maurice barrier

His ideal of marriage was temperate and graceful, like all his ideals, and he found a fit helpmate in Anne, who had refinement herself, and admired it in others. They loved each other tenderly. Beautiful conventions recieved them - while beyond the barrier Maurice wandered, the wrong words on his lips and the wrong desires in his heart, and his arms full of air.
—  from Maurice by E.M. Forster

Original Cast Jean Valjean’s (1980- June 1988)

  1. Maurice Barrier (Paris, France 1980)
  2. Colm Wilkinson (West End, England 1985 & Broadway, USA 1987)
  3. Takeshi Kaga (Tokyo, Japan 1987)
  4. David “Dudu” Fisher (Tel Avive, Israel 1987)
  5. Vikidál Gyula (Szeged, Hungry 1987) [Picture from BaronPontmercy’s Trading]
  6. Normie Rowe (Sydney, Australia 1987)
  7. Oystein Wiik (Olso, Norway 1988)
  8. Gary Morris (US Tour, 1988)
  9. William Solo (2nd US Tour, 1988)

(Note: There was also a production in Reykjavik, Iceland where

Egill Ólafsson played the role, not pictured)