maura is polite she says please

Whispered Stories
Wide green eyes peer around the around the door entrance taking in all the masks and fossils that line the walls, along with tribal vases and artefacts that are placed around the office.

Waves of jet black swaying as the little head moves to take in everything. It’s the first thing Maura Isles notices and then her hazel eyes lock on green before the little heads pops out of view. Confusion washes over Maura as she stands but stops mid-way as the little girls steps into to full view and smiles. The little girls dressed in faded skinny jeans with a bulky Boston PD hoodie on and bright purple chucks, Maura can’t help but stare at how beautiful she is. Her dark complexion and jet black hair, dimples to die for and the most beautiful green eyes she’s ever seen.

“Hello.” Maura says smiling at the little face.

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