maura is so cute

In The Raven Cycle fandom we don’t say “I love you” we say “You are my second secret” and I think that’s beautiful.


Today’s sewing project - a cat dress!

I got this fabric on my last craft store trip to stock up for my shop, but after looking at it i realized no one but me would probably want a dress made out of it ha ha! So Maura got a new sundress, a cute baby doll style dress. There’s no closures or anything, it just pulls on over her head. It actually fits her very well, and is really cute. Cats!


My Favourite Things about Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Episode 15

1. Maura obviously doesn’t mind that Jane enjoys the flavour combination of garlic and butter.

2. His name is Stoney Westmoreland? For real? That’s awesome.

3. A visual representation of the meaning of “adorkable”

4. Divorce attorney… Not sure if Angie was acting with this reaction.

5. Maura has a “study” closet.

6. “I’ve liked Maura for a really long time”. The human equivalent of a soggy biscuit continues to prove how great of a guy he is.

7. Uh oh…. Mama Rizzoli has discovered the contents of the “study” closet

8. The contents of the “study” closet

9. Maura + gun = climax

10. Maura - gun + cute glasses = climax

11. Maura - gun + cute glasses + great hair = climax

12. They are just so lovely to look at.

13. Angie Harmon’s ass

14. I just came (again)

15. Eating gnocchi with Ma…. just like in the fanfics….


Maura’s newest dress - a cute cutlery print!

This fabric is so adorable, and also very hipster-ish ha ha! This was a new pattern I drafted for her, and other than a little hiccup installing the zipper in the back (read: sewing while intoxicated) I am very pleased with how it came out!

Also, Maura decided to go blonde for a but; she was exhausted with her long dark princess hair.