maui is the best!

These guys totally used to be best buds and I gotta know what they were like before the leg incident please disney i beg u 

Wasn’t entirely sure how to go about a younger Tama but I figured at this point he’d have at least amassed himself enough ~*shine*~ to cover his shell  

Look, if you wear a dress and have an animal sidekick, you are a Princess

Maui, Moana

☑ Dress

☑ Animal Sidekick

☑ Princess

So I’ve seen Moana twice now, and I’ve just got to say in a world where little girls now have to be told that a man who would sexually assault them is more fit to lead than a women who has dedicated her whole life to the service of her country, I’m glad there’s a princess movie like Moana that shows little girls that their leadership is not only not questioned, but supported, demanded, and depended on. Thank you, Disney.

totally 100% canon theory: 

moana and maui end up with matching tattoos in the future. Moana’s got one of Maui, and Maui’s got one of her. If they’re standing close enough together, the two tattoos look like they’re high fiving.
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“You know, usually humans throw sacrifices at my feet and beg me to notice their puny mortal lives. This? This is just ungrateful; it’s disrespectful; it’s downright un-demigodly of me to even consider it.”

Yet, Moana happened to know a thing or two about boys who puffed out their chests and spoke the loudest; her grandmother had a word for them, once. So, casting a glance between Maui, the ordinary hook and line, and the waiting ocean around them, she knew: “So … you’re saying that you can’t fish, aren’t you?”