anonymous asked:

Where is hide's blcd I need it

The BLCD I mentioned is called Mauri to Ryuu which features 3 short stories centering around boys who fall in love with gods so there’s a weird element of interspecies shenanigans but thankfully its pretty tame. It also features Kaneki’s VA in one of the other stories. X3

You can find it through google or if you have an account there, aarinfantasy forums.

ohmyunderwear  asked:

Hello, Nachi. I just have a question about Mauri to Ryuu. When I saw the content table in chapter 1 of Mauri to Ryuu, I saw there were totally 6 chapters. And, 2 chapter are about Mauri, the rest of them are: God making rain fall, Hunter of everlasting spring, The wandering one and Afterwords. You have translated the Mauri and God, God making rain fall ang Tokoharu no Kariudo. So, are you going to translate the rest chapters? Thank you so much ;___;

Our project lists are a huge mess so I guess info is not easily available… Yes I will translate the rest of the book as well. Tokoharu no Kariudo/Hunter of everlasting spring was updated for the purpose of this joint project as well, hoever as it is a joint project the release dates are not solely depended on us.

Oh and I guess I can add we’ll work on Mauri to Kuroi Ryuu too, extra chapter that was released after the success of Mauri to Ryuu series.