This is a SUPER work in progress- I had a lot of camera pans/zooms and whatnot put into it from StoryboardPro, but I’m just still trying to figure out a few technical things from there lol. So for now, here’s what I got so far minus the camera staging/zooms/pans/etc~

What more is there to time than illusion
Skin shed yesterday and I am new
Yet we pick it up like coats on a mad winter
Fraying and mauldy, but warm all the same
This much is fine
Sleep is all the deeper in old clothes you never let
see or know the time of day
And we walk the same pavements
With ash in our head


Update #2! Figured out how to export from Storyboard Pro finally lol.

List of voices I will do impressions of for Mauldy.

(Just to assure you guys I’m still doin it, I’m just lazy and my parents wont leave the house lololo)

  • Audrey(Little Shop of Horrors)
  • Florence/Felix(The Odd Couple)
  • Truffles(Chowder)
  • Fluttershy or Pinkie pie(Mlp:Fim)
  • Annelle(Steel Magnolias)
  • Makenzie Zales(The most popular girls in school(for lols ok))
  • Gertrude McFuzz(Suessical the musical)
  • and a southern accent cause thats all I got. pfft.