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disney men of colour

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Look, if you wear a dress and have an animal sidekick, you are a Princess

Maui, Moana

☑ Dress

☑ Animal Sidekick

☑ Princess

These guys totally used to be best buds and I gotta know what they were like before the leg incident please disney i beg u 

Wasn’t entirely sure how to go about a younger Tama but I figured at this point he’d have at least amassed himself enough ~*shine*~ to cover his shell  

totally 100% canon theory: 

moana and maui end up with matching tattoos in the future. Moana’s got one of Maui, and Maui’s got one of her. If they’re standing close enough together, the two tattoos look like they’re high fiving.

Black Coffee and Bad Pickup Lines; Chapter 4

Chapter 4: To Dance With The Water

At least four times a week after work (if not more than that), Moana takes the time to visit her grandmother. A twenty minute drive from the town, for most of which was on a dirt road through possibly jungle terrain (thank the gods she drove a slightly beat up truck) towards the coast, lead her to a small, secluded beachfront hut.

Moana pulled up beside her grandmother’s home and quietly got out of her car. She could see her Gramma Tala dancing by the waves, a good fifteen feet away. The older woman turned her head quickly to find her granddaughter walking leisurely towards her and grinned wildly. She turned back to the water, beckoning Moana closer as she continued her dance.

“Hey Gramma,” Moana smiled as she joined her grandmother’s hula.

“Hello, my darling girl. How have you been?”

“Eh, work is okay I guess,” I’m also kinda-sorta falling increasingly hard for an increasingly beautiful barista who continuously writes increasingly endearing pick up lines on my coffee cups- which I’ve been collecting in my apartment, no big deal.

“Really? No big story?” Tala raised an eyebrow suspiciously.

“Why’re you acting weird?” Moana laughed awkwardly as her Grandma grinned knowingly.

“Is there something you’re not telling me?”

“Wha-I- Gramma! Would I lie to you?” Moana tried (and failed) to keep the discomfort out of her voice, trying (and failing) to focus more on the wide stretch of blue in front of her. The water hugged her ankles, almost like a greeting. Tala shrugged.

“You seem… brighter. Radiant, even. You’re not pregnant, are you?” She joked, elbowing her granddaughter in the ribs. Moana laughed again before the two women fell into a comfortable silence as they danced by the ocean.

A/N: Hey strangers! Long time no see, huh? I know, I know, this chapter is pathetically short, but I just wanted to churn something out quickly for you guys. Sorry about my absence over the last few weeks, today was the last of a period of constant mock exams I’ve been doing at school, so most of my free time had been taken up by revision. HOWEVER, I hope you liked the tiny exchange we see between Moana and Tala!