mauve mixes

                     ::poison prince:: a mix for halt o'carrick

i. blue lips regina spektor ii. immigrant song karen o iii. short change hero the heavy iv. good morning kanye west v. waiting around to die the be good tanyas vi. you are my sunshine the civil wars vii. no widows the antlers viii. poison prince amy macdonald ix. just breathe pearl jam x. switzerland daughter xi. new days delta rae xii. long hard times to come gangstagrass

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Dazai chuckled with an amused glint in his eyes. This boy certainly never failed to impress him. “Well, well, Atsushi-kun,” he drawled out, rubbing his chin. “What an interesting discovery. Apparently, you purr when you get the tiniest bit excited,” he continued, sounding gleeful. Dazai titled his head to the side. “Quite fitting of you, don’t you think?” 

Notes: tHIS IS SO EMBARRASSING I’M SORRY. This is also my first time writing them, so I apologize for any mischaracterization and grammar mistakes. (´;ω;`)

Bungou Stray Dogs © Asagiri Kafka & Harukawa Sango. There is no financial gain made from this fanfiction.

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