maui mango

currently missing Maui and the hawaiian acai bowls 💦 not to mention that this passion fruit kombucha is to dieeee for👌🏼 {acai topped with banana, mango, papaya, strawb, and coconut} 🌴🌴🌴🌞🌞🌞

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The white pineapple, sugar loaf. Heaven. This is a rare variety of pineapple that has almost no acidity so as the name hints it’s full of such a unique burst of robust sweet love. If you ever come across a white pineapple, get it, at any cost. Such a gift from the earth! You can tell a true sugarloaf because the leaves have the most beautiful hint of purple on them. Mango and pineapple season doesn’t get much better than this.


White bra: $39.95

Magenta bra: $34.95

Panties: $10.50 e/a (5)

Oversized sleepwear “Late Nights Make Great Nights”: $22.95

Leopard/Black tee: $26.95

Victoria’s Secret:

Panties: $12.50 e/a (3)

Black bralette: $46

“The flirt bandeau” bikini top: $38.50

Red straps in baggie: Just ripped them off a bra (;

Bath and Body Works:

“A Thousand Wishes” fragrance mist: $14 

“Cashmere Glow” shower gel: $12.50

“A Thousand Wishes” body lotion: $12.50

“Caribbean Escape” hand soap: $6.50

“Warm Vanilla Sugar” golden sugar scrub: $16.50

“Maui Mango Surf” lip gloss: $8

“Oahu Coconut Sunset” lip gloss: $8

“Honolulu Sun” coconut lip balm: $5.50

“Energy” body lotion: $5

Urban Outffiters:

Sunglasses: $18


Black lace dress (couldn’t be appreciated so it’s not in the pic): $49.99