mauser 98k

German paratroopers during a march to battle stations at the front in Nettuno - Anzio. 1. The soldier on the left carries the rifle Mauser 98k with adapter for firing rifle grenades

Milsurp 1/2

Military Surplus guns or Milsurp are usually cheap and older main battle rifles rendered or deemed “obsolete”. They are common in most countries that allow civilian gun ownership, especially in the US. They’re usually accurate and reliable guns, but there’s some things you gotta look out for. Today will be a double of what to look for with your milsurp as well as the milsurp out there.

#1: Wear And Tear. Surplus weaponry is a crap shoot between war used weapons and ones that’ve been sitting in cosmoline since the 1940′s. This means sometimes parts may be missing and the rifling will be heavily worn. Always check these before buying a milsurp rifle. Also check chambers, magazines and the barrel for any defects.

#2: “Bubba’d” Guns. The term bubba’d is used to reference a number of ad-hoc gun smithing by people usually with a hacksaw and other modifications to either modernize a gun or make it more “tactical”. It’s is a great idea to stay as far away as possible from these guns as sometimes the modifications can be very dangerous to the guns structure and could lead to a number of explosive malfuctions. They also look horrible.

#3: The Sporterization. Sporterized military surplus guns are a different game entirely. These are usually custom modified milsurp rifles made to make a military surplus rifle more handy for hunting and so on. They tend to commend lower prices in stores as collectors aren’t willing to spend money on a gun someone’s lobbed half the stock off of. Sporterizations are much safer than the Bubba’d gun and serve as a really cheap way to get a milsurp rifle.

#4: Prices. The giant problem with milsurp is that prices vary for many reasons. Reasons can vary from gunshow premiums, luck, GunBroker prices or guns rarity. Shop around to stores and shy away from gun shows as they tend to inflate their prices.

#5: Markings. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR RIFLES MARKINGS. A common event in the military surplus community is someone modifiying a rifle to look like another. A No. 5 Jungle Carbine that’s a modified No.4 Enfield, making a Mauser into a 98k and so on. This is used to get more money, making a gun look like a more expensive and rarer variant. Always check the markings as well as other design features like lightning cuts, manufacturer marks and so on.

That’s the main bit for this post, now in Part 2 I’ll get to the makes and models of Milsurp out there in the world.

For those of you looking for Mauser 98 and 98Ks

JG sales has both Gewehr length 98s and 98Ks for well under $300. These are german made rifles in 7.92x57 re-arsenaled by Yugoslavia with an added crest on the reciever. One of the better deals in milsurp right now.