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why? also MRI’s aren’t that bad if you’re patient

well, i’ve been pretty sick for the past few weeks. haven’t really been able to eat anything without wanting to throw up. so my doctor wants to put me on a new type of medication (which i have to get through an IV fml), but before i can get it, they have to run a bunch of tests and shit (MRI, chest x-ray, bloodwork, misc other things). i dunno but it’s gonna suck because I HATE HOSPITALS THEY SMELL LIKE DEATH AND DISINFECTANT AND IT’S NOT OKAY

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i agree. good insight, most people couldn’t even fathom such things.

heh, i have a lot of thoughts in the middle of the night

and sometimes i can’t tell if i’m being profound or if i’m just half-asleep and stringing words together (everything seems clever when you’re sleep deprived)

but it never hurts to try to understand yourself a little better