The Beast Of Gevaudan

In the 1760s, an area of south-eastern France was terrorised by an enormous, wolf-like beast. The animal attacked and killed over 70 people, most of which were children, by leaping on them and landing a fatal bite to the throat.

General descriptions of the creature refer to reddish fur with black stripes and a large, long-snouted head with short, pointed ears. Some cases also mention exceptional leaping abilities as well as bullet-proof skin and an alleged ability to stand bipedally.

Both military attempts, led by Captain Jean-Baptiste Duhamel, as well as attempts by a famous wolf hunter named Denneval (under direct employment of King Louis XV) to kill the beast failed.

Although the singular identity of the Beast of Gevaudan has never been 100% determined, many large wolves and even an escaped hyena were killed in the area as suspects of at least some of the attacks.

Hey guys, firstly thank you for your support, before, during and after my fight. It was unbelievable, a memory for life. I love you all. A loss is not the end of the world, there are so many other problems in the world that needs more attention and discussions than my loss. I lost to a better opponent on that giving day, that’s it, no excuses what so ever. Rumble Johnson is not only a fantastic fighter, but a great sportman and athlete that I respect a lot for his personality and for the person he is. So what’s next? A short vacation and then back to training and becoming a better fighter. My goal is still the same, it was just a small bump on the road. ❤ ” - Alexander Gustafsson

Final production art for Caine’s highly ornate mauler - check out the wing theme!

On this note, it’s interesting to me that they clearly allowed Caine to keep his Legion/Skyjacker swag (wings excepted, of course) in the Deadland. It seems very sporting of the authorities, and I can only presume they wanted him to have a fighting chance (one imagines surviving in a place called ‘Deadland’ would be tricky).