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the best parts of the dream thieves (featuring me crying pt. 2)

part one

- “Ronan was everything that was left: molten eyes and a smile made for war” 

- Ronan’s second secret #gay

- Gansey: “i would have thought you had more muscles. Don’t feminist have big muscles?” i just want to punch him can someone please punch him

- gansey calling ronan an incredible creature #gay 

- “The elderly made ronan anxious” bitch me too!!!

- Ronan wanting to race kavinsky in the pig and adam is like dude no there is like 5 people in here we weigh too much and ronan goes: “noah doesn’t count” “Hey!” “You’re dead!” i love these nerds

- Gansey: “am I in your dreams?” Ronan: “Oh yes, baby” i hate him jsjksksk

- “Ronan sometimes dreamt of Adam, too” #gay

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the raven cycle masterlist of quotes/scenes (bold is faves)
  • it was a young man in slacks and a sweater, hair rumpled. he was not quite transparent, but he wasn’t quite there, either. his figure was as murky as dirty water, his face indistinct. there was no identifying feature to him apart from his youth. he was so young-that was the hardest part to get used to. 
  • is this how we make our way to death? blue wondered. a stumbling fade out instead of a self-aware finale?
  • She asked, “Will you tell me your name?” He faced her and she realized with shock that he wore an Aglionby sweater. “Gansey,” he said. Though his voice was quiet, it wasn’t a whisper. It was a real voice spoken from someplace almost too far away to hear. Blue couldn’t stop staring at his mussed hair, the suggestion of staring eyes, the raven on his sweater. His shoulders were soaked, she saw, and the rest of his clothing rain spattered, from a storm that hadn’t happened yet. This close, she could smell something minty that she wasn’t sure was unqiue to him or unique to spirits. He was so real. When it finally happened, when she finally saw him, it didn’t feel like magic at all. It felt like looking into the grave and seeing it look back at her. “is that all?” she whispered. Gansey closed his eyes. “That’s all there is.” He fell to his knees, a soundless gesture for a boy with no real body. One hand splayed in the dirt, fingers pressed to the ground. 
  • “You missed World Hist. I thought you were dead in a ditch.”
  • His heart hurt with the wanting of it, the hurt no less painful for being difficult to explain. 
  • Some secrets only gave themselves up to those who’d proven themselves worthy. The way Gansey saw it was this: If you had a special knack for finding things, it meant you owed the world to look. 
  • “Fate,” Blue replied, glowering at her mother, “is a very weighty word to throw around before breakfast.”
  • Gansey had once told Adam that he was afraid most people didnt know how to handle Ronan. What he meant by this was that he was worried that one day someone would fall on Ronan and cut themselves.
  • Gansey’s invented apartment was a dreamer’s laboratory…and everywhere, everywhere, there were books. Not the tidy stacks of an intellectual attempting to impress, but the slumping piles of a scholar obsessed. 

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Opal and the Fox Way women, though. Because teen dad Ronan Lynch needs some support when all his friends are away (though he’d never admit it, and ugh, witchcraft). (I also think Ronan’s Greywaren business/dealing with Declan’s business business will eventually take him away from the Barns sometimes, but that’s a post for another day.)

  • Opal and Gwenllian hit it off instantly. They communicate entirely in weird noises and songs and annoy everyone around them. They disappear for hours at a time and possibly are off committing arson. But when they’re done playing, they tend to sleep for like 20 hours straight, and everyone is so relieved that neither of them are actively causing trouble that they allow it to continue
  • Opal likes to watch Calla do stuff and Calla’s always like “what do you want.” But she gives Opal a piece of paper to draw on while Calla does paperwork and Opal actually sits still for 15 minutes
  •  Maura doesn’t know what to do about Opal because the half human girl she raised is very different. Sometimes Opal raids Blue’s room and tastes things and wears her clothes and Maura should probably stop her but she misses Blue a lot and it’s goddamn cute tbh
  • Jimi is delighted to have a little girl in the house, and immune to Opal’s intense rejection of her coddling/the fact that she has eaten every doll Jimi gives her
  • Though her penchant for eating Orla’s makeup is a large source of contention between them, Orla and Opal have worked out a lucrative ploy that goes something like this: “Lloyd! How serendipitous that you have stopped by, even though I’ve asked you to leave me alone twenty times. This is our daughter, Opal. How dare you suggest she looks nothing like either of us? No, don’t think too hard about the time frame. Please pay me child support or things will get ugly. The spirits have confirmed it.”
  • No one touches Persephone’s things– that’s just understood– but then Opal comes along and touches everything. After the knee-jerk reaction of “don’t do that,” the women of Fox Way find that the sight of Persephone’s old laurel wreath in Opal’s same-colored hair just seems right, somehow. She doesn’t even try to eat it.

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prompt: they adopt a child??? or just talk about it????????? or something????????????????????????

I have a personal headcanon that Andrew and Neil never have children for multiple reasons. But you know who does have children? Matt and Dan. And they just moved to town.

Uncle Andrew and Uncle Neil spend extended amounts of time with the kids only three times. It goes as follows: 

Incident 1: The Presents

  • The second time that Neil and Andrew see Matt and Dan’s children is when the kids are 6, 8, and 9.
  • The first time was when they were born.
  • Around Christmas time, the foxes always make an effort to see each other.
  • It’s hard for them to all get together at once, so they make rounds as they can.
  • This year, things were more convenient for Andrew and Neil seeing as Matt, Dan, and the kids had just moved closer.
  • Dan got a new job and Matt was able to sign a new contract with a team in the same area.
  • They decide to meet up the week before Christmas this time.
  • Which means that Andrew and Neil need to buy some presents.
  • Except Andrew and Neil honestly know jack shit about children.
  • They have no idea what kids were into these days. They didn’t even know when they were children.
  • All that Neil knew was that he never had any toys. Ever.
  • All that Andrew knew was that toys were bribes and tricks and never anything he got to keep.
  • Which is how Andrew and Neil end up at Toys R Us.

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happy trc childhood headcanons

i always see incredibly tragic childhood headcanons for the raven gang, which is fair because most of them had tragic childhoods in one way or another, but i want to imagine that at some point they had some happiness, or at least not full sadness, so…


  • listen, adam parrish was the matilda of his school library. he was the shy little seven-year-old kid that snuck in during recess and read as many books as he could get his hands on. the librarian slowly grew very fond of him. little adam parrish reaching up to the circulation desk with a pile of kids’ science books about dinosaurs, space, rocks, plants, physics, anything that interested him. staying up late with a tiny reader flashlight that he got for free at the scholastic book fair or something. dragging stepstools over to the shelves so he could reach books on the top shelf by himself
  • legit every dog in the trailer park loved adam. he greeted them all after school. as like a ten-year-old, he got a job walking all the dogs. (the money went straight to his parents, but he was happy to spend time with the dogs anyway). one time one of his neighbors’ dogs had a litter of puppies and before they gave them all away, adam went over and gave them each a hug and played with them for a few hours
  • adam got crushes on boys and girls both from a young age because he was always full of love and affection that was reaching outward looking for someone to land on. he had a huge crush on his kindergarten teacher, who was this young blond lady who totally knew that adam liked her and thought it was adorable and let him hold her hand on field trips and stuff. he had a crush on his reading buddy when he was in first grade- it was a fourth grade boy, and he was actually not as good at spelling as adam was, but adam was too shy to correct his spelling
  • adam loved cars since he was little. it was possibly the only thing he did at home that gave him joy. the first time he fixed an engine (or whatever you do with cars idk) he felt like his whole heart was lighting up and he was doing exactly what he was supposed to be. the next day at the library he asked the librarian for books about car engines and he found out that there were jobs where you could do more than just fix cars, you could invent whole machines and engineer how they worked, and he was filled with determination to get to a place where he could do that


  • orla was like seven or eight when blue was born, so the fox way household had to deal with two terrifying children at the same time. for a while when they were little, orla and blue were the dream team of mischief. they watched the parent trap and were inspired by all the pranks and attempted to play a prank on the whole household. unfortunately, living in a house full of psychics makes it difficult to effectively play pranks, so they got caught by calla while attempting to cover all the adults’ bedrooms in toilet paper. they got in huge trouble for wasting toilet paper but were also weirdly rewarded for being clever and independent
  • blue learned about academic feminist stuff at a young age from all the women in her house. so she was the Resident SJW of her elementary school. when she was required to make valentine’s day cards for everyone in her class, she made ones with lil feminist cartoons talking about heteronormative misogynist traditions. in kindergarten she punched a boy in her class for saying something sexist. she tried to stage a protest against the school dress code in fifth grade. when she got in trouble for it, maura raised hell with the school
  • maggie’s said before that none of them had any friends before meeting each other, which I mean they probably had *some* pseudo-friends at some point or other, but it’s likely that Blue spent a lot of recesses alone. her solution was to go around to every tree on the playground and get to know it. everyone thought she was weird anyway, so it was easy to get away with holding long conversations with the trees. she gave each of them a human name and they each had a personality. on arbor day she brought them gifts that she made at home
  • she was always trying to make her own clothes, but she learned all her sewing and knitting skills one summer when she went to a free class at the public library. until then she used all sorts of different methods, not all of which worked. she was a menace to any fabric that entered the door of 300 Fox Way. it was a bad idea to let her watch the sound of music and see the scene where maria makes dresses out of the curtains. maura saw the light in blue’s eyes the second she saw that scene and took down all the curtains in the house and hid them, because she didn’t believe in telling blue not to make clothes out of the curtains, but she also didn’t believe in having her curtains torn to shreds


  • this child picked flowers for his mother all the time, i guarantee it. for a while there they thought he was gonna be a florist. i promise ronan lynch brought five gabillion bouquets of wildflowers into the house for his mother
  • he wrote short stories as a kid. his fourth grade class had a creative writing week and they all had to write books. he came up with wild, creative stories, not based on dreams or dreamers or anything from his life at the Barns, but shitty ones like all kids write. he wrote about a racecar who was best friends with a cow and how they learned to get along even though one was fast and one was slow, things like that. his mother read all his stories and told him they were great
  • he was a Big Fan of shit like nancy drew and sherlock holmes because he thought it was so cool how they solved mysteries, so he roped matthew into joining him in becoming a detective. there weren’t too many mysteries to solve… i guess this IS gonna get sad but obviously there were mysteries to solve re: what the fuck his dad was doing but declan didn’t want ronan to have to know about that, so he would make up fake mysteries by like stealing stuff from the kitchen. eventually ronan caught on to the fact that the culprit in every mystery was always declan and he realized he didn’t want to be a detective anyway
  • also i want to imagine that ronan was that kid who changed what he wanted to be when he grew up like, a lot. one week he was DEFINITELY gonna be a racecar driver. another week he wanted to be a bullfighter, but then he changed his mind when he found out they killed the bulls because he is the friend to all cows of course. another week he wanted to be an artist, and another week he wanted to be a farmer, and another week he wanted to be a forest ranger, etc etc.


  • gansey was the kid who is so polite you think he’s a tiny adult. you know how sometimes like four-year-old kids say shit like “excuse me, ma’am, would you like me to take your coat?” and it’s like what the fuck… he was that kid. it was partially because it was sort of bred into him and partially because he adored when adults would give him little smiles and ruffle his hair and tell him that he was very polite and well-behaved. actually helen hated this because she wasn’t nearly as well-behaved and she would scowl every time her little brother got complimented for his manners
  • speaking of helen, she and gansey were NOT always little angels at the fancy parties their parents held. they loved to play games there. helen’s favorite was to steal little trinkets without anyone being able to tell, gansey’s favorite was scavenger hunts where he would pretend he was on a noble quest in the ballroom
  • i feel like gansey would have loved indiana jones movies. i know this for a fact. when he got older he realized that they were ‘not accurate to the true experience of archaeology’ or whatever, but they still held a special place in his heart (bonus: he both idolized and was attracted to young harrison ford probably)
  • the ganseys took their children to museums to Enrich Their Minds. this might have been a bad idea though, because gansey was Struck and Bedazzled in Wonderment at every museum he saw. he was the kid who actually read the signs on each exhibit and did the weird educational activities that the museum offered. he listened to the audio tours. he came home babbling about what he learned for hours. take this time to imagine gansey at the cloisters in new york (which if you don’t know is like a medieval monastery they shipped over brick by brick from europe and filled with medieval art) just LOSING it. in the room of unicorn tapestries he feels like he’s being imbued with Destiny. he is eight goddamn years old


  • little henry loved the whole world. he loved little inchworms that he found in the backyard and he gave them names (mostly he named them after pop divas. britney spears the caterpillar was a member of the cheng household for a while). he loved every kid in his kindergarten class and tried to play with all of them during recess. he was just full of love and wonder
  • actually, to expand on the recess thing, henry cheng was the king of recess. he was the kid who organized the Great Game of Tag, famous among all the third graders, a game that stretched over months of recess and only ended when the snow forced all the kids inside. there were elaborate rules, rivalries begun, glorious battles fought over this game of tag
  • he was in ESL because his first language was korean, but he got the hang of english pretty quickly- he’s a fast learner. he just didn’t speak it all that often for the first few years of elementary school, because he liked listening more than speaking, so the teachers thought he wasn’t good at it. in the end it was his love of belting out top 40 songs on the playground that made them realize that he was actually fluent in english. (although i know you can know songs well without knowing the language, but he would often change the lyrics to be about his personal life)
  • he organized political protests from a young age. he protested the school administration in, like, fourth grade, for not having an adequate meal plan for kids who couldn’t afford lunch. one time he tried to protest his parents for making him clean his room, but i won’t get into that because his parents were not great, but it seems like the type of thing he would do


  • i firmly believe that noah dressed in his sister’s clothes until the age of nine or so, he just wore dresses and didn’t care. people made fun of him but he just rolled with it. he only stopped because his tastes changed and he wanted to be more skater punk
  • he was a huge stan of 90s boy bands like n’sync or whatever, i don’t even know if i spelled that right i just know that he was a Nineties Kid TM and he loved all that crap.
  • his favorite class was art class. he was, however, not the favorite student of his third grade art teacher, who liked to keep the room tidy, because he made gigantic fucking messes in the pursuit of creativity. i’m talking fingerpainting, collages, glitter, ripped up construction paper, wild sculptures, glue everywhere. (listen I taught a crafts class for little kids and let me tell you, noah was one of a specific type of four-year-old who takes a liquid glue container and pours it ALL OVER EVERYTHING with a manic glee in his eyes) luckily in fourth grade they switched art teachers to a hippie type who loved creative messes and she encouraged him to the point that he organized an art gallery for the whole school in the gymnasium. it was very successful and exciting
  • noah ate every goddamn Novelty Nineties Food that you could find on some dumb Buzzfeed nostalgia list. Dunkaroos, Gushers, dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, Scooby Doo mac-n-cheese, Kidz Cuisine, green ketchup or whatever. the more gross and artificial and neon colored and totally awful, the more Noah loved it. he RAN lunchtime snack swaps, he had every item you could possibly want, the envy of every other lunchbox carrier in the school. (on halloween he and his friends were those kids who made like a three-hour-long plan to hit every house they could and make a ridiculous candy haul) (but noah always donated half of his candy haul to charity)

feel free to add more if you think of more!

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post-trk bluesey stuff?

im so glad you asked assuming you meant hcs

as usual im sorry for how long it is but i have no filter when it comes to bluesey

  • let’s talk about kissing first because that’s important
  • after blue gets the green light from the psychics who tell her the curse is broken, it’s so on
  • kissing everywhere all the time (who can blame them they have a lot to make up for)
  • im serious, the disgustingly cute pda is definitely a thing with them and you literally cannot convince me otherwise 
  • good morning kisses, goodnight kisses, forehead kisses, ‘hey we haven’t seen each other in a few hours’ kisses, just all kinds of kisses
  • their second kiss, i imagine, goes a bit like their first pretend kiss
  • it’s late at night and they’re out under the stars and after blue tells him that the curse is gone, gansey smiles at her and says, “May I beg one off you, Jane?”
  • and blue, who cannot even contain her giddy smile, counters with “Under all this?” and they both laugh a little, pleased the other remembered, before they finally kiss
  • and it’s everything they ever wanted, everything they ever imagined it to be, and more
  • gansey tastes like mint and blue tastes like yogurt and they both think they could do this forever
  • blue!! standing!! on!! her!! tiptoes!! when she kisses gansey and then other times gansey will lift her off the ground a bit!! kill me!!
  • so after ronan moves to the barns and gansey is left with no roommates, blue all but unofficially lives at monmouth
  • at first it’s just their usual late night phone calls but after blue has a bad nightmare about gansey’s death she ends up biking over to monmouth in the middle of the night just to see him and make sure he’s okay
  • gansey is peacefully asleep and blue doesn’t have the heart to wake him, especially since just hearing him breathe calmed her down, but she doesn’t want to go back home either so she hops into bed with him and cuddles to him
  • gansey hardly notices, just breathes a quiet “jane” and wraps his arms around her 
  • when he wakes up in the morning blue is already up, quietly typing away on his phone, and gansey blinks sleepily, more than a little confused, murmuring “jane” and she smiles down at him and greets him with a soft kiss
  • after that there’s a lot of sleeping over and lots of cuddling and spooning and lazy mornings in bed
  • blue has a few clothes over and a toothbrush and tons of yogurt in the fridge
  • she also convinces him to do something about the kitchen/bathroom situation because “no gansey i won’t eat food coming out of a fridge that’s literally next to the toilet” and since ronan’s room is now free, they move it there
  • gansey is usually up before blue so 90% of the time she either wakes up to breakfast delivered in bed or soft kisses all across her face and she doesn’t mind either
  • gansey’s new nightly project is sleep, especially with blue around most of the time, but on nights he or blue can’t sleep they work on the mini henrietta together
  • other times gansey will read aloud to her until she falls asleep to his voice
  • also blue wears his stupid polo shirts to bed (she hates them but they all smell like him, it’s a dilemma)
  • they’re huge on her so she looks really cute and sexy, gansey thinks, but doesn’t dare say aloud
  • sometimes when he wakes up and sees blue sleeping next to him wearing his clothes, hair mussed, mouth open as she snores, he can’t believe he got so lucky and he gets to wake up next to his true love every day for the rest of his life
  • after his death blue’s probably a little overprotective of him for a few months, always watching him closely, casually but not so casually resting her hand right over his heart to hear it beating under her palm, hugging him a little tighter than necessary 
  • gansey notices, of course, but doesn’t say a thing and just makes sure she knows he’s not going to leave her again
  • one time when they’re on one of their night drives aimlessly roaming around they come across the place where gansey died, where they first kissed, where she killed him, and blue asks him to pull over and they just sit in silence for several minutes, maybe hours, holding each other’s hands tightly, grateful that they can be here together now and they can put this chapter behind them and move forward
  • in a way it’s sort of closure to them and after that it’s easier for gansey to sleep through the whole night and blue to go longer periods of time without talking to him to know he’s okay
  • okay so the ganseys invite the sargents over for like a parents meeting parents thing and orla ends up tagging along just because which results in a lot of flirting between her and helen. blue and gansey are horrified. maura does a reading for mr and mrs gansey who are completely delighted and don’t even notice a thing. halfway through dinner orla sneaks off with helen and blue vows never to bring her cousin with her again
  • other cute things: on their first official date gansey takes her to an aquarium which is honestly perfect tbh because gansey likes fish and sea creatures and blue just likes animals in general
  • blue of course teases him about his “fish kink” as she puts it but she’s just as fascinated the whole time as he is and they take a lot of pictures together and of the sea creatures 
  • they capture a kiss on camera just as a shark swims by behind them and it’s their favorite photo
  • also gansey has a habit of buying blue yogurt every time he goes to the store, like literally every time, even if there’s still some left in the fridge, and blue acts annoyed but she still eats it and she still gives him the fruit bits (which is half the reason he does it lbr)
  • one time when ronan and adam are out on a date they agree to babysit opal for them and it’s sort of a disaster
  • gansey desperately wants to be “the cool uncle” but he knows nothing about kids and opal isn’t your typical kid anyway
  • he thinks about spoiling her with candy and ice-cream but she only eats rocks and tree barks
  • he tries the “what do you know about welsh kings?” line on her but blue is shaking her head at him in the background so he quickly backtracks
  • they play some board games but opal quickly grows bored when she doesn’t win so they decide to take her to the park 
  • where the moment they take their eyes off her she disappears off to somewhere
  • there’s a lot of panic and “oh my god we lost ronan’s kid he’ll never forgive us oh my god blue what do we do” from gansey while blue calmly and logically tries to figure out where she could have gone
  • gansey is on the brink of a heart attack when they find her across the street petting a cute stray cat
  • gansey spends half the way home making sure she knows never to do that again and the other half making sure she won’t tell ronan they temporarily lost her
  • blue jokingly says that after all that she knows for sure that she doesn’t want kids for many many years and gansey chokes on his water because that does imply they will have kids sometime down the road (and they do, a girl and a boy)
  • so about the roadtrip, they definitely have pictures of the two of them next to every damn famous locations they visit and blue makes a handmade photo album out of them and gives it to him for christmas
  • gansey also takes a lot of not-so-secret photos of her with his phone and i say not-so-secret because blue knows, she just pretends she doesn’t, and anyway his phone is basically hers too so she sees all of them
  • her idea of “revenge” is taking photos of him while he’s sleeping and she has to admit, they’re all pretty darn cute
  • she does also doodle some stuff on his forehead while he sleeps and takes a selfie posing next to him with her tongue stuck out
  • then she posts it on his instagram because yeah
  • the amount of times henry almost walks in on them oh boy
  • so one time blue complains about her neck hurting because she slept in the car the previous night while gansey was driving so gansey offers to give her a massage and it gives henry the wrong idea about what they’re doing because it pretty much goes like this:
  • blue: “oh, yes. right there.”
    gansey: “good?”
    blue: “yes.”
    henry in the next room: “guys, the walls are thin, please stop having sex.”
  • so i assume they go to college after their gap year, and probably different ones, so gansey gets her one of those lockets with pictures inside, and on one side there’s a picture of the two of them at nino’s, blue hanging on his back like a monkey, both of them grinning wildly, and on the other side there’s a selfie with the gang in cabeswater during the early days, blue, gansey and noah also grinning wildly while adam smiles softly and ronan glares
  • blue never takes it off
  • after they’re out of college they automatically move in together
  • it’s not something they ever agree on, it’s just something they both know without talking about it, so after graduation gansey’s like “i found this really cool house, wanna check it out?” and blue’s like “hell yeah” and suddenly they have a house
  • but even after settling down they still do travel a lot and visit all kinds of countries and places
  • they definitely have one of those maps on the wall with pins signaling all the places they’ve been to and they’re always planning to expend that map
  • and lastly i didn’t know where to put this but okay listen, gansey and blue doing haunted house vlogs
  • it’s my dream
  • i just really love the idea, listen it’s totally their thing
  • breaking into old abandoned houses or places that are rumored to be haunted and taping their experience
  • gansey does all kinds of research beforehand that he excitedly rambles off to the camera the second it’s on
  • he’s here for the mystery of what happened and the hopes of solving it
  • blue’s here mostly for the thrill but they make a pretty good team
  • over time their channel gets popular and some famous and less famous haunted hotels contact them to see if they could do a coverage on their hotel and bring in more customers
  • gansey is excited right until he realizes that most of these hotels aren’t actually haunted
  • but the bottom line, they never stop having adventures :’)

*Completely different soulmate AU mentioned in the ask ((sorry ;_;))

Having a soulmate isn’t as great as you would think. 

Niall’s parents told him that it was a “blessing” and his friends were jealous that he had started feeling so much earlier than them. Most people couldn’t feel their soulmate until they were 18, but Niall was two days over 17 when his soulmate first contacted him. Everyone says he’s lucky. 

Niall sure didn’t feel lucky when he woke up at 2am, screaming his voice away and curling in on himself because holy hell. Niall’s entire family is in his room, trying to calm him down, but he couldn’t because something was stabbing him in the chest. He told his father this, gripping onto his arm as tight as possible, crying harder than he ever has, and then he blacked out.

When he woke up, he was in the hospital, met with his brother rolling his eyes and shoving his little brother, saying that he scared them all for nothing. “Such a pussy, Niall, you can’t even handle a fucking tattoo.” Greg says, which had earned a smack on the back of the head from Niall’s mother. 

“Hush, Greg. The worst thing Denise has ever done to you is sprained an ankle.” Maura said, defending her baby boy as every mother should. 

“Wait.. what does Denise have to do with any of this?” Niall had said timidly, rubbing at his hospital gown-clad chest. 

Greg rolled his eyes again, “Your soulmate got a tattoo, idiot.” Greg says, getting hit in the head again, this time by Niall’s father. 

Later that night, Niall gets to meet the moth that will be inked on his chest for the rest of his life. 

The area around his chest was raw and red, and he felt as if he was the one who spent hours under the needle. 

Ever since that day, Niall was subjected to terribly painful nights when his soulmate would scar both of their bodies. Most nights, when Niall is writhing in pain, the blonde wonders if his soulmate even cares that he’s in pain, that he’s even there on the other side. 

Niall’s anger doesn’t start until he moves away for university. He goes to a big college in Manchester, where he finally makes friends who aren’t completely caught up in the whole soulmate thing. He and his parents had gathered together their savings so that Niall could afford to live in an off-campus apartment that he shares with two roommates. There’s Louis who’s happily dating some girl that isn’t his soulmate, and then there’s Zayn. Zayn is probably Niall’s favorite person in the world seeing as he is the only one that Niall feels he can completely divulge all of his true feelings about his soulmate. Zayn had actively decided two years ago that he wasn’t interested in finding his soulmate, and Niall had never respected a person more. 

After Niall had explained to Louis and Zayn his situation- a.k.a the reason that he might wake them up with pained screams some nights- they had simply smiled sadly at him and reassured him that it was alright. 

But other people aren’t quite as understanding as Louis and Zayn. That’s when he gets angry. When people start asking, “If you don’t like it then why does your soulmate do it to you?” and “Why don’t you just tell him to stop?

So, the next time that his soulmate decides to mark up their bodies, Niall grabs a marker off of his desk, unable to deal with his soul mates selfishness anymore. There are fat, angry tears rolling down his face as he writes the big letters down his arm:


Within seconds, the pain in his shoulder stops completely, and he wakes up the next day with the outline of a heart on his shoulder. Also, where his marker had faded away, there’s a small inscription that wasn’t there before. In tiny, light letters, the word “sorry” is scribbled on his forearm. 

Niall’s heart feels like it’s breaking.

* * * *

Niall and his soulmate don’t “speak” for a year. Niall doesn’t feel anything from his soulmate for so long that he feels lonely. Relieved that the pain is over, but lonely nonetheless. He’s left with a body full of tattoos and no communication. 

Niall’s in his second year of college, and he’s depressed. 

Since their first year of college, Zayn had gone off abroad to Italy to study art and Niall was left without his anchor, not to mention the radio silence coming from his soulmate. Louis was still around, but he had ditched that girl from freshmen year after finding his real soulmate. Niall had taken the news hard, forcing a smile but going back to his room with tears in his eyes as he called Zayn to talk about the news. Louis had tried several times to get Niall to meet the guy, some bloke named Liam, but each time Niall had found a way to get out of it. 

“Niall, come on, just have some drinks with us tonight.” Louis begs, obviously disappointed in the way his supposed best friend had been acting.

“Louis, I have to study.” Niall tries, but Louis rolls his eyes stepping away angrily. 

“Sure, whatever, Niall.” He spits. “Look, I understand that you’re lonely or jealous or whatever this is-” Louis says before getting cut off by Niall.

“Fuck you, Louis.” He says, shaking his head angrily. “Maybe I haven’t handled this situation well, but you have no right to talk about me like that.” Niall says, genuinely hurt that Louis would think so little of him. 

Louis sighs heavily, sitting dow next to Niall in a huff. “You’re right, I’m sorry. That was uncalled for. I just– I know you and Zayn could really connect in the whole “no soulmate” thing, but I want at least one of my best friends to meet my soulmate. He thinks you both hate him.” Louis says, look so upset that Niall knows he’s going to give in. 

“Louis…” He whines. Niall meets his friend’s eyes one last time before closing his eyes and standing up. “Let’s go meet your little soulmate.” He says, and yeah, okay, Louis smile after he says that is worth it. 

* * * * 

“Anyway, Niall, I know you’re going to love him, he’s amazing.” Louis gushes as they get ready to leave their flat. 

“I know I will, Lou.” Niall says reassuringly. 

Louis gets a sly look on his face, “And, he has a friend that’s coming, too.” He nudges Niall, making the blonde look at him, confused. 

“Okay…” Niall says, not understanding what direction Louis’ going with this. 

“And he’s got a lot of tattoos…” Louis says hopefully, immediately making Niall stop. 

“Louis!” He nearly snarls. Niall’s– well, his soulmate’s tattoos are an extremely sensitive topic. Even his best friends don’t get to see them much because of how much he covers them. 

Louis throws his hands up defensively. “Sorry, sorry.” He defends, but the smile on his face is still pissing Niall off. 

“Let’s just get out o-” Niall starts as they get to the stairs. He doesn’t get to finish his sentence because he’s busy slipping down 8 stairs. He lands on his left arm, groaning and laughing a little too. 

Louis had screamed out when Niall fell, but let out a sigh of relief when he hears Niall laughing. “Oh my god, Niall.” He gasps as he kneels next to his friend. 

“Fuck.” Niall whimpers when he tries to put pressure on his arm. They sit for a few minutes, trying to gauge how badly Niall’s arm is hurt. After fifteen minutes of trying to move without hurting his arm again, they decided that there was no way Niall could go on without at least getting a splint. Louis helps the blonde into his car carefully, snickering the entire time that they drive to the hospital. 

“Shit, Ni. Of course the one time I actually convince you to meet my boyfriend you fall down the stairs.” Louis laughs as we walk into the UR. 

As the doctor is preforming the X-RAY, Niall feels a familiar tingle on his uninjured arm. He silently prays that his soulmate hasn’t chosen this moment to fuck up his other arm as well. Once he gets back into the room where Louis is, he gets a good look at his arm, where the slightly faded words reside on his arm. His heart flutters happily as he reads them.

Please tell me you’re alright.

Louis notices the look on Niall’s face and follows his gaze, giving Niall a lopsided smile and hesitantly reaches for Niall’s arm, ballpoint pen in his hand. 

In Louis’ neat, small handwriting, he writes. “I’m okay.” and Niall has to close his eyes to keep himself from crying. He’s not sad or anything, but he just.. he missed his soulmate so much. Someone he had never met. Someone he might not ever meet.

Niall feels heartbroken yet again. 

* * * *

Niall had fractured his wrist in two places and had to have a cast on for seven weeks. Louis died of laughter after seeing the stupefied look on Niall’s face at this news. 

An hour later, Niall has a green cast on his arm and it’s still early in the night. He’s a little bit doped up and he’s feeling okay. After swearing to Louis that he wouldn’t drink at all whilst on his meds, Louis texts Liam and asks if they can still go out for drinks. Liam replies enthusiastically that he and his friend would be at the bar in thirty minutes. 

Niall feels a bit groggy and his arm hurts, but he knows how important this is to Louis. His soulmate hadn’t replied to Niall’s message, not that he expected him to, but Niall just couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling he had. 

“Lou-” He says, feeling a bit queasy. “I’m going to the bathroom, kay?” 

Louis nods, completely enamored in his phone, probably texting Liam.

Niall gets to the bathroom and leans in front of the sink, splashing water on his face and exhaling heavily. 

He hears someone enter the bathroom, and he ducks his head, leaving the restroom quickly. 

After shaking his head and slapping himself in the face a couple of times he leaves the bathroom, itching at his arm erratically. 

He shuffles over to the table, ultra aware of the new man who is sitting next to Louis, arm over his shoulders. “Yeah, mate, Harry’s been feeling poorly all day. I think it might be somethin’ about his soulmate.” The muscular lad that must be Liam says with a sad looking smile. 

Louis has yet to notice Niall, but Liam’s eyes meet the blondes and he instantly stands, a huge smile on his face. “You must be Niall.” He says, and Niall smiles and nods. 

“That’s me.” Niall says, Irish lit heavy in his nervousness. 

“Niall! Are you feeling better?” Louis asks, standing to hug me softly. Liam’s eyes widen in realization. 

“Shit, yeah, I totally forgot. How’s your arm…” Liam says, stuttering a bit over the word ‘arm’. He eyes Niall’s injured arm with suspicious eyes. 

“It’s fine.” The blonde says defensively. “Is there a problem?” Niall asks, holding onto his own arm and Louis’ looks protective as well.

Louis speaks up, “Yeah, Li, what’s going on with you?” 

“It’s just… Harry, my friend, he’s having-” Liam begins to explain, but he’s cut off by a deep, slow voice that reverberates around them. 

“Harry’s having what?” 

Niall turns on a heel and is immediately met with the greenest eyes he’s ever seen. Dark hair pulled back into a bun and strong, muscled arms that are adorned with very familiar designs. 

The first one Niall notices is the smallest one. The tiny cross on his left hand that is the only tattoo that Niall actually liked when it first appeared. Harry’s eyes follow his own, and they finally look up and meet eyes. 

Harry just looks downright confused, maybe even a bit affronted, and Niall thinks that there are tears in his eyes. Liam and Louis have been completely silent, obviously dumbfounded. Niall shakes his head, sniffling embarrassedly as he simply lifts his own left hand, where the dark cross is stained into his skin. 

Liam and Louis gasp out loud while Harry stares at the blonde boy who’s nearly crying. 

“Oh my god.” Harry mutters, throwing an arm around Niall’s neck and pulling him in close, completely forgetting any insecurities or pain that he could be feeling at this point. Niall, on the other hand, had never felt so relieved in his life. Not when the tattoos stopped, not even when his soulmate had continued speaking to him after a year of silence. Niall forgot all of the anger and pent up frustration that he had towards his soulmate within seconds of meeting him and everything felt perfect.

They might both be crying, and half of the crowd at the bar is staring, but neither of them can be arsed to care. “Holy shit.” Is all Louis mutters as Harry silently leads Niall out of the pub. They haven’t really said anything to each other yet, but Harry gets a cab and they’re going towards Harry’s apartment within minutes. 

When they get to Harry’s flat, their hands are interlocked and the two are completely breathless. 

They get through the door and as soon as the door closes, Harry is hugging Niall again, almost so tightly that the blonde can’t breathe. He lets out a tiny whimper as his cast clad arm is crushed between them. Harry hisses as well, loosening his hold and rubbing at Niall’s arm soothingly. And it’s so weird that they feel the same thing. Harry seems to notice 

“I’m Harry.” The green eyed man rasps, his voice completely dripping with happiness. Niall already knows, but hearing his soulmate’s voice finally is too good of a thing to complain about.

Niall lets out a noise of absolute contentment. “I’m Niall.” He whispers. 

“Niall.” Harry breathes. “Niall, Niall.” he repeats, making the blonde’s heart pound. 

They separate for a second, making their way to the nearby couch before Harry pulls Niall into his lap once more. 

Harry’s toying with the hem of Niall’s shirt, looking extremely nervous before asking, “Can I…?” 

Niall nods, understanding immediately what Harry wants. “You too.” He adds before peeling off his tee shirt, carefully minding his cast. 

Once Niall gets untangled, Harry’s already got his shirt off, and looking at both of their chests, identically designed in such a way gives Niall chills. 

They’re both completely enamored in each other’s bodies that they don’t speak for a few minutes. Niall finally snaps out of his trance when he feels Harry tracing the outline, unfinished tattoo of the heart on his shoulder. Harry’s eyes are sad and guilty as he mumbles, “I’m so sorry.” 

Niall shakes his head, “For what?”

“For forcing you into this.” He says, gesturing to the tattoos scattered across Niall’s body. 

Niall sighs, shaking his head in disagreement. “I… I used to be so angry.” He admits, hating the anguish he sees in Harry’s eyes. “But it’s alright now. It’s… meeting you has changed everything for me.” 

Harry nods. “Me too.” He says softly. “Look, Niall, I just want you to know that I thought about you every single time I got one of these. I thought about you and the pain I was putting you through and I… I was in a really rough place then.” He says, and his blonde soulmate can tell just how difficult it is for him to realize. “I just couldn’t stop myself… until you asked me to.” He exhales shakily and Niall can see the tears gathering in his eyes. “I hated myself so much when you wrote that. I screamed at the tattoo artist to stop and cried for the rest of the night I was so guilty.” Harry says. “The only thing I can think of to say that might explain myself is the fact that I don’t regret them. I regret hurting you so badly but I don’t regret a single one of these.” He says and that really, actually does make Niall feel so much better. All this time he had thought that his soulmate was doing it out of spite, or maybe because he had simply been forgotten.  

“Can you just… can you explain to me what they’re all about?” Niall asks and Harry nods enthusiastically. 

So, they spend hours talking over the numerous amounts of stories that were linked to each and every one of Harry’s tattoos. 

“And finally… my favorite.” Harry says, his hand landing on the unfinished outline of a heart, lingering on both of their shoulders. 

Niall rolls his eyes. “You’re a liar.” He says, giggling a little bit. 

“No I’m not!” Harry defends. “I love this one more than you could imagine.” He says sincerely. “This one was for you.” He laughs, but there’s no real humor behind it. “And it’s the one you made me stop.”

Niall’s heart is pounding once again and his hands are shaking as he goes to hold Harry’s own. “It was the first time we ever.. talked, I guess.” Niall comments. “I wouldn’t take it back for the world.” 

Harry smiles, nuzzling his nose into Niall’s neck affectionately. “What did I do to deserve you?” 

Niall rolls his eyes, leaning into Harry’s personal space and brushing their lips together lightly. Harry breathes out slowly, pulling Niall closer and kissing his soulmate with more intensity and passion than Niall had ever felt from another human being ever. After a couple of seconds, they pull away, heavy breathing like they were kids again and everything feels perfect. 

“I think I could get used to you.” Niall says, kissing Harry’s cheek lovingly. 

Harry chuckles in approval, “Are you sure? Even with all of these horrible tattoos?” He jokes. 

Niall rolls his eyes, clutching at Harry’s arms reassuringly. “Only because of those horrible tattoos.” 

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anonymous asked:

ooooo could you do a pjo/mythology au for the raven cycle (like you did for the foxhole court, with their parents)???

ot5 (+henry)

  • Richard Campbell Gansey III: Coeus (titan of intellect and the inquisitive mind)
    Gansey’s parentage is part of his pretentious stereotype; he can’t just be the son of a god, he’s the son of a titan. Gansey has always searched for more than what he was told, looked beyond the barriers of knowledge and through centuries to aid him on his quest. However, just as the titans were doomed in the Titanomachy, Gansey was as well (in life, or in his quest, he couldn’t be sure, but he knew). His mother loved him and her husband accepted him as one of his own, which made up for the lack of his father in his life (due to his imprisonment in Tartarus), but part of him still searched for signs of his father. He was strong enough to claim Gansey–he must be able to show himself in other ways. He eventually journeys down to the Underworld with his friends in search of Coeus, but the reminder of his death combined with the warnings of his father send them out of Hades’ home before they can finish their quest.
  • Blue Sargent: Ouranos (primeval god of the heavens)
    Blue wasn’t sure why she was considered the daughter of a god. She never fit in with the kids at Camp, nor with the other unclaimed children. She didn’t mind though—she had her mother and the rest of the women at Fox Way, and that was enough for her. She was eventually claimed by the damn sky (no wonder it took him so long), and everything seemed to fall into place. Her family had always claimed she had stars in her eyes, and Blue should have realized that they were not seeing into the future but into the past; they knew, but they wanted her to make her own way in the world and find out who she was for herself.
  • Ronan Lynch: Eos (titaness of dawn)
    For the longest time, Ronan believed he would never be claimed. He was practically an orphan—dead father and a mother who didn’t care enough to spare him a thought. He must be the son of Eris, or some other goddess so horrible that she could be the reason so much of his life had crumbled away to nothing. It was a shock when Eos chose him—a rainbow shining above his head in a shimmer of mist (which made Ronan furious that his second secret might be discovered). She loved his father, as she had loved other men before, but she never seemed to ask Zeus to save them correctly—one turned into a cicada, one ended up with his brains splattered on the pavement. Her wish for Niall was for him to be larger than life, a gift which extended his ability to dream to their son—but a curse that got him killed.
    (I amuse myself, because her Roman equivalent is Aurora)
  • Noah Czerny: Chronos (god of time)
    Time too often works against us. Noah died—he did, he swears. No one believes him, because he seems living enough (save for the mark on his cheek where he says his head was bashed in). They began to believe him when he was claimed—a rare sundial floating above his head for a second, or not a second; a minute, or something more. Sometimes Blue sees him die, as if he’s caught out of time, and they all begin to believe him. Sometimes, it doesn’t seem like he’s completely there—almost as if he’s somewhere else on his timeline simultaneously. He saved Gansey from the Underworld once, but that reveals itself late like most events in his life.
  • Adam Parrish: Hephaestus (god of the forge, fire, and volcanic power)
    Adam’s father detests the day he was born. Perhaps it’s because he claimed everything was better before Adam was around to complicate their lives. Perhaps it was just because he was the son of his wife and another man. Perhaps that’s why he beat Adam so horribly. Hephaestus claims him almost instantly, but Adam finds friends in the other cabins. He stays at the Camp all year, like Ronan. Hephaestus is considered the ugliest of the gods, the deformed one. Adam thinks that means he isn’t worthy, that maybe he deserved the cuts and the bruises and beer bottles thrown at his head. But, his father is more than that. A fire unwatched can be a dangerous thing, and Adam realizes that he has that inside of him—that power, that could be destructive and detrimental and harm not only him, but the people he loves. But, that power is what you make of it; you can forge it into something good, something beautiful and bright and strong.
  • Henry Cheng: Dionysus (god of parties, madness, and ecstasy)
    Firstly, Henry would like you to know that his father is not the god of the drug ecstasy—I mean, by now, he probably is, but he was the god of great, incredible happiness long before that. Secondly, he is definitely the son of the party god, and you’re invited to his (appropriately themed) toga party next Tuesday. Henry grew up as the son of a dangerous woman and a feared god. He knew from a very young age who his father was, and his natural charisma led him to become the head of his cabin almost instantly. Cheng2, Ryang and the rest all respect his authority and his ideas to start inviting other kids (son of Coeus and daughter of Ouranos, for starters).

some others:

  • The Psychics at Fox Way: Hecate (goddess of magic)
    Choice more than parentage connects the psychics. Maura, Persephone, and Calla knew they were sisters from the moment they met, but Hecate’s powers show themselves differently in everyone, which is why they work so well together; they play off of each other’s strong-suits and fill in where the others are lacking. They’re the perfect combination.
  • Mr. Gray: Nemesis (goddess of balance and retribution)
    Balance doesn’t always work out in one’s favor. Mr. Gray knows that better than most. He knew that even the little things he did when he was at Camp, years before, would have some sort of effect on the rest of his life. Did he expect to become an assassin? No. Does he accept it? Yes. Does he sometimes wish he could just live as normal people do, stable and settled? …He doesn’t get to make that choice.
  • Joseph Kavinsky: Morpheus (god of dreams)
    Dreaming is a natural ability of the children of the god of dreams. Not dreaming as you and I do, but so strongly that the dreams seep out into the physical world. There’s just something about his mind in his sleeping hours—something that makes him never want to leave—that leads him to start forcing the dreams. He thinks Ronan is like him, but their similarities do not extend to parentage.
  • Prokopenko: Hypnos (god of sleep)
    Proko has always been able to sleep anywhere—trains, planes, K’s lap, Swan’s bunk, the dinner table, the lake, the top of the cabin. Whenever K goes to dream, Proko stays with him and they sleep curled into each other. He only has two settings: dead on his feet, or so awake it seems like he drank a six pack of monster.
  • Swan: Ares (god of war)
    Swan is antagonistic and headstrong, never waiting to listen to what Jiang suggests before barreling into trouble. He fights with K and with Skov biweekly, and he has scars he wears like badges of honor to prove it. They say his father loved his mother for her fierce-spirit and spitting words, and that Swan received their best (though some may say worst) traits.
  • Blake Skovron: Eris (goddess of discord)
    Skov has always been the one to start fights—food fights, fist fights, you name it. He’s done it all. He somehow manages to be a sports captain outside of the summer, but Swan claims he must related to Hermes for all the trickery he must be pulling (he always fights Swan when he says this, until they end up trading fists and kicks for teeth and lips)
  • Jiang: Athena (goddess of wisdom and strategy)
    Someone has to be the responsible one, to keep Skov and Swan from breaking too many bones, to keep Proko awake, to keep K alive; Jiang’s your guy. Sure, his mother would prefer he spent more time on academic pursuits (even though he goes to a prestigious private school when Camp isn’t in session), he likes to believe she’s secretly proud of how well he plans all of their shenanigans; he’s certainly proud of himself —everyone’s still alive and whole…for now.

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A Member of 1D is Your EX (Narry/4 Preference)

Request: can you do a preference where a member of 1D is your ex 4/4?

Word Count: 1,897

I only did Narry/4 because they were kind of long. Message me if you want Lilo/4! 

Imagine Masterlist

Originally posted by the1dlads


It was hard. Seeing his face everywhere. You couldn’t turn on the TV or listen to the radio without one of their songs or a commercial filling your ears. Before the break up, it was great. You would smile like an idiot every time you heard his voice in an unexpected place, but now, it is just a reminder of the boy you used to know. Christ, he even showed up when you were in the grocery store. You were walking down the aisle and you glanced into the freezer section to see his face on a box of chicken nuggets. “What the hell” you mutter to yourself lowly. You raced away from the reminder and head to the checkout lane, only to hear the first chords of night changes come on over the speakers. You laughed at yourself knowing that you could never escape the constant reminders of your last relationship. Three years is a long time to spend with someone. You don’t know why you thought you could just forget about him. The curly haired boy you met when you were sixteen still completely owns your heart. Just when you put everything in your car to head home, your phone rang.

“Hello?” You questioned because you didn’t recognize the number.

“Hey, Y/N? It’s Niall.” You were shocked to hear a thick Irish Accent on the end of your line.

“Hey Ni, what’s up?”

“Are you in L.A. right now?”

“Yes?” you said raising an eyebrow.

“How fast can you get to The Nice Guy?”

“That club you guys like? I mean, I’m about twenty minutes away, but-”

“Great, I need you. Harry is out of contr- NO! HARRY YOU”VE HAD ENOUGH!” You hear him scream and the line cuts off. Shit.

You made a U-turn and headed towards downtown.

You pulled up to see about twenty paparazzi outside the club, cameras flashing. You sighed and parked down the block to avoid them recognizing your car. Being the girlfriend of the famous Harry Styles for over three years meant that you were on the pap’s radar. You got out of the car and headed to the back entrance of the club.

“Hey, Mac.” You smiled politely at the guard.

“Hey Miss Y/N. Haven’t seen you for a while.” He smiled and stepped aside, allowing you to enter. You walked around for a minute, trying to spot one of the guys. Soon you found Niall, and not far behind him was a clearly intoxicated Harry. You took a deep breath and moved forward.

“Y/N! Thank God!” Niall sighed when he saw you.

“What’s going on? What’s wrong with Harry?” Your voice sounded more worried than you wanted to portray.

“He’s been miserable since, well, you know, and I finally got him to go out and have some fun, but now he won’t stop drinking. I lost track at 7 beers and 6 tequila shots and he won’t stop when I tell him to. Maybe he will listen to you so he won’t die of alcohol poisoning.” He looked desperate and you couldn’t stand the thought of anything bad happening to Harry. Even if you two weren’t together, you will always love him.

“Okay.” You sighed walking past him and up to Harry’s back and tapped him shoulder. He wobbled around to face you and his jaw dropped.

“Y/N?” He asked, obviously shocked to see you.

“Harry, what are you doing?” You gestured to the mixed drink in his hand, but he didn’t answer.

“Y/N?” He repeated himself, still clearly in shock.

“C’mon Harry, let’s get you home, okay?” You smiled trying to get him to go with you. He looked at your outstretched hand for a moment before taking it. You smiled at Niall as you led Harry towards the back door.

“Slow down, I think I’m going to be sick.” He mumbled as you walked out towards your car.

“Oh, no. Just breathe, okay? We will be back at my apartment soon.” You slung his arm over your shoulder and wrapped your other arm around his waist to hold him up.

“Your apartment?” he hiccupped and you nodded.

“I am not leaving you alone when you are this drunk. You could hurt yourself or someone else.” You sighed as you finally reached your car. You opened the passenger door and helped him in, buckling his seatbelt as he stared at you.

“What?” you chuckle lightly, causing a shit-eating grin to appear on his lips.

“You’re just really beautiful.” He slurred before you shut the door in his face to walk to the driver’s side. You got in and started the engine before pulling off the curb and heading back to your apartment. “Did you hear me?” He whispered poking your cheek.

“Yes, Harry. I did, but you shouldn’t say things like that to me anymore.” You smiled sympathetically at him, but he frowned.

“I still love you.” He said, a little louder.

“Harry…” you sigh as you pull into the parking lot of your building.

“What?” He whines, placing a hand on your cheek. “I do.”

“C’mon, let’s go upstairs, okay?” You say as you go to help him out of the car.

You unlocked the door to your apartment and took Harry into the bedroom.

“Do you still feel sick Harry?” You ask him, but he just shook his head and laid on the bed. You sigh when you realize he had passed out. You untie his shoes and take off his ridiculously tight skinny jeans before tucking him into your bed. You decide to sleep on the couch in the room next door, but for some reason, you can’t fall asleep. You keep thinking about what he said. Its something that you dreamt about a lot since he left. Does he still love you?


Living in Mullingar was great. You had grown up there and all of your family lived there and that is where you met Niall. Both your families were really close so you basically grew up together, but once you both hit fifteen, you started to notice the little things about him. How his bright blue eyes would scrunch up when he laughed, how his arms would flex when he played his guitar, and how he would smile every time you walked into the room. He noticed things about you too. How you were developing curves ever so slightly and how your big eyes would lock with his when you guys talked. You guys inevitably started dating and it was great, for a while. He was an amazing boyfriend. He wasn’t like those guys that acted all different when he was alone with you versus when he was with his friends. He was always Niall. Once Niall left for the X-factor, everything changed. He promised you that he would call you every day, which he did for the first few weeks, but the calls became scattered and before you knew it, you hadn’t seen him in months. That was a lot to handle for a sixteen year old and eventually, you couldn’t handle it anymore.

Now you were twenty-one years old and you were accustomed to seeing Niall everywhere even though you hadn’t seen him really in almost five years.

Your family was having their annual St. Patrick’s Day barbeque this Saturday and you knew Niall would be attending for the first time since you guys were fifteen. You thought nothing of seeing him again. You knew you had both grown up and dated other people.

You arrived at your parents place, seeing everyone from your extended family and Niall’s as well. You first saw Maura, Niall’s mom, and your mom talking on the deck.

“Y/N! I haven’t seen you in so long dear!” You heard Maura’s voice and then felt her arms around you.

“Hi, Ms. Maura! I know Its been so long!” You smile, pulling away.

“Niall is over there if you want to see him.” She winked, pointing towards the open bar. You chuckled at her subtlety. Your parents always wanted you two to end up together. It was no secret that they were more devastated than you were when you and Niall ended things all those years ago, but to humor them, you walked over to the bar where you saw a head of blonde hair laughing it up with the bartender.

“I don’t understand why everyone laughs at the way I say tirty seven. It’s a number!” You giggle softly as you overhear the end of his conversation and his head whips around quickly.

“Y/N. I knew I recognized that laugh.” He smiled. That same smile that makes his eyes crinkle. He walked towards you slowly and wraps his arms around your waist. You can hear a chorus of ‘Awes’ coming from a group of ladies behind you. “I missed you.” You heard him whisper into the skin of your neck. It sent shivers down your spine.

“I missed you too Ni.” You pulled away from him, but you couldn’t bring yourself to look in his eyes. You never thought that Niall could make your stomach flip and your cheeks blush like you were a child again, but he did, and it scared the hell out of you.

“Why don’t we go inside where there isn’t an audience?” He chuckled gesturing to the pack of middle aged family members that had gathered to watch your reunion. You giggle softly and nodded.

He led you into the kitchen and up the stairs to your old bedroom. You hadn’t been in here in two years or more, but your parents kept it the same in case you ever wanted to spend the night at their place.

“Your room looks exactly the same.” He chuckled, walking around and looking at the purple walls.

“Yeah, I never really came back in here after I moved to the apartment.” You sighed, sitting on your old twin bed.

“You look good.” He said quietly causing you to look up from your hands.

“Thanks Ni, you do too.” You said politely, trying not to let him know how he was effecting you.

There was a long pause that was kind of awkward before he spoke again.

“I’m really sorry about how I treated you back then. You deserved so much bett-” You cut him off before he could bring back all of those old feelings.

“Its okay Niall. Its ancient history. We were young and stupid.” You stood up and put your hand on his shoulder.

“I still think about you, you know. Every girl I date…I compare her to you…and none of them compare.” He turned slowly, placing a hand on your cheek. You really didn’t know what to say. Sure, you thought about him too, but its been five years.

“Niall-” you started, but he didn’t give you a chance to say anything before he kissed you. It felt like you had been waiting for this kiss since the day he left for the X-factor. His lips felt the same as they did when you were a teenager, but different at the same time. He was a bit rougher, more confident, and he bit your lip, which you don’t remember him doing. Once you pulled away, you both just stared into each other’s eyes.


ti-re-elintes  asked:

A combo (?) of 35 & 28 with Pynch *heart eyes*

28. flannel shirt & 35. fall fair/festival - Autumn Fic Meme

This was a lot harder than it should have been because I kept coming up with long ideas and I need this to be short damn it.

Fall Into Me

Adam Parrish had never been good with surprises, though in his defense he had never had time to learn to like surprises since most of the things that had surprised him in his life had been bad, except his feelings for Ronan Lynch, that had been the best kind of surprise.

So when he came back to the Barns for a long weekend at the start of October expecting a quiet weekend with Ronan and Opal, he wasn’t really excited when Ronan told him he had a surprise for him and then pulled him toward the new old truck that Ronan had taken to driving while Adam had the BMW in New Haven. 

“Don’t be so broody Parrish, you’re going to have fun,” Ronan said with a smile as he drove them to the mystery location.  He looked different now, though Adam would never say Ronan looked soft, he would say that Ronan looked happy.

Adam just glowered at him and turned the music up.  The turned into the fair grounds and Adam felt his annoyance start to fade a little.  He had never gone to Henrietta’s Fall Fest as a kid, but he had always wanted to.  All the kids at school went and talked about it while Adam had been stuck at home, wondering when his dad was going to hit him again. 

“Surprise you fucker,” Ronan said, seeing the soft look on Adam’s face.  His own smile was wide and softer than it had been since the day his father died. 

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tbh i often see ppl be like “blue is a lesbian!” bc they don’t like gansey or they don’t like bl*esey or they don’t like stief’s choices for any number of reasons, which is fine obviously to each their own, but then they never talk about it again lol. or about blue again. so….. let’s actually talk about lesbian!blue.

what pronouns did people use when they talked about the curse? did random psychics just get the idea of “doomed love” from her aura or w/e and assume it would be with a boy, because of heteronormativity? or if blue knew it was going to be a girl, what about the (sad af) connotations of knowing you’re doomed to a tragic love story as a woman who loves women, not only because of a magic curse but because that’s what society has always told you? how might being a lesbian have played into her Differentness in school, how might it have related to her not having friends? what about her deliberate fashion choices, and how blue wants to appear on the outside as she is on the inside? does she wear shirts that say “nobody knows i’m a lesbian” and get in trouble with her shitty small town school administration? (do maura, calla, jimi and persephone all sleep outside the superintendent’s office for a week until they let her wear it? obviously. obviously they do)

lets talk about lesbian blue as more than just a concept. also if blue is a lesbian you can’t include her in “everyone has a crush on adam” lol just puttin that out there. if blue is a lesbian then blue/adam was like a last ditch effort at heterosexuality and ultimately makes her feel really shitty but also helps her realize she doesnt want to date any boy ever, not just adam. so it’s not very Cute and is actually p sad and possibly traumatic for her but she’s thankful when she realizes she can still be friends with adam in spite of what went down between them (and maybe adam talks to her about being Not Straight when that’s something that becomes more pressing to him)

does blue Sense™ that ronan is gay? or vice versa tbh?? how does their friendship unfold when they have this thing in common? how long does it take for them to become hateful gay besties? how would it be different if ronan realized that he didnt have to be jealous of her ~relationship with adam early on? i’m picturing blue lying face down on the floor going ”but ronan….. girls” and ronan going “can’t relate” and it’s beautiful tbh

also i have a giant soft spot for girl!gansey and giril!blue/gansey and could talk about that all day. but if gansey is still a boy in this au then i think he and blue could have a sweet friendship where gansey admires her bravery and genuineness and also tries to set her up with every bougie oil industry heiress he knows and blue steps on his foot every time he says something offensive and he thanks her for it

DDM: You're Jealous Of The New Baby.

A/N: Hey! Sorry it’s only 4! I didn’t have an Idea for Liam’s haha. I’ll write it as soon as I do, though! Sorry for the wait on these pref’s guys! Any Ideas for the next one?

Zayn(Age 3): “You’re a little fucking brat!” Your dad, shouted at you. Him and your mom had just had another baby. A girl they named, Noelle, so naturally you felt.. Threatened. You cried for weeks when you heard you were gonna be a big sister. You didn’t wanna loose your parents, you loved them both too much. Your dad had never swore at you, let alone yell at you. You knew your dad to be nice.. funny, cuddly, and right now. You don’t know who he is. You tried to lay with your dad on the couch in your hotel room, and Noelle ruined it. Your mom wasn’t in at the moment, so she couldn’t go get her. She began crying the second your movie started, so, you got up and smacked her on the head. “I hate you, Daddy!” You screamed and ran out of your hotel room, sobbing. You ran straight to Luke’s hotel room and banged on his door with your tiny fists. “Luke!” You cried and continued to bang until he answered, “Woah, woah, Y/N, what’s wrong?” He asked, picking you up. “Daddy.. Daddy.. Daddy..” You hiccuped and buried your face into his shoulder. “Calm down, love.” Luke whispered and brought you into his hotel room. He sighed and sat on the couch, as you began explaining what happened. “I don’t like Noelle. She’s stupid.. and she made my Mommy and Daddy hate me.” You sniffled, “They don’t hate you, Y/N/N. Noelle just needs a lot of attention because she’s a baby.. Your Mom and Dad love you. Your Dad just hasn’t had a lot of sleep lately, and what you did was naughty. He didn’t mean to snap at you like that,” Luke explained. “Can I stay here?” You asked, rubbing your eyes, “You can stay here a while.. But I’m gonna give your dad a call and let him know you’re here. He’s probably worried sick.” Luke sat you down on his spot, as he got up and walked out of the room. He dialed Zayn, and tapped his foot while waiting for him to answer. After a few rings, Zayn answered, he was in a state of panic, “Z, calm down mate. Y/N’s with me.” Luke says, trying to calm him down. “She’s with you?!” Zayn sighed in relief, “Thank God. I was worried sick! I didn’t mean to yell at her like that!”
  “I know. I explained that to her.” Luke nodded, and looked down, “I told her she coud stay a little bit, but I had to call you and tell you that she was here.”
  “She doesn’t wanna come back, does she?” Zayn sighed. “Not right now.. She will though..” Luke assured him. “Alright..” Zayn mumbles. He felt like the shittiest person in the world.

Niall (Age 2): You huffed, and crossed your arms, as Maura pushed you into the room where your parents, and little brother were. “Knock off the attitude, Y/N.” Maura whispered as she grabbed your hand, and pulled you over to where they were. You simply snatched your hand away and walked over to a chair on the other side of the room, and tried climbing on. Maura shook her head in dissaproval, and took your little brother from your mom, “Princess? Are you okay?” Niall asked, and got up from where he was. “She cried all night, and refused to take a nap this morning.” Maura says, looking up from your brother. Niall sighed and nodded, he felt bad that you were STILL upset over your little brother. Both him and your mom, Demi, asked what you would do if they said you were gonna be a big sister. And you simply said you’d leave, and that’s what you tried to do. You tried to move in with anybody you knew, or almost knew. They thought you’d grow out of it, obviously you hadn’t. The simple thought of you having to share your parents was enough to make you upset. You didn’t even like when they left you alone with the guys, or your grandparents. “Y/N..?” Niall sighed and walked over to you, bending down to your height. “What’s wrong?” You huffed once more and turned away from him, “Leave me alone!” You yelled, awakening, your brother.

Harry (Age 5) “I’m not going!” You screamed at your Dad, and stomped your foot. Your Mom and Dad divorced three years back, and your Mom had just had a new baby with her boyfriend, and wanted you to come visit, and you didn’t wanna go. Now, it’s not like you hated your mom, you just didn’t like the fact that she replaced you and your Dad. “Y/N. You are going, and you will NOT talk to me like that. Do you understand?” Harry says, trying to keep his patience. You crossed your arms and stormed up to your room, slamming your door behind you. “Y/N!” He yelled and followed you up to your room, He picked you up and brought you downstairs and sat you on the naughty step, before going back to pack your bags. “I hate you.” You mumbled under your breath. A few minutes later he walked down to you, with your bags, “Do you know why you’re in trouble, Y/N?” He asked quietly. “Because I don’t wanna see the dumb baby.” You say, pulling away. “Y/N.. Don’t call your sister stupid. Alright?” He says setting your bags down. “I’ll come get you in a few days okay? Be good for your Mom.”
Louis (Age 10) It’s been three weeks since your Mom and Dad brought the twins home, and you hated them. All of them, the twins and your parents. Why? Because a week ago, it was your birthday and nobody had the nerve to even send a text to you. Why? Because it was all about Josh and Jenny. You were so excited to be a big sister because you thought it would be fun! Well, it’s been everything but fun. It’s been a living hell. You climbed out of bed, and rubbed your eyes sleepily. You heard chatter downstairs, you heard the same thing every day, all day, just from different people.
“‘They’re the cutest babies I’ve ever seen!’” “'Adorabe!” “'They’re so cute!” “'Perfect!” “'I’m gonna steal them!’”
  “Please do steal them.” You mumbled under your breath as you walked downstairs, only to be greeted with a house full of people. You didn’t even know who half these people were, “Y/N!" Jay yelled and ran to hug you, "I’m sorry I missed your birthday, love!” After she said that, the room grew silent. Both Louis and Eleanor’s eyes grew wide. They forgot you birthday. 

-Sherie xx

Niall Imagine//Whatever It Takes


Anonymous ask: Can you do a niall imagine where we are married and a rumor about you cheating on him comes up on twitter and he believes it. One day you visit his family and he calls you out on it and he tells you to get out of his life and Greg sticks up for you.

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Preference #12: You Meet His Family

A/N: Do you guys like these shorter or longer? let me know. Enjoy reading xx

Harry: Flying across the world to meet your boyfriends mom and sister terrified you, if they didn’t like you all the money you spent would be wasted. You set the last item of clothing in your suitcase and zip it up shakily and you pulled on your sleeves, Harry walked in behind you and frowned “Baby whats wrong are you sick?”
You shake your head and sigh “What if they don’t like me Haz?”
He sits next to you and wraps his arms around you “Don’t say that, We’ve Skyped my mum before and she loved you”
“B-but” you get cut off by your boyfriends lips touching yours.
“Don’t. They’ll love you” he smiles “as much as i do” he kisses you again and hours later you’re on the road in England on your way to Harry’s childhood home your hand in his as you look around the town
“Its so pretty and green here” you breath in the clean air, much different than the smoggy California air that you grew up in “I’d love to live here some day” you smile at him.
His eyes go wide “Really baby? you’d move all the way over here?”
You nod shyly and stay cuddled to him until you arrive at his moms house, smoothing out your clothes and hair you follow harry to the door his mom opening it quickly pulling him into a hug “Harry! I missed you” she smiles at you over his shoulder “Is this Y/N? she’s even prettier in person!” she smiles and gives you a hug.
“He showed you pictures?” you blush and turn to harry with a smirk
“Yes my dear he did!” Anne keeps you close as she walks back into the house.
“Its going to be so nice having another girl around with Gemma gone so often.” Anne sighs “Can i get you anything dear?”
You shake your head “No, thank you I’m alright” you smile shyly.
Around the dinner table that night Anne asks you “Tell me about yourself honey” and so begins the happy weekend you had with Harry and his family, his Mom and Robin eating you up like a piece of cake.

Niall: Niall has only had one or two serious girlfriends, which his parents were never too fond of, which is why Niall was sweating through his dress shirt as he bounced his knee nervously his eyes glued to the restaurant door as you waited for his parents.
“Niall baby” you sigh and rub his thigh “Deep breaths ok” you smile trying to calm down your boyfriend.
He sighs and holds your hand “ ‘m just nervous princess, you mean so much to me i want them to love you as much as i do baby”
You blush and kiss his cheek right as his parents walk through the door, his mom locking eyes with you as you pulled away from your boyfriend looking down nervously “Hello Niall” Maura walks up to him Bobby close behind.
“Hi mum” he stands up giving her a big hug and shaking his dads hand “Pops” he smiles “This is Y/N”
You stand up and hold out your hand to the Horans “Nice to meet you both” Bobby shakes your hand right away and Maura gives you a week handshake her eyes darting down your dress “You too” she gives you a forced smile and she sits down across from you and Niall
Niall takes a well needed drink of his beer and smiles at you “I’m really happy you both got the privilege to meet the love of my life”
You blush and hold his hand tighter under the table “How long have you two been together?” Maura sets down her menu and looks at you for an answer.
“Six months Ma’mm” you politely answer and smile.
“Are you sure Niall? seems a little soon, remember last time?” Bobby pipes up and looks at him
“Yes dad I’m sure” he looks at you “And if you two don’t accept me with Y/N then it looks like thats two less wedding invitations to print”
Maura’s eyes go wide and she looks at him “Nialler, if you love her that much, I-Im sure we will too” she dabs the corner of her eye getting emotional “ I wouldn’t miss me son getting married” You both smile the rest of the dinner spent with pints and laughs around the table.

Louis: The circumstances weren’t at all ideal to Louis or your parents, he had taken you out to dinner and what was going to be a movie when you had an epileptic seizure in the middle of dinner. Louis jumped into action holding you as you lie on the floor unconscious calling 911 on his phone and digging in your purse to tell your parents what had happened using yours.
“Hi yes my girlfriend just had a seizure i need someone right away”  he blurts out as soon as the 911 operator picks up the phone
“alright sir I’m sending someone to your location do you know what to do?” the operator asks and louis sniffles holding your head up more
“Yes i do thank you” he kisses your forehead as he stabilizes your body to keep it from moving.
You wake up a few hours later in a white hospital room looking around to see your mom comforting louis who’s in tears on the chair across the room “Son, look who’s awake” your mom whispers and you smile as your eyes meet Louis’ and he rushes to your side.
“Oh baby i was so scared, you’ve been asleep so long” he mumbles into your hair as he hugs you tightly
“Im ok Louis, it happens I told you” you smile at him and wipe a tear off his cheek “Why are you crying baby boy?”
He wipes his eyes and holds your hand “I did everything you told me to do, and i wasn’t getting a response, i thought i lost you Y/N”
You look over at your mom unsure of what to say and you pull louis arm pulling him into bed with you “Im here Louis I’m ok now i promise I’m ok”
He hugs you tight and kisses your forehead not saying a word for a few minutes “Im gonna go talk to a doctor” he kisses your lips before getting up.
“He’s a keeper sweetie” Your mom smiles at you “Never seen someone care that much about you, he never left your side.”
“They aren’t back are they?” you bite your lip nervously “I don’t want to put him through that mom”
She sighs “They ran some tests honey” you nod and lie back in your bed feeling better about the possibility of the illness coming back now that you have someone like Louis.

Liam: A simple lunch, thats all it was supposed to be, Liam’s parents and sisters would come over and you’d have a BBQ, you would think it was easy, Liam being a good cook and all, you were preparing the salad when Liam came into the kitchen “Well the grill isn’t working babe” he sighs.
You turn to look at him “Really? Thats terrible” you frown “What now? The steaks were all i bought to cook tonight”
“Should i order some cooked meat in? Im sure my parents will understand” he leans against the doorframe “Just wanted to show them I could survive if we were married”
You smile and walk over to him wiping your hands on a towel “ You wanna get married Li?” you wrap your arms around his neck.
“Yeah baby” he smiles down at you and kisses you softly his hands going around your waist
“How about we put the steaks on that skillet pan you bought the other day? it’ll make the house smell amazing and you’ll look great” you suggest and he nods.
A few hours later his parents pull up to your house and you walk downstairs in a cute top and a skirt with similar colors, not wanting to look too over dressed.
“Liam!” his sisters, Ruth and Nicola both cheer and hug him, glancing at you as his parents say hello to Liam.
“You must be Liam’s sisters, its nice to meet you” you bravely start the conversation.
“And you must be Y/N” Ruth replies taking a step closer to you to hug you softly.
“We’ve heard a lot about you” Nicola smiles “Its going to be nice to have another girl in the family, its been too long”
You smile and Liam takes your hand giving it a squeeze. This was the start of something new.

sooo seeing all these people making masterlists of their fics made me want to make a top 10 list of my favorite fics that’ve been published in 2015. tbh this was really hard bc i’ve read a lot of fic this past year so buckle up, here we go.

(sidenote: i really should’ve just titled this my fav avery fics of 2015 but whatevs)

10. these amber words on our fingertips | jmcats/ @jmcats

‘He’s not getting attached, he swears. There’s no point.’

(Re: Zayn’s life in London is about one thing — making life perfect for his son. He’s still finding himself in this city, with all of the noise and left behind dreams. He needs to focus and Liam is, well, distracting. He’s different. Zayn’s always liked that word.)

9. These Faded Stars Along Our Horizons | ch3stpaynes/ @ch3stpaynes

Zayn isn’t used to this; the buzzing feeling that comes along with pinched grins, cherry red lips and eyes like Sunday morning coffee. He’s used to smogged out cities, not enough oxygen between each breath and perhaps a few spliffs with the boys when the weather isn’t absolutely dreadful.

And Liam Payne may just flip all of his priorities upside down.

8. Bridges I Have Burned | thisonegoes (the lone zarry fic on this list)

A Sweet Home Alabama AU, where Zayn returns home with a stack of papers for the one man who’s haunted him for years.

(this is where things got super difficult for me)

7. Spark | unfortunate17/ @unfortunate17

“Liam,” Maura says quietly, “Liam Payne, Khal of the Dorthraki nomads. He’s offering you the force of all his men, all forty thousand of them, in exchange for nothing but your hand in marriage.”

Zayn’s mouth drops open, “For my hand? What the hell for? He’s absolutely mad.”

Maura shrugs, walks towards his bed to take a seat next to him, “There’s an old legend among his people - they call you the Son of the Moon.”

Or, a Game of Thrones AU that lacks all the death and sorrow, where Zayn is Daenerys Targaryen and Liam is Khal Drogo. No knowledge of Game of Thrones is necessary.

6. Your Lips On Mine | zipplekink/ @zipplekink

The situation is weird, like really fucking weird. Liam thought maybe he was hallucinating when he first saw Zayn in their apartment, exhausted from work or something. He thinks about Bradford a lot more than he probably should, always eager for the next time he gets to watch him. But when Niall told him about the other new roommate, Zayn, he never in a million years thought it would be him - even when Niall said Zayn was just his type and had silver hair.

[Or the one where Zayn is a camboy, who likes to think about the fit mechanic with a liking for leather jackets and scruffy beards from uni during his shows. And Liam, the mechanic, who realizes his new roommate is Bradford, the man with the smooth skin covered in tattoos that Liam watches late at night with a hand wrapped around himself.]

5. Habits Of The Heart | zipplekink/ @zipplekink

“I’ll be really good to you,” Liam whispers, sliding an arm under Zayn’s shoulder like he is a pillow. Zayn closes his eyes, remembering when Liam had said those same words to him while laying on his chest before they started dating. The same feeling rattles in his chest, the same uncertainty, the same need for his words to remain true.

“I know,” Zayn whispers, massaging his fingers through Liam’s hair. “You always have.”

Liam pushes up, brows furrowing together as he stares down at him, the humor in his face turning far more serious. “And I always will, Zayn.”

4. Everything On You Intoxicates | zipplekink/ @zipplekink

Where Zayn maybe stalks that fit guy from his Intro to Lit class on Instagram

3. Inside the Pocket of Your Ripped Jeans | ellipsometry

Fuck Niall, honestly. Fuck him for telling Zayn about this – he of all people should know that despite his leather-jacket-and-cigarette façade, underneath it all Zayn is just a hopeless romantic. And when dealing with hopeless romantics you can’t go serving mysterious, hunky, salt-water-washed strangers up on a silver platter. You just can’t.

It’s a simple concept, really: Take a photo, then leave a photo. But, like most simple things, Zayn manages to make it much more complicated. So by the time Zayn meets Liam for the first time, he’s been carrying a picture of him around in his pocket for nearly five months.

2. hello kisses sweet as wine | xxcaribbean/ @culebraliam

(little bird. fuck me this fic is so gooood)

not everyone is brave enough to go after the things they want. too much judgment and little respect creates nothing but fear; yet zayn’s always pursued what he’s felt regardless of those hang ups, and there’s not a day that goes by that he doesn’t regret any of his choices.

now, though, his decisions go a little beyond the spectrum of what people might consider normal, but zayn swears he did it out of love for himself and for his family. but mostly, it’s for his insatiable need to feel steadiness for once in his life.

zayn doesn’t expect mr. payne to have all the answers, and he certainly hadn’t meant to leave an impression.

so, this isn’t really a love story. well, it shouldn’t be.

(and, drum roll please, my favorite fic of 2015. by who else really?)

1. through the summertime, winter, spring, and fall | zipplekink/ @zipplekink

They change with the seasons, burning bright during the summer and biting cold during the winter, but that feeling of being in love Zayn found in the summer clings to him through it all.

(god this fucking fic tho ^^^^^ don’t ask me how many times i’ve read it. one: i couldn’t tell you and two: it’s embarrassing)

happy reading! :)


Beginning . Accusation . Restless . Snowflake . Haze . Flame . Formal . Companion . Move . Silver . Prepared . Knowledge . Denial . Winter . Order . Thanks

Niall is blind. Harry treats it as a disability but quickly realizes it isn’t a disability at all; Niall just sees things differently.


Harry sees Niall every day but never talks to him. He watches Niall from across the courtyard, across the corridor, across the classroom but he never acknowledges him. He thinks maybe it’s weird, a little creepy to watch Niall from afar and never say anything, but the thing is he can’t. He could never. 

Niall is like an enigma to Harry. Niall intrigues him, fills him with wonder and interest and curiousity and it’s that curiousity that should make him speak to the Irish boy with the dyed-blond tips and brown roots, those sunglasses he always wears and those tank tops that show off way too much skin. But it doesn’t; all it does is make him nervous, like a silly little boy with a weird sort of crush. 

The thing is: Niall is blind. Niall’s always been blind, since birth – or so he’s heard through the small town gossip mill. And it shouldn’t, because it has no reason to, but the fact kind of scares Harry. It puts him on edge, makes him uncomfortable – just like everyone else in school, which he hates because Niall is kind of perfect.

So Harry keeps his distance and continues to watch Niall from afar because it’s safer for everyone that way. 

Until he doesn’t. 


Niall gets picked on, sometimes. While most kids just ignore him – save for the few that don’t mind helping him out when he drops something or gets turned around, there’s a handful of prats, bullies more like, that like to pick on Niall. They like to play keep away with his books and try to turn him around so he gets lost and, ultimately, winds up late for class. On a couple occasions in which Harry’s actually been witness to such events, all he’s had to do is glare at them from across the hall to make them stop. (Harry’s kind of, almost, a little bit popular; people listen to him.) Other than that, Harry never really says much because Niall always holds his own – or ignores it, Harry’s not sure which.

Today, however, when Harry rounds one corner to carry on down another corridor on his way to his Spanish class – which he shares with Niall and which Niall is exceptionally good at – and sees the same group of boys picking on Niall an unusual amount of anger surges through his veins. He begins to feel incredibly annoyed and frustrated and defensive because Niall’s never done or said anything bad to anyone – not since he moved here from Ireland at the beginning of the year anyway – and he doesn’t deserve to have these stupid boys using his disability against him. 

“Hey!” he finds himself shouting, his feet carrying him towards where one boy has Niall’s walking stick high above his head and another is spinning Niall around in circles. Both boys freeze, turning to face him; Niall stumbles a bit, his shoulder falling into the lockers beside him. “Leave him alone.”

“Oh c'mon, we’re just having a bit of fun,” the bigger, chubbier one holding the walking stick claims.

“You’re being right prats is what you’re being,” Harry growls, using his height to rip the walking stick out of the bully’s hand. “Get out of here.”

Both boys scowl but disperse nonetheless. 

Harry immediately turns to face Niall, his gaze raking over the blond boy’s small, thin body to check for any potential damage to his person. Niall stares at a spot just to the left of Harry’s head, his eyes covered by black Ray Bans and his back against the lockers. “Here,” Harry murmurs, taking Niall’s forearm in his hand as he places the handle of the walking stick into Niall’s palm. “Those guys are just pricks, don’t – don’t let ‘em get to you.”

“Thanks, Harry,” Niall says, tapping the end of his stick against the floor. 

“Y-you know me? How?” Harry asks, blinking in confusion. He realizes, then, that that’s probably an offensive question and behinds to feel bad. “Sorry, you don’t-”

“I’m really good with voices,” Niall replies, shrugging his shoulders casually. “And names, I suppose – not that that matters, considering everyone knows who you are anyway.”

Harry rolls his eyes cheekily. “I’m sure not everyone.”

Niall laughs softly, then, and Harry decides the sound of sort of mesmerizing. “I’m pretty sure it’s everyone, mate. Definitely.”

“Well, if it makes you feel any better everyone knows who you are as well.”

“Only because I’m the blind kid.”

Harry blinks, taken aback – though Niall’s voice lacks animosity. He’s simply stating a fact, yet it makes Harry uncomfortable. “I – uh-”

“It’s okay, I know I’m blind,” Niall jokes. “Speaking of, they kind of turned me around just now and since we both have Spanish could you, maybe, lead me in the right direction.”

“Oh, right, yeah, of course,” Harry replies as Niall holds his hand out to grip the grip the sleeve of Harry’s jumper. 

They begin walking down the hallway in silence, Niall moving his stick about in front of him, tapping the end against the floor despite the fact that Harry’s there to guide him. Harry finds himself looking sideways at the boy, finds himself admiring the way Niall holds his head high and walks with an air of confidence not even Harry, who has 20/20 vision, can seem to muster up because he’s far too clumsy for that. 

“Do they do that a lot?” Harry asks softly.

“I guess,” Niall shrugs. “I don’t really pay them much attention.”

Harry smiles as they approach their classroom door. “Good.”


The more Harry gets to know Niall, the more of an enigma he becomes; the more Harry just wants to know him. 

The thing is, for someone who’s completely blind, Niall is incredibly independent. His house is “blind-person proof” – which Harry finds out is really, truly accurate the first time he goes home with Niall – and Niall knows it like the back of his hand; he rarely even uses his walking stick in the comfort of his own home, which Maura, Niall’s mum, scolds him for three times during Harry’s first visit. He knows where everything is, knows how many steps it takes to get from one room to another, knows there are 13 steps in the staircase leading up to the bedrooms. He cooks his own meals (provided they’re fairly simple,) does his own laundry, reads his own Braille books – he even knows how to play guitar, has every string and every strum memorized to a tee so he can play it fluidly.

It takes Harry a good three weeks to get used to it, to realize that Niall is fully able to do things on his own. He spends the first two weeks trying to do everything for Niall; picks things up if Niall drops them, reaches above Niall’s head to grab whatever it is Niall reaches for, follows him around because he’s afraid Niall’s going to trip on something – all the while Niall insists that Harry doesn’t have to help him. The third week consists of Harry continuing to try to “baby” Niall and then reminding himself that Niall can do everything (anything, really) on his own.

In short, Harry is kind of in awe of Niall and how he manages to be so…normal, despite his disability.


“You’re special, you know that?” Harry tells him one night whilst they’re curled up on Niall’s bed, listening to the Eagles. 

“Special,” Niall snorts. “Why?”

Harry shrugs, despite the fact that Niall can’t see him. “You just… I mean, you’re so independent, you know? Whatever you can do on your own you do on your own, you don’t ask for hand-outs, you don’t want special treatment. You just-”

“I wouldn’t call it being special,” Niall says, shrugging his own shoulders. “I can do mostly everything anyone else can do, I just have to do it differently.”

Harry nods, more to himself than anything before saying, fondly, “I still say you’re pretty special.”


The first time Niall tells him to describe something – a sunset – Harry doesn’t even know where to begin. He starts off by telling him colours – red, orange, pink, purple – and then stops because Niall doesn’t know what colours look like. He starts to feel incredibly stupid and naive and guilty – guilty for forgetting that Niall can’t see colours, guilty for being able to see them when Niall can’t. And he feels angry, so incredibly angry because why can’t Niall see colours? Why can’t Niall see anything? What did he ever do to be deprived of being able to see, to never be able to see his mum’s face or his future children’s precious features or a beautiful sunset? 

Harry’s about three seconds away from crying when Niall slips his hand into Harry’s and weaves their fingers together delicately. And suddenly words are tumbling out of his mouth and his voice is thick with frustrated tears, “I don’t know how to describe it without saying things you’ll never understand,” he whispers.

“Just describe it the way you see it. Forget colours. Just say whatever comes to mind when you look at it.”

Harry licks his lips, tearing his gaze away from Niall’s face, where the orange sun has lit up his skin. His eyes settle on where the sun is slowly disappearing in the horizon. “It’s like the sky has exploded,” he murmurs. “But in the most natural, beautiful way possible. ’s like rivers of fire..”


“Doesn’t it…doesn’t it get frustrating not being able to see things?” Harry asks suddenly, staring at Niall from across his living room floor where they’re sitting cross-legged with their current Spanish project spread out between them. It’s random and Niall’s had to repeat the same translation for Harry to write down four times now because Harry hasn’t been able to stop staring at him. 

Niall’s beautiful, is the thing. Inside and out and Harry’s always sort of noticed but now it’s starting to become a problem for him. 

Niall glances up at him, across their worksheets. He’s wearing his sunglasses but his head is tilted at just the right angle that if Niall could see him he’d be looking right at him. Harry doesn’t know how it works, how Niall knows exactly how to face whoever he’s speaking to but Niall explains it as his other senses making up for his lack of his sight. 

Niall smirks. “I can still see things, Harry. I just see them differently.”

“How?” Harry asks softly, hoping Niall doesn’t take offense to it. Deep down, though, he knows Niall doesn’t take offense to anything. He just explains, happily and easily so that Harry can understand. 

“By touch, mostly.”


Niall grins, nodding his head. He leans forward, reaching out to sweep the papers between them out of the way before crawling carefully across the carpeted floor and settling directly in front of Harry. “Can I try something?”

Harry swallows around the sudden lump in his throat, his gaze following every one of Niall’s movements as the blond boy sits back on his heels. “Yeah.”

Niall lifts his hands, then, and touches them gently to Harry’s face. Harry draws in a breath, which he knows Niall hears because the corners his lips twitch into a smile as his fingers trace lightly over Harry’s cheeks. Niall touches him carefully, traces his face gently; the way an artist might drag his brush across a canvas to create a piece of art. 

Harry struggles to keep his breathing in check whilst Niall glides his fingers over his hairline, down over his eyebrows and then around his eyes and over his cheekbones and down his jawline. And then his lips – Niall’s fingers graze over his lips and Harry can barely hold back a gasp.

It’s the single most intimate thing he’s ever allowed someone to do to him. 

“I already knew you were beautiful, Harry,” Niall murmurs. “But, fuck, your face is so beautiful too.”

Harry doesn’t know what to say – though the same exact words are on the tip of his own tongue too. 

“Now, close your eyes,” Niall says, pulling his hands back as he sits back once more. He takes his sunglasses off – something that took two months for him to finally do around Harry. It’s the only thing Harry thinks Niall’s ever been self-conscious about; his eyes. “And gimme your hands.”

Harry does as he’s told. He lets his eyes fall closed and then holds his hands out in front of him, palms facing the ceiling. Niall’s fingers wrap around his own, tugging on them gently to bring them to his own face. 

“Now, look.”

“I can’t see,” Harry says dumbly, instinctively.

“I know. Just look.”

Harry touches all over Niall’s face, dragging his fingers gently over his skin the way he just witnessed Niall did. He touches Niall’s forehead, his eyebrows, his nose and then his cheeks and then his lips. It’s weird, not being able to see but feeling like he can see just perfectly. It’s different. “Wow,” he breathes.

“See?” Niall murmurs. “I can see all I need to see. I just see it differently.”

Harry continues to map out Niall’s face with his fingers, reveling in not only the feel of Niall’s skin but also in the way it feels; in the intimacy of it all. 

“Keep your eyes closed,” Niall tells him softly. “Can I try something?”

Harry nods. “Y-yeah,” he whispers. 

It feels like Niall’s getting closer – and then all of a sudden Niall’s kissing him and stars are bursting behind Harry’s eyes. 

(He wonders if Niall can see them too; thinks he does, judging from the moan that escapes the blond boy’s lips as Harry surges forward to kiss him harder.)

Things I Noticed Rereading The Raven Cycle:

(with added fun knowledge that Gansey has known he’s gonna die all along hahaha)


1.“’And you have plenty of time to grow into your own intuitive talents,’ Neeve added. Her gaze seemed hungry.” WITCH WITCH WITCH WITCH

2. Okay but who does the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions belong to? Gansey doesn’t seem like the type to openly look at magazines like that, and we know Ronan really isn’t into girls in bikinis.

3. Ageless Gansey reference #1

4. Okay Declan’s girlfriend Ashley is really sketchy? Anyone else thing so? Anyone?

5. “I’ve been dead for seven years, that’s as warm as they get” REALLY MAGGIE REAlLY hahA YOU’RE SO FUNNY HAHA

6. Whelk doesn’t find out that Gansey and the gang are looking for the ley line until AFTER Adam says he thinks someone has been following them. See #4 about Ashley being hella sketch.

7. “oh caves are dreadful things,” Malory replied. “Do you know how many people die in caves every year? Thousands.” WELL THAT’S FANTASTIC  THERE’S NOT A MAGIC CAVE IN BOOK 3 OR ANYTHING

8.“For a brief, unchained moment, Gansey had a sudden thought that he was too late and Ronan was dead after all, and that his corpse woke now only because Gansey had commanded it to.” Forget this man

9. Maura says Blue is the page of cups, full of potential. Gansey’s journal says that by Glendower’s right hand is a cup, full of possibility.

10.Ageless Gansey Reference # 2

11. I really need to talk about how The Page of Cups was obviously Gansey’s card ahead of Death being his card.

12. Oh no. Oh no. Did Gansey know he was going to die when he read the Death card? Did he already know? Is that why he handled it so calmly? Or is this one of the final pieces that fell into place that made him realize he was going to die?

13.Ageless Gansey Reference # 3

14. What did Noah mean when he told Gansey “Don’t throw it away.” Don’t throw what away??? We don’t have time for your cryptic ghost BS Noah come on

15. King Gansey reference # 1

16.“whoever wakes Glendower is granted a favor (limitless?) (supernatural?) (some sources say reciprocal/what does that mean?)” I don’t want to know what reciprocal favor means Glendower needs to stay his sleeping ass underground none of this reciprocal favor nonsense

17.Ageless Gansey Reference # 4

18.King Gansey Reference # 2

19. Ageless Gansey Reference # 5

20. “‘What is this thing you’ve done’ [Gansey] asked himself ‘Where have you brought them?’” Did Gansey know then that he was going to die, that he was in danger, and felt terrible for dragging his best friends into it? Again putting them, their feelings, their safety before himself?

21. So Ronan struggles but translates the tree’s Latin as “ then we’ll be able to walk out of the woods and find our way back to our…to our day” Does this mean like “day and age” as in they’ve totally left their own “day” and are in a different time period?

22. Right okay so what about this “attempted break-in” Gansey II tells Gansey about? Random inconsequential comment thrown in or is there something more and sketchy to it?  I think sketchy.

23. “So things aren’t going badly? Your sister said you seemed a little melancholy” I am so sad this line is so sad I don’t have the words #SaveGansey2K16 #HugGansey2K16

24. Ageless Gansey Reference #6

25. Noah also tells Adam “Don’t throw it away” WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT NOAH

26. I don’t like the trees referring to Glendower as Gansey’s

WELL ALRIGHT. Everyone was 100% more pitiful that time through. Make way for The Dream Thieves.

Emotional Outburst

It happened the same way every time. Jane never learned and Angela never listened.

Like poking a large bear, Angela efficiently pushed all of Jane’s buttons in a way that only the interfering, overbearing matriarch could accomplish. She meant well, but that only seemed to make it worse for Jane somehow.

She jabbed mercilessly at the grizzly younger Rizzoli and then wondered aloud at what on earth could have angered her only daughter so much. Her lack of self awareness always managed to hit on Jane’s last nerve, causing her temper to skyrocket.

Angela recoiled at Jane’s resulting outburst, as if the unreasonably grouchy bear had just verbally pawed her across the face. Jane hated herself for doing it almost as much as she hated that her mother couldn’t just leave well alone.


It was Monday morning and it had happened again, at work of all places.

She shouldn’t have blown up at her Ma like that in the middle of the café but the woman just didn’t know when to quit. Not content with nagging all weekend about the very handsome new Human Resources Manager who’d be perfect for her, Angela had started in again before Jane had even put creamer in her first coffee of the day. Their raised voices and animated hand gestures had drawn the attention of a crowd, but after suffering the showdown for several minutes it was the tearful break in Jane’s own voice that had finally forced her to flee.

Avoiding the confines of the elevator, her cheeks burning with residual embarrassment, the detective trudged slowly up the stairwell.
Time and again, Jane pleaded with Angela to stay out of her personal life but it was pointless. Jane’s inability to verbalise her romantic aspirations was fairly standard but her burgeoning tears were new. Angela had succeeded in pushing her just that little bit further this time.

She paused on the landing between flights and regarded her lacklustre and lukewarm drink with sadness. What was the point of any of it? Even her appetite for her coffee was gone. If only she’d met Maura at Boston Joe’s on the way in… She would have avoided the scene in the café, she’d have a far superior cup of coffee in hand right now, and she’d damn well want to drink it.

Sighing heavily, she took another second to pull herself together, breathing deeply and stuffing her emotions back down. It hurt to confine them but the dull ache that resulted in her chest was something she had gotten used to. She was almost ready to head for the bullpen when she heard Angela calling her name.

Jane’s pulse quickened and her ire returned in an instant. She didn’t want to feel this way but her control was fast slipping away; she felt like an ounce more provocation might make her explode. Skipping up the stairs two at a time, Jane cleared the last few flights quickly and quietly, ignoring her mother’s plaintive calls for her to come back and talk.

The detective was free and clear right up until her toe caught the very last riser. She face-planted onto the landing, grazing her chin on the concrete and crushing her coffee cup underneath her.

“Ooompf. OW, SHIT!”

Angela panicked, “Jane! Jane? Are you okay?”

Her mother’s hurried footsteps climbed closer as the detective groaned and picked herself up. Her neck and chest were wet, her white button-up shirt ruined by a dripping, brown stain. She shook moisture from her hands and kicked the squashed cardboard cup against the wall. “Goddammit.”

Jane was hunched over, standing in a puddle and holding her jaw when Angela rounded the bottom of the final flight of stairs. “What happened?!” she screeched, setting Jane’s teeth on edge. “You’re bleeding!”

Jane batted her mother’s hands away from her face and mumbled, “I’m fine.”

“How on earth…?” Angela breathed, pulling at the placket of Jane’s shirt with her fingers. “Look at the state of you!”

Batting again more forcefully and taking a step back, Jane bit, “Will you stop! I said I’m fine.”

Feeling the sting from Jane’s tone, Angela snapped, “What’s gotten into you today?”

“What’s gotten –?“ Jane shook her head and laughed bitterly. She was dangerously close to saying something she would likely regret. It seemed better to bite her tongue before anger took over but she couldn’t contain a low growl. She turned and swung open the stairwell door, hiding her screwed up face from view before grinding out, “I tripped. No big deal.”

Angela followed as the detective stalked into the bullpen, “Serves you right for running away from your mother.”

Jane unclipped her soggy cellphone from its holster and slammed it down on her desk. “What are you doing following me up here anyway? Shouldn’t you be in the café serving that terrible coffee?” She knew she sounded like a petulant teenager but she didn’t care.

With her hands on her hips, Angela snipped, “I’m not confined to the café, y’know. I can access almost every part of this building.”

Jane sat down at her desk and scoffed spitefully. “Yeah, well… Access can be revoked.” The thinly-veiled threat paired with a single raised eyebrow didn’t deter the sassy older woman.

Angela didn’t care who was listening and looked around at several detectives, including a wide-eyed Vince Korsak, as she ranted, “Oh really? And then where would you be without me and my mobile muffin cart, huh? Starving, that’s what. Little Miss ‘I haven’t got time for breakfast’.”

Jane couldn’t take much more. It was one thing to belittle her at home, or in Maura’s home, but it was entirely different doing it in front of her colleagues. She wanted this over, or for the floor to open up and swallow her, whichever came first. “That’s right. I’m a busy woman. So why don’t you go back downstairs. I have work to do.”


Jane was livid. “Get out!”

“No. Not until you tell me what that was all about before?”

“THAT…” she spat, unable to control the ferocity of her response. Now she was the one who didn’t care who could hear them. She’d reached her absolute limit. “That was about you getting on my case, again, for being single, it was about you treating me like crap, because I don’t have a ring on my finger and a man on my arm. That was about you trying to dictate my love life by setting me up with every single guy you come across!”

“But Jane, it wouldn’t hurt to -”

Jane had heard this same argument over and over again. “No, it wouldn’t hurt… to go on a date, to see what might happen. But that’s just it, Ma… I don’t want to find out! So you just need to stop.”

“But -”

“But nothing.” It felt good to stand up for herself, even if she figured Angela would take no notice and start back up again in a week’s time. She jabbed an index finger onto the desk as she spoke, “I. Don’t. Need you. To set me. Up. Again!”

Angela stood quietly beside Barry’s desk, holding her daughter’s steely gaze.

Jane thought that might have been the end of it and after a second or two she turned away to start working.

But Angela didn’t leave. Instead the woman just breathed a deep, weary sigh and thrust her pleading hands once more toward her daughter. “I just don’t understand, Jane. I want you to be happy, why is that so hard to -”

“BECAUSE I LOVE MAURA!” Jane yelled, shoving her chair backwards as she stood, plunging the room into silence. Defeated and broken, Jane tears came easily as her voice wavered. “I love Maura, okay… I’m in love with her.”

“Oh…” Angela’s eyes were glassy and she reached out again. “Honey -”

Jane sniffled and backed away. “Don’t, Ma.”

Everything was so clear now. No wonder Jane was upset. How had she not seen it? Angela took a step forward. “I didn’t – I didn’t know.”

Angela didn’t know because Jane hadn’t told her, but to the detective that was almost entirely beside the point. Jane hadn’t told anyone, hadn’t intended to ever admit it. Still furious and burning three shades of red, Jane snatched her car keys from her desk drawer and made to leave. At least with a ruined shirt and a bloody chin she had a valid reason for running away again. No one needed to see her like this. She could cry in private and bring her humiliation to an end.

Everyone in the bullpen was staring at her as she turned abruptly and froze. Everyone including the Medical Examiner, who was stood just inside the doorway, holding a large cup of coffee adorned with Jane’s name, silent tears rolling down her face.

"The Story in Which Dani and Niall Come to Terms with Feelings and Etcetera" -- Niall One Shot

I love my family.  Really, I do – even down to their imperfections and annoyingly obnoxious habits that make me want to scream until I can no longer use my voice.  There is nothing I wouldn’t do for them, and I wouldn’t trade them for any other family or valuable item in the world.  Except, I would like to use some strongly explicit words in regards to my parents’ admiration for Bobby and Maura Horan, because had they not been so close, I wouldn’t be finding myself in an itchy black dress that I absolutely despised but my mother absolutely adored, sitting right across from the cocky, vexatious and obtuse, Niall Horan.

And I wouldn’t be growing more irritated by the moment, envisioning images of my fork stabbing his hand until he cried.

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