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Niall was amazed how much had changed in a year, how it didn’t hurt anymore. He’d been drowning in heartache and pain for months and suffocated by the weight of his sorrow.

And then he’d met Harry and been scared and heartbroken again, worried to love and hesitant to be loved. But Harry hadn’t left. He’d showed Niall what unconditional love—romantic unconditional love—felt like, whether out of naive innocence or stubborn determination, Niall wasn’t sure.


If anyone asked Niall how he thought he would meet the love of his life, he wouldn’t have said that he expected to find him lying naked on the beach when he went for a walk at sunrise while on holiday.

Happy 21st Birthday Niall Horan

Oh how the little leprechaun has grown!

And hell to the no did he let Katy Perry down

He is such a lovable person. Look at him!

Round of applause for most likely being the only people to do the ALS challenge in a white shirt. I repeat…WET WHITE SHIRT

(WARNING: Shirtless Appreciation post down ahead)


And him with a guitar, oh dear lord




He is so good to his family

Do NOT get me started on kids; specifically Theo

He is so lucky to have met so many new people, starting with the boys





Now we must let the man drink in America and celebrate the day

Not you Harry!

(A/N: I know I am a day late. I had work, didn’t come home ‘til past midnight)

niall is a mummys boy. a masterpost by me called niall loves his mammy so much and it makes me cry a little

hes always been a mummys boy

he looks so young

it was clear in the xfactor days

and his love for his mammy never stopped

how cute is he, looking after her

and maura is so proud of him that it bring me to tears

‘thats my son’

oh the tears

lots of love for his mammy always

and his daddy too

but he is deffinately a mummys boy

and always will be

he loves his 'ma’

and it makes us all love him that little bit more

at the film premiere

she looks so proud of him

backstage, looking after his mammy

cuddling his mammy on his birthday

dancing with his mammy at his brothers wedding

he is genuinely perfect

niall loves all mums in general

he loves harrys mum too

he loves everyones mums

and he is adorable in the process

take one pass them on