a year ago my bridal party surprised me with a bachelorette party/day- a trip to six flags, followed by a lot of drinking and a makeshift irish car bomb cos the bar we were at wouldn’t serve those types of drinks, so they ordered me all the ingredients separately and they had to coax me into doing it since i had never done one before and by this point i was so gone. it was so much fun!

our (are) accent video. my first ever time posting my voice on tumblr and i’ve had this blog since 1.19.2009. please tell us we have accents! like, obviously we don’t think we do, but we know we definitely pronounce words wrong/differently and let us know how you guys pronounce the words we talked about! (and don’t mind that ad playing in the background. & when we watch this on here, the voice doesn’t match up with the picture. so…)

Um, you guys. Maura isn’t feeling well tonight and she was supposed to hang our with her significant other but obviously couldn’t, so he just dropped off homemade butterscotch rice crispy treats to make her feel better. I’m excited cos I get to eat most of them, bahaha. But it was a super cute gesture. I like this kid, he’s like an actual grown up (with his own apartment and a 401k job!)..she’s never dated an adult before! I’m excited.

JANUARY! My next business trip: Palo Alto, California is where we are heading- to do work on/with a solar plant! But we are flying into San Fransisco, so here’s a photo. (I’ve been to that city before, ehh, and am only returning to use the airport!) My parents, Maura & Hayes are all joining me for the week, so it’ll be fun! While we’re there we are visiting with Dom, Britt/Chris, my dads childhood friend who is a photographer & takes in unwanted greyhounds, aww, and the grave of my mothers father who died while serving the navy when my mum was only two weeks old. I’m excited for the travel experience and family time, (I’ll just ignore the pollution) all positive things. Like the fact that we’re going to work with a solar plant! Yay CA business trip!


more images from camping on the seacoast: hermit island, maine 9.28.13

including maura starting the fire; our fresh produce for meals; my new duck dynasty cup cos we forgot all our cups/glasses; trudging through the blueberry bushes adjacent to our campsite; maura scaling the rocks to get to our campsite; the rocky coastline; and s'mores.