At this point, I’m assuming that Merle is The Peacemaker in Maureen’s prophecy. And while I’m sure Griffin will add in additional character backstory that solidifies the meaning behind that title, I actually think it’s already one that’s fitting for Merle’s character?

Like, for all that Merle is eager to kill people, within the trio he has always been the peacemaker. “Magnus rushes in” and “Taako’s good out here” are two opposing philosophies, so Merle often acts as the mediator between the two, willing to go along with whatever needs to be done at the time. He’ll be more skeptical alongside Taako when it’s necessary, or forge on ahead with Magnus when direct action is needed.

Merle is a mediator between his friends, but as a cleric he’s also a mediator between the material plane and his god. Hell, even as an employee Merle tries to bridge the gap between Lucretia and the Bureau by inviting her to a spa. Merle’s character has always kept the peace, has always balanced the scales–oh, how appropriate it is that he is the one who got the closest to Director of the Bureau of Balance.

i love the adventure zone, i really do, but some of its narrative threads are truly lost on me. i can’t bring myself to feel sad about Lup because she was introduced as already-dead just to be a source of pain for two major male characters. i used all of my Fridged Woman Feelings on Julia and Maureen, dude, i have nothing left. i can’t keep feeling sad about all these women you already killed. you know?

The Seven Birds (SPOILERS)

So who wants to talk about where the IPRE members fit into Maureen’s prophecy? We’ve got seven people: Taako, Lup, Magnus, Merle, Barry, Davenport, and Lucretia. We’ve got seven epithets: The Twins, the Lover, the Protector, the Peacemaker, the Lonely Journal-Keeper, and the Wordless One.

Clearly the Twins are Taako and Lup and the Wordless One is Davenport. The others, though?

You could argue that Magnus is the Lover, because of Julia. But Magnus protects. It’s what he Does. Imo, Magnus is the Protector. 

Actually, I’d say that Barry is the Lover, because what were some of Lich!Barry’s first words to Clone!Barry after he woke up? He said he would find the person he loves. Beyond that, Lup told Taako, “Trust Barry. Love Barry.” He just seems like kind of a lovey boy, don’t you think? So that’s my case for Barry as the Lover.

That leaves Merle and Lucretia left to fill the Peacemaker and the Lonely Journal-Keeper. Which is weird to me, because you could argue Lucretia into either role: she took who whole operation on her shoulders, she was the only IPRE member to remember what happened, she was alone. I can’t remember if she kept journals, though, idk. And you could say she’s the Peacemaker, because she dedicated her life to harnessing the power of the Grand Relics and keeping the Hunger from destroying the dimension. But Merle?? doesn’t seem to fit either??? In fact, he doesn’t seem to fit any epithet. 

All we know about his love life is that he was never into his ex-wife, and once he seduced some vines. Also, he can fuck any onion he wants. He’s certainly not wordless, we already have the twins, and we don’t know if he keeps journals. He could be a protector?? But really, if it’s a choice between Merle and Magnus for who’d be more likely to protect anything my money’d be on Magnus before you could say “Pan.”

Thoughts, anyone?

Ok I’m sure other people have posted abt this but I’ve been trying to match the seven birds in Maureen’s prophecy to their respective character and I think I got it (some were more obvious than others)

Taako and Lup- The twins (only pair of siblings on the list, described as looking like each other)

Magnus- The lover (Love is a large part of his backstory, both platonic and romantic.)

Barry- The protector (protected the Tres Horny Boys throughout their adventures)

Lucretia- The lonely journal keeper (described as keeping several journals. Also, “lonely” because she is the only one who remembers the truth)

Merle- The peacemaker (religion boy. Religion is (typically) all about peace)

Davenport- The Wordless One (Can literally only say his own name until he gets his memories back)

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lups still sort of around tho shes in the umbra staff. like i guess u couldve said the same abt maureen but she died again later. like idk i feel like its kinda like noelle shes "dead" as in her bodys not around anymore but her soul still is and shes in the umbra staff and has been trying to get taakos attention (writing lup on the wall, talking to him telepathically in ep 58, etc). like idk if shes completely fridged like julia

i get where you’re coming from but i really do not feel like turning a woman into an inanimate object with no real agency is any better than killing her



[Caption: Ten gifs of the poc from Shadowhunters, with orientation headcanons (and in Magnus’ case, canon) written on them. (1 Dot) “Gay” (2 Magnus) “Bi” (3 Luke) “Bi/Polya” (4 Simon) “Pan” (5 Maureen) “Bi” (6 Raj) “Gay” (7 Raphael) “Aro/Ace” (8 Meliorn) “Pan/Polya” (9 Alaric) “Gay” (10 Isabelle) “Bi”]

It’s Christmas Eve…

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And in two days it’s Kwanzaa.

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After what has been a long hard year for many people.

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But we need each other.

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The dark times WILL end as long as we work to end them.

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After all, Kwanzaa starts in two days…

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Tonight’s the first night of Hanukkah…

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And it’s Christmas Eve.

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  • Lucretia: The Miller family has been instrumental in the construction of the Bureau of Balance.
  • Lucretia, several years ago, shaking Maureen awake in the middle of the night: Hey, can you make like a moon? like, for us to hang out on? Because how fucking sick would that be

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