maul sketch


I think I have a bit of anxiety due to my thesis… because instead of doing some advance I ended doing all this! 


I shouldn’t have seen those pics from the jedi knight japanese dictionary again.

It will take some time to finish all this properly heh

@goldentruth813 and @gracerene09 ask and ye shall receive (some of what you sort of asked for? LOL). James and Teddy, wearing certain items of each other’s wardrobe. Teddy will stop wearing James’s Quidditch hoodie when James gives him back his flannel top. He’s accepted that James is never giving the Hufflepuff top back.

I haven’t drawn these two in a billion years, but I hope this little sketch might satisfy some cravings! Shout out to @aibidil because joggers, and to @writcraft because flannel shirts have been on my mind LOL!

starwarsanothertime  asked:

Do you think you could draw a Dracula inspired AU with Palpatine as Dracula?

This prompt gave me about 12 crises and let me tell you why:

 I freaking love Dracula.

 (behind the cut because it gets pretty long and also scary?)

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