Largest Urban Mural Of Paris Titles “The Lunar Cycle” Composed Of Origami Birds

Artist Mademoiselle Maurice in partnership with the French Mathgoth Gallerie, dedicated an urban installation which integrates both origami art and graffiti in dedication to a demolished building where hundreds of residents and families lost their homes temporarily.  

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The Last Day

“Thanks for the parking ticket, Officer ‘Hopps’!”
July comes back, stunned and on guard over this short old deep-voiced fennec that knows her name
“How do you know my name? You never saw my badge.”
“Oh wow..your name is
actually Hopps? heheheHAHAHa-hack-cough…are all of you rabbit cops..-wheeze-..named Hopps or is my memory actin’ up?”
Confused and still on guard, she asks again how he knows her name, detailing how he could be investigated for suspicious activity involving an officer’s identity
“You even talk like her too, can you tell me you’re not a ghost? I might be trippin’ again”
She starts to sigh, thinking he’s a junkie and figures she’s gonna have to run a sobriety test, she starts going back for her equipment when she hears
“Is your name Judy too? Because I must be as dead as her if that’s what this is.”
July stops, and looks back at the ranting fennec.
“Hey, have you been watchin’ over big bad 'Officer Chief Nick’ while he’s been gone? I need to get all caught up to speed. He finally over you yet? I was hopin’ to catch up with him myself, but since I’m dead too I’ll just have to wa….”
“I’m not Judy Hopps. I’m JULY Hopps. And how do…?”
“Ohhhhh…… . So is he chasin’ you too? AHAHAHAHAH-ACK-haa…cough…ehhh I’m just kiddin’ kid. Last I saw him he wasn’t even the same fox. Not even his big stupid grin on his face” he mumbled while hobbling back to his van
July doesn’t stop him despite her wanting to arrest him a minute ago. She walks after him with curiosity “What do you know about Chief Wilde? Do you know him?”
“Know him? I worked with him” The old fennec opens the rear van door and lights up a joint.
“Hey! You can’t smoke that without….” she stops, as the fennec holds out his medical permit
“Helps with the cancer. Yep! Worked with him. Watched him grow up too. Then watched him run off to play officer with that rabbit cop and he never came back.”
“Rabbit cop?”
“Have a seat kid, let Ol’ Finnick here tell you a story..”

Story courtesy of anon in the /trash. 

There’s more coming. 

EDIT: WHoops! Almost forgot, the Lone Digger panel is a reference to the music video, sure, but more importantly it’s a reference to this rather famous piece of art by the artist Ipoke. Go check out his gallery.

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