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Ku kiaʻi mauna! We, the people of Hawaiʻi, are standing strong to uphold those things which are sacred to us! It begins here at Mauna A Wākea. Groups and people of “power” are looking to build a 30 meter telescope on the most sacred mauna, against the will of…

Protests and actions have been happening in the past week on Hawai’i Island to prevent a telescope from being built on sacred Mauna Kea.  Arrests just started today.  
I know times are tough, and we don’t always have extra to give, but if you do and you feel like supporting the folks who are standing up on the mauna, please consider donating to this fund. *Also, please pay attention to what you’re donating to, especially because there are a couple of these floating around.* This one is set up by the ohana of some of the people who were arrested today, and the funds will be controlled directly by the folks who have been leading the stand on the mauna, Kahookahi Kanuha, Joshua Lanakila Mangauil and Ruth Aloua. The monies will be used for:

1. Bail
2. Food and water for people sustaining the protection on Mauna a Wakea
3. Informational packets for them to educate people who come up to the mauna.

Mauna means inner silence, not outer silence. If there are a lot of noises and disturbances outside, we should take them as manifestations of God.

If we take the attitude that they are disturbances, we are resisting ‘what is’. This will only create anxiety within us. If we see all that is as divine, nothing will ever disturb us.

You should not make judgments about the world. You are thinking, ’A quiet environment is good; a noisy one is bad’. If you have thoughts like these you will inevitably get caught up in the workings of the mind. There is nothing wrong with the world or with the environment you live in.

The only defects are in the mind which is looking at the world. If you change the outlook of the mind, the world automatically changes. Alternatively, you can give your whole mind to God.

The saint Jnanasambandhar said. There is a way that we can
live happily in this miserable world. That way is to give our minds to God.’

Bhagavan said: ‘Surrender your mind to God and see all forms as God. Have impartial love towards all beings. One who lives like this, he alone can be happy.’

—  Annamalai Swami, Living by the Words of Bhagavan

The Keeling Curve

In 1953, there was a young scientist by the name of Charles David Keeling who decided he was going to start measuring the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere around Pasadena, California. Widening his research area, he extended the monitoring to include areas of Arizona and Washington. What he observed was an interesting, common pattern in CO2 levels; at night the levels increased and in the afternoon, the concentrations leveled off at about 310ppm (parts per million). It soon became obvious that the night time levels were attributable to localised respiration of plants.

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