Headcanon that Mauler the Kneazle is grumpy and hates everyone but Tina. He will hiss at everyone except for Tina - he’ll tolerate Newt sometimes but only because of Tina. Whenever he’s around Tina, Mauler is as docile as a kitten (pardon the pun), and she gushes over him.

“Oh he’s lovely really…”

“Tina, dear, he tried to swipe me.”

“Psh you probably deserved it.”

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Imagine Newt got Mauler but Mauler never truly bonded with him and he didn't know why, but one day he found Tina and him snuggling on the couch and couldn't help but smile, even though Tina had always denied that Mauler liked her because she didn't want Newt to feel left out.

…I’m going to end up writing a Newtina Kneazle fic, aren’t I?

I love this headcanon oh my god :3 So Newt gets Mauler and is kinda sad because Mauler doesn’t bond with him, he just hisses and leaves the room (“But…I’m mummy”) He starts to notice, however, that Mauler is very fond of Tina - she’s the only one he doesn’t hiss at. Tina lies that it’s not true, if only to spare his feelings.

Then one day Newt finds Tina passed out asleep with Mauler snuggled against her and he can’t help but grin despite the fact he’s a little miffed about a creature not flocking to him because it’s so lovely that Tina loves this animal, it’s clear that she’s soft for him.

(also, Tina totally named Mauler - Newt chose Hoppy and Milly, but Mauler…that name has pissed-off disgruntled “no more creatures Newt we have hundreds” Tina all over it)

can we talk about how tina’s full name is porpentina and that means she’s newt’s canonical future wife and they’re gonna grow really old together (like, at least 106 and 104, respectively) and have three kneazles named hoppy, milly, and mauler?

can we talk about how i realized that on my own, immediately, in the theatre, from about half a second of footage showing her name?

fandom honing my skills…

Ok so has anyone thought about what Newt and Tina’s patronuses might be?? Like you know how Hermione’s is an otter and Ron’s is a Jack Russell Terrier and it’s supposed to be symbolic because Jack Russell Terriers chase otters? Maybe Newt and Tina’s patronuses sort of match too, you know, since they’re basically soul mates that get married and have at least one child and one grandchild and grow old together and retire to the English seaside and live out the rest of their days together with their pet kneazles, Hoppy, Molly, and Mauler… No biggy.

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So I have this Headcanon(?) that I really just wanted to share! Its that when Newt and Tina are settled in Dorset and they are old and greyed that someone from the past will ask him, "Really? Still withTina, after all this time?" Newt will gaze fondly in the distance where Tina is sitting with their Kneazles and in a voice barely above a whisper, he will answer, "Always." This is how I know I officially need to go to bed! Insomnia at its finest!!


I can just imagine Newt looking over and seeing Tina with their Kneazles; they’re purring, butting themselves against her fondly, their plumed tails flicking happily - and Tina is so content with them, scratching them behind the ears with one hand while the other props open a book that Mauler is trying to knock away.

(ngl, Tina is most fond of Mauler and he of her because she totally named him that, let’s be real)

And Newt is just so in love all over again?? Like, he cannot contain how in love he is even after all these years because this is his Tina - his Tina is compassionate and has the most beautiful smile, that’s something that’s never changed as they’ve gotten older. His Tina has grown to love and care for these creatures as much as he has over the last several decades of marriage - his Tina is content and happy with these creatures, and it makes his heart want to burst out of his chest.

So when someone from the past asks “Really? Still with Tina, after all this time?” he says “Always” in an awed whisper because he’s loved Tina for so long and will always love her until the day he dies. “Always” because they’ve loved each other for so long that he can’t imagine life without her - he doesn’t want to. “Always” because she’s made him so happy in ways he can’t explain - she’s been his partner, his confidant, his wife, his lover, the mother of his children, his motivation for continuously publishing new editions of his book (because publishers can be mean assholes), his support system, and so much more.

“Always” because while it’s not exactly a choice loving someone, if it were he’d always choose to love her.

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He may be old and grey now, but he still makes that face whenever he looks at her.

Topi’s Dailly Card #929:  Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker

Four mana for a 1/1 creature seems pretty lackluster, but Ishai is meant to just stick around and just get big fast.  Each spell from your opponents makes her that much bigger, and anyone who’s played with Managorger Hydra or Taurean Mauler knows how big Ishai can get.  With that growth potential comes people wanting to remove her, so perhaps some Boots or countermagic to keep her protected would be recommended.  So while she’s not super amazing but respectable, with the right partner she can be devastating or a nice compliment.  Going with Bruse Tarl for the options for double strike and lifelink seem great, as do partnering up with Kraum for punishing additional spells that just make Ishai bigger.  The partners lead to all sorts of fun build styles, and I’m sure Ishai will find a fun partner to pair up with in the near future.

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How Hoppy, Milly, and Mauler got their names, or how they became part of the Scamander household in the first place (I adore all your Newtina writings by the way ;)

(Aww, thank you!)

“Okay – okay, Grandpa, hold very still.”

“I promise you, Rolf, I have no intention of moving.  The claws digging into my scalp rather discourage that.”

Rolf rolled his eyes as he slowly advanced towards his grandfather and the kneazle that had attached herself to his head.  The two of them had been clearing out the old shed when they’d come across a pair of kneazles napping in the corner.  One had been fairly easy to coax out, coming right up to Newt and rubbing across his legs in a silent command to be pet.  After a moment he dubbed her ‘Milly’, saying someone so determined needed a name to match. The other had been a bit more jumpy, making short little hops every time she was startled.  Rolf had taken to calling her ‘Hoppy’, much to Newt’s amusement.

It was only when they’d managed to get Hoppy into one of the conjured carriers that they’d discovered there were actually three kneazles in the shed, and the last had made her presence known with a fierce battle cry, lanching herself onto the elder Scamander’s head.

“You know, you get more sarcastic when you’re in pain,” Rolf said, eyeing the kneazle just as the kneazle eyed him.

“And you sound just like your grandmother,” Newt grumbled, wincing as the creature flexed her claws.  Rolf, always pleased to be compared to Tina, fought down a beaming smile, knowing it would most likely be taken as a sign of aggression.  He slowly brought his wand up, watching as the kneazle followed the movement, before silently casting a levitation charm.  This time he really did beam with pride as the cat-like beast rose with a hiss.  He’d spent a long time with his grandmother mastering wordless magic.

“She’s going to be so pissed,” he said, lowering his still protesting charge into the third carrier.  

“I’ll endure her anger if it means she’ll perform her wonderful healing charms.”

Rolf grinned as he helped his grandfather up from the kneeling position he’d been forced into with the impact of the attack.  Newt groaned as his joints popped and snapped with the effort of standing and he leaned heavily on his grandson for a moment to catch his breathe, before gathering up the carriers and starting back towards the house.  He spent the entire trek back soothing his erstwhile attacker, who he had affectionately dubbed ‘Mauler’.

Contrary to Rolf’s prediction, Tina was not angry so much as exasperated, heaving a resigned sigh as she handed him a plate of scones and proceeded to settle her husband into a chair to begin repairing the damage done to his scalp.

CAT - Mauler

“Made by Critically Attentive Technologies, or CAT, the Mauler is an Industrial Command class ship, meant to lead all operations based on economic advancements and mining operations. It carries a standard array of projectile based chainguns, but little else, so it’s offensive capabilities are limited.

However, it is outfitted with hundreds of advanced Scorpion autonomous mining drones, and Magical Boring Cannons, meant to cut through the most solid of ore. It is absolutely perfect for making money, or gathering resources, however it cannot go into space alone.

Isn’t it wonderful?”


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fun fact: newt and tina have been a canon ship in the hp universe for 16 years now


The original textbook for Comic Relief was written in 2001, and that’s when we got the “Now retired, he lives in Dorset with his wife Porpentina and their pet Kneazles: Hoppy, Milly and Mauler” line <3 When I first read that as an eleven year old in 2009, I had NO IDEA I was reading about my future OTP, kinda just passed over it because it was so small - it’s so weird to think about now!

This scenes are the most representative of how I see Levi and Hanji´s characters. For me, this is the finest writting I have read on Shingeki no Kyojin.

Chapter 56. After been tortured by Hanji and Levi, Sanes last words to Hanji are absolutely heartbreaking. They live in a world of violence where sometimes they will be the  executioners and others times they will be the tortured. They can, if they are lucky and powerful enough, choose which role they want to play, but nobody can escape from this mauler/tortured dynamic, because it doesn´t depend on them. They are all submitted to the same cruel world/sistem/god.

Chapter 59. After aswering with the true as he knows it, Levi clarifies that in the end if something is true or not is going to be decided by the group who has the power in that moment. Levi talked before about how trapped he felt within the walls and its dirty insides, but this is also a very real way of been trapped: when history, everything that happened and everything you are is going to be determined by what is convinient for a minority of powerful people. 

Both Hanji and Levi know very well the rules of the world they live in. They know there´s no way to win. However, they still try to create something new with their own limited power under the risk of becoming even worse dictators than the ones their are blindly fighting now. I won´t go into the pointless argument of if the means they use are right or wrong because that depends on many things, mainly on each person opinion. But I do want to say that I admire this two characters who will move forward, figthing with all their might if not for what they want at least against that they don´t want.