
gnarl a skim of savanna
starved for the sorcerer’s rain

the penetralia of opium dens
light lisping inside a mauve smoke
temple-stone sentinels for a monarch’s
sphinx; trembling rock of memory
the river’s weeping where the dam broke

Turkish postcards;
twin envelopes filled with evenings
words full of eyes like an orphanage’s
open window sentences spent under
the arrow -toothed pillars of lapis
watchtowers; time with its two tired wings

a cello cut open of its music
a chapter falling out like pearls
undone by blind fingers that misread
the bend of each bead till the floor
is a flood of constellations
sired from clefs and trebles

a pair of saved doves
endlessly smooth ivory of silence
quivering within the opening
paragraphs in a moonflower’s mouth

the revolving door
of heart & hurt
the shut-in, shut-out
warmth of a beaten thing

that knows the loss
it awakens
when it loves

that still loves
& loves
& loves

Scherezade Siobhan©