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Wonho (M)

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You looked into the mirror, completely admiring your own beauty and sense of style. Your mauve toned, plush lips curled up in a soft smile as the sound of your boyfriend walking through the front door, calling out for you gave you butterflies. 
Even though the two of you had been together for almost two years now, he still made you feel the same giddiness you felt the first day you two met. 

Walking out into your living room, your eyes automatically rested on your inhumanely handsome boyfriend, “Ahh, babe..” You purred as you practically danced into his strong arms. “You look so handsome- as always.” Tippy toeing as you leaned up to plant a sweet kiss on his glossy lips. 

Wonho’s arms tightly wrapped around your curvy waist, pressing you against his chiseled body as a mischievous little smirk appeared on his angelic face. “And you, Jagi~” He smoothly cooed, eyeing you up and down. “You look even more radiant that Aphrodite herself..” He giggled, slowly running his hands up and down your sides, 
“In fact, she would envy you. Your beautiful sun-adored skin..” He sweetly growled, bring his hand up to your face- cupping your chin as his thumb traced the outline of your plump lower lip, “Your irresistible-” His purr sent shock waves throughout your body as he leaned down, placing a tantalizing peck on your lips, “kissable lips..” 

Peering up at him with your heavy lidded eyes, they locked with his piercing gaze. “What are you up to Hoseok?” The moment you questioned him, he placed his hand on his muscular chest and acted as if he were offended. 

“G a s p-” He purposely said aloud as he audibly gasped, “What? Just because I want to express how much I genuinely admire my girlfriend, I’m up to something?”

The look you gave him was enough for him to know that you could see right through him, “Hoseok.. “ You replied in a playful, yet stern manner. “What do you want baby?” 

Your boyfriend gently nibbled on his lower lip, “I want you jagiya..” He smoothly replied, gripping your hips as he rested his forehead against yours. “I want you so fucking badly.” 

“Yah.. Babe, we’re supposed to be going out for dinner.” You giggled, licking your lips as his staggered breath seemed to increase the dampness between your legs. “Our reservation is at 7:30.. we’ll be late if we don’t leave soon.”

“But jagi,..” Wonho sweetly whined, roughly pressing his fingertips into your hips as he began walking you over to the couch, “You just look so fucking good babygirl… So perfect.” He uttered softly. “I can’t help it..” 

As he sat you back onto the couch, his hands ran down to the bottom hem of you curve hugging, rose gold dress. “Lemme have some desert before dinner..” He seductively purred while sinking down to his knees as he pulled the dress up to your waist, groaning at the way the baby blue lace panties you wore contrasted against your radiant skin. 
His fingers traced over your clothed slit, “Mmhmm, you’re already soaking babygirl..” He teased, swiftly hooking his fingers around the waist band; yanking them off and tossing them away. 

Wonho began kissing his way down your voluptuous thighs drawing out small, airy whimpers from you as your body began to ache for him. 
When he reached your core, his lips hovered over your flower as he inhaled your sent, sweetly purring, “You always smell so lovely kitten..” just before diving into your heat. 

His tongue circled your clit as he pressed two fingers inside your welcoming entrance. 
“Mhmm, fuck you’re so wet for me babygirl.”

The sound of your constant, needy moans drove him wild as he began devouring you as if you’d be his last meal.
“Daddy missed your taste so much, princess.” 

So I’m back once again with my Get Ready for Prison Series for Back to School

For this masterpost I’m going to write about how to mentally prepare yourself for this school year. This was requested by @obsessivephangirlworld so I’m crossing my fingers this was helpful for you! Hopefully it’s exactly what you were looking for.

I’m going to start this list with smaller things all the way up to what helps me the most!

So to begin…

o   M O T I V A T I O N A L  Q U O T E S

This has always been something I resort to when I need that extra push! I even have a specific Pinterest folder filled with quotes (it’s probably not healthy how much I rely on them tho). Many people have a motivational wall/space that they look at when needed. I also suggest you change your phone lock screen so every time you’re tempted to slack off, you’re reminded of why you’ve worked so hard to begin with!

o   P L A N !

Considering many who are reading this are a part of the studyblr community, I would say plan for your school year. You can refer to my previous masterposts such as Preparing for School, or School Essentials which talk about how to get on track for the upcoming school year. I know this helps me in so many ways because once I do this, I’m no longer stressing about what I have to get done and thinking about all the jumbled up side notes flying around my head.

o   G E T T I N G  D R E S S E D

Something that’s personally helped me is getting dressed for the day! When I’m dressed and ready to go out I feel much more put together and prepared. This is great for preparing for the school year because you eventually feel like getting up and dressing yourself every morning is just a trivial thing that you’re used to instead of feeling forced to.

o   M U S I C

Just like quotes, music can also be very motivational. I have a specific folder that I labeled with the lock emoji (lol) because it’s a playlist I listen to when I need to relax and calm myself down from whatever struggle I was going through. Music is seriously the answer to everyone’s problems. There is such a wide variety of music that you can seriously find a song for every emotion, every event, and every moment.

o   T R E A T  Y O  S E L F

I would take a day to completely relax yourself right before school starts! Get a massage, do some yoga, buy extremely (totally not ridiculous) expensive makeup and tell yourself it’s worth it but then cry about it later or even binge watch all of your favorite kdramas if that helps you relax. Just take a day to do whatever YOU want and forget all about your worries. Trust me, it really helps. You come back the next day refreshed and much more put together.

o   P I N T E R E S T

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a pinterest lover. I go to pinterest for EVERYTHING. Fall Fashion? Go to pinterest. Makeup for the 4th of July? Look it up on pinterest. Back to school essentials? Pinterest. Denim shirt and pink shoes with rose gold eye shadow and mauve lip color with curls outfit? Pin- do I even have to write it out? Seriously guys, Pinterest is my go to. A lot of times pinterest will help you find that one piece that you’re missing and just can’t find. Whether it be a clothing item, stationery piece, bujo spread inspiration, pinterest has it all. It really does help me de-stress and worry less about figuring certain things out.

So that’s everything that I do to mentally prepare myself for the school year! I hope this was helpful to you in any way possible! Going back to school can be such a hassle and sometimes it just seems like a lot of work! Don’t forget to take a break and breathe sometimes. It’s perfectly okay. Everyone needs to take a moment so don’t feel like you’re the only one struggling. If you ever feel like you need someone to talk to, I’m always here! I’m open to talking and giving advice even if it’s not school related.

That’s it from me for this masterpost. Hope you enjoyed! You can take a look at the rest of my BTS Series here.

-much love, studyessie ♡

The Hills - Chapter One

Story Masterlist

This is the first part of my first multi-chaptered story, I’m already working on part two and there might be more. Please let me know what you guys think. I tagged my forevers plus the people who asked to be tagged in this story, but if you want to be on or off my tag list, just say the word!! xoxo

Synopsis: AU in which Negan is a celebrity living a life of scandals in a lavish mansion in California. A young reporter on a mission to dig up dirt on him realizes the man the tabloids like to portray as a self-centered asshole has a hidden softer side.

WC: 3265

Warnings: strong language, alcohol, mention of violence, mention of drug abuse, nsfw.

Chapter One: No Ordinary Life

I watched the sunrise through the window as I took a sip of green tea from my mug. Perched on a stool in the kitchen with my laptop on my legs, I was scrolling down the articles of The Celebrity Times when a title caught my attention.

The headline, in bold red font, said, “OOPS, NEGAN DID IT AGAIN!”

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Just Not Ready

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader smut (kind of but not really) where the reader isn’t ready, but she thinks she’s “supposed” to be, so she and Spencer start doing things and when he realizes what’s wrong, he immediately stops and there’s fluff. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn

P.S. (Obviously) Spencer doesn’t pressure anyone, but that being said, DO NOT let anyone pressure you into having sex. Ever. You’re body is yours. Fuck that. You’re ready when you’re ready.


What if I’m never ready?

Spencer was coming over after being away for a week and a half. All you wanted to do was hug him and hold him and kiss him, but you expected that Spencer might be ready for more. And it wasn’t him…but you juts weren’t ready. But what if you never were? You didn’t want to lose him; he was one of the best things that had ever happened to you. 

As you looked in the mirror, taking in the absolutely perfect winged eyeliner, rosy cheeks and mauve-tinged lips, you wondered whether or not you should just go for it. Maybe it was just nerves that would subside when it came down to it. Yea that was probably it. 

Spencer was amazing; he was beautiful and kind and ridiculously smart. You were definitely just nervous. It would be fine.

When you heard a knock at the door, your heart jumped into your throat. “Spence?”

“I’m finally home!” He said excitedly. It had been nearly a week and a half; you’d really missed him. 

You opened the door, your palms sweaty and shaky. “Hey,” you breathed. He looked tired, but the smile on his face couldn’t be wiped off. “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too,” he said softly, his voice tingling throughout your body as he stepped into the doorway and lifted you into his arms. Your bodies fit together perfectly, and again you told yourself that the nerves rolling through you were just that. 

This, the instant relaxation that overtook you both when you first saw each other, was great. His hands would glide over your skin, trailing goosebumps in their wake, while you sighed into his ear. The little pecks and kisses and licks he’d leave all over your chest and neck were marks that made you his, which was exactly what you wanted to be. 

Spencer lifted your shirt over your head and tossed it to the side, before doing the same with his own shirt. His lean and toned chest flexed ever so slightly under your touch. “I really have missed you,” he smiled, placing your legs around his waist. 

You could feel his arousal against his jeans and internally gasped. “You okay?” he asked.

“Yea,” you said quickly as you bit down on his lower lip. It had never gotten to this place before, so close to the bedroom, but that’s where you were headed. It’s just nerves, you told yourself. 

Something changed inside you the moment he took his hand off your back to open the door. Panic was all you could describe it as - but why were you so nervous? Falling onto the bed, you arched underneath him, lifting your butt slightly so he could remove you jeans, but the second he had, his gaze crept upward. “Y/N,” he said, stopping what he was doing and pushing up onto his knees. “You’re not okay.”

“I’m fine,” you lied. You wanted him more than anything. How the fuck were you supposed to know what ready was?

His thumb slid down your cheek, taking in the slight tremble that you weren’t even aware of yourself until he said so. “You’re shaking, Y/N. Are you ready for this? Please…tell me the truth.”

“N-no,” you stammered. “I’m s-sorry.”

“Why are you sorry?” He came to sit at your side and kissed the top of your head. “You have no need to be sorry. The last thing I would want to do is have you regret our first time together because your weren’t ready yet.”

A tear stung at the corner of your eye and you attempted to wipe it away without Spencer noticing, but he did. “I didn’t want to say no,” you said. “I want to be ready. I don’t even know what ready is. But I want you and I just kept telling myself it was nerves.”

“That’s probably what it is. But that doesn’t mean you should push through nerves. Please don’t push yourself for me,” he said, pulling you into his lap. His hands rested comfortably around your bare waist. “I’m more than willing to wait for whenever you’re ready.”

“But why am I not ready? I should be ready!” You exclaimed as you hung your head in annoyance. 

Spencer chuckled at your exaggerated language and tone; you weren’t normally like this. “Who says you should be?”

“People!” You said even louder and more animated than before. “I don’t know, Spence. There’s just this belief lingering out in the world that if you have a particular relationship with someone, or you’ve been dating for a certain amount of time, or whatever, that you should be ready and you should want to be with the person you love, and I do! I want to be with you so badly, but my body is just fucking shaking. I just am not ready, and I don’t know why and not knowing why is making me mad at myself.” In your rant you had turned around and faced him, flailing your hands about in aggravation, until you collapsed back into his lap in a hissy fit. 

With your head resting in his lap, Spencer reached down and turned you to face him. “There is nothing wrong with not being ready and any self-respecting human being should be fine with waiting.” All of a sudden his mouth dropped in horror. “What about the kissing and the touching and the shirts off?! Has that been okay? Have you been okay with that?”

“Yea,” you laughed. “That’s been fine. That’s another reason I don’t understand why the rest of me isn’t ready.” You curled your knees into yourself and rested your head on them. “I’m just not.”

Spencer reached his hand out and grabbed yours so he could pull you into his lap. “Come here.” A small smile crept across your face and you fell into him, still frustrated. “You let me know whenever you’re ready. And when we’re doing other stuff,” he smiled, running his lips and teeth along your jawline, “please tell me if you’re uncomfortable. I swear I’ll understand.”

You heaved a sigh and rested your forehead against his. “Okay, I promise. Can we cuddle instead? I would hate to waste all this half-nakedness.”

“I mean staring at you half-naked is never a waste,” he laughed, pulling you down and under the covers. “But neither is cuddling, so get over here.”

what the signs remind me of
  • aries: pop punk, dyed hair, red flannel, thunderstorms, brick walls, bloody knees, bass guitar, world history, split ends, sunglasses, greasers, the 90s, broken beer bottles, winged eyeliner, bright eyes
  • taurus: small dogs, clear skies, the volkswagen beetle, long eyelashes, nude lipstick, cutting your own hair, overalls, high ponytails, blackberries, loud laughter, succulents, high-top sneakers, canvas, too big t-shirts
  • gemini: the mall, balloons, going to the beach, ponytails, prom, wildflowers, cheerleaders, jumping rope, loud music, passing notes, scrunchies, pink lemonade, pop art women, riding the bus
  • cancer: fireplaces, tennis skirts, cookies, farmers markets, feather pillows, friendly hugs, braided hair, morning doves, bubblebaths, cherry blossoms, ringlet curls, raspberries, snowflakes on eyelashes, cottages
  • leo: smokey eye makeup, casinos, cityscapes, high heels, red lipstick, art galleries, magic, chandeliers, sunflowers, impressionism, sunbathing, 50s pinup girls, golden frames, broadway lights
  • virgo: leather-bound notebooks, the sounds in a library, knee-high socks, pearls, violin music, wedding dresses, nervous glances, bangs, tulips, red wine, roman architectre, calligraphy, typewriters, long ribbons
  • libra: foreign films, bubble gum, the color white, pink lipstick, watercolors, champaign, fresh linen, secret kisses, soda pop, sandals, strawberries, art nouveau, little candies, ice skating
  • scorpio: clear nights, hidden tattoos, ripped nylons, eclipses, sarcastic comments, mauve lip stick, denim jackets, cherries, convertibles, horror movies, lingerie, quoting shakespeare, leather office chairs, rockabilly
  • sagittarius: trains, combat boots, laughing at your own jokes, running marathons, band t-shirts, sunsets, bangles, large dogs, woodstock, vinyl records, maps, crystals, midnight adventures, acoustic guitar
  • capricorn: video games, old hollywood, the smell of money, rain clouds, diamonds, the 20s, dark wood, alcohol, glaciers, vintage textbooks, tennis bracelets, sculptures, dark chocolate, hourglasses
  • aquarius: salt lamps, telescopes, holographic material, thrift shops, psychic shops, eyerolling, 90s anime, packages, old comic books, halloween, fancy hookahs, 8-bit animation, wild laughter, graffiti
  • pisces: pressed flowers, mirrors, old yearbooks, board games, art supplies, agate, mascara running down your cheeks, cathedral art, mom jean, soap operas, stockings, peacocks, drowning, the prayers you learned in elementary school
Tornami a vagheggiar

(A transcript of Francette’s performance last night at @palazzoaldenard‘s opening night masquerade!  @mugishalffull was kind enough to record a video, and although there is no sound, you can find Amanda Forsyth’s brilliant rendition of the aria here!  Thank you so much to @oleandre-ffxiv for his guidance and dedication, my friends and their support last night, all the behind the scenes helpers, the cast and crew, and everyone who came out to the show last night!  And thank you to @moonhartsffxiv for these pics! Thank you for all your support of the Palazzo!)

With a flourish of jeweled fabrics and a swirl of platinum locks, the next performer spins lithely onto the landing above the stage.  Silver-clad feet lead up upward into slender, gilded legs, only too soon hidden in the shock of color sent whipping about them.

Saturated aubergine feathers, glinting with a hint of oil slick metallics, glisten and catch the light to curve around her side and flow down over her hip and thigh. Tufts of softer blues, no less beautiful in hue, splinter through the center of the lavish coat to make way for a perfectly Gridanian-emerald swath of silk hugging her left side.    

Wearing a light, happy smile, Francette places a hand over her chest and bows to the audience, giving a clear view of the ivory tipped mythrite wings that adorn her shoulders.  She rights herself and the music begins, cheerful and airy, and she starts her slow descent of the stairs.

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Golden Age

Cole Sprouse x Reader

Summary: It’s the Golden Age - 1950s - in a fictional town/city of Twin Oaks with a fictional take on L.A. Your new job as a singer at The Blue Room introduces you to Cole Sprouse - a mysterious, handsome man. You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into now that he’s got his sights set on you.

Word Count: 1420

Warnings: Smoking

A/N: I was just going to dive into this story, but I really wanted the meet cute. I wanted to flesh out the characters as I saw them and wanted them. This is definitely only a rough draft beginning. I thought I’d post it just to give myself a start. I may just change this to the prologue later. Also critiques are welcomed. Hope you enjoy!

“I’ve got this gig down at The Blue Room in two hours.” You looked at your roommate through the mirror of your vanity while applying your favorite ruby lipstick. She held a look of wild excitement. “What are we doing standing here? We better burn some rubber and get there!” She snatched a red dress from the spine of a chair and disappeared.

The two of you met up shortly in the foyer of the two bedroom flat you shared in the city. Lili gawked at you in your stunning black satin lace, off-shoulder gown. You flushed as she grabbed your hands and whisked your forward. “Oh doll, you’re going knock’em dead tonight.”

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