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“So my husband is Maori and he is literally Maui. He’s big, a bit of a goof and he also loves to sing. So when we saw Moana, I kept looking over at him and saw this huge smile on his face. I asked him how he felt about the movie afterwards and he said, “I could have used this movie as a kid.” So I bought him one of those Maui Funko Pops for his birthday and he was so happy. I guess representation matters no matter what age.”

Do It For Her

Here’s what caught my eye about the scene at Te Fiti:

Maui plays an essential role in returning the Heart, one that is often overlooked. He does more than just allow Moana to scale the crags to Te Fiti and make the connection between Te Ka and the goddess of life. 


Maui’s hook his cracked - the thing without which he is nothing. One hit, and it’s over. But Te Ka is threatening Moana, and Maui knows he can stop her, so he picks up his hook and beats the demon back, allowing Moana her reprieve. For Moana, Maui gives up his hook to strike at the heart of Te Ka. To keep Moana safe, Maui makes himself - in his own words - nothing

But the interesting thing is, before this moment of sacrifice, we could not see the spiral on Te Ka’s chest. 

The hardened lava covers her spiral. But afterward, as we see through Moana, the spiral magically becomes visible - visible enough to be seen from a mile away. 

What changed? Well, Maui whacked her. 

(Notice also that when Te Ka straightens back up after being struck by Maui, she’s clutching her chest.)

But that’s not everything. See, Te Ka can’t be fought with raw force alone. Maui’s tried that trick twice - once when he first stole the Heart, and again during his and Moana’s first disastrous encounter with Te Ka - and it didn’t work either time. It’s only Moana, who feels compassion and love toward Te Ka, who can restore the Heart. 

From this, it follows that Te Ka can only be hurt by love - understandable, given that she’s a physical manifestation of a hateful, loveless existence. So if she can only be defeated with love, how was it that Maui was able to strike so powerful a blow against her?

Because he was doing it for Moana.

I believe that, even if Maui had gone through the same physical motions (as he did in the beginning of the movie), his strike would not have been so effective if he meant to protect only himself. But now he has Moana, a mortal that he’s come to care for and love, and that makes all the difference.

It’s this love that drives him off the rock and sacrifice his hook. It’s his love for Moana that beats back Te Ka, and this love that wins her time to realize just who Te Ka is. 

It’s this love that helps restore the Heart. 

  • Someone: why do you like Maui so much?
  • What I think: Maui is a multi dimensional anti-hero with a pleasing and unique design who has multiple aspects to his personality which make for a complex and flawed character. His desire to feel wanted and his dedication to pleasing people is incredibly relatable to me and the way he bases his self worth on superficial qualities rather than inner strengths strikes a definite chord. He goes through substantial character development during his time on screen and is both an interesting and sympathetic character but still retains weaknesses that make him realistic.
  • What I say: he's big and I like his muscles
Main characters and their relationships with their grandmas in Moana

First there’s Moana and Tala, a sweet and heartfelt relationship built on trust and encouragement…

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Then in the concept art, we’ve got Maui and his grandma Hina: we don’t know much about her (except that she was going to be the guardian of the Underworld’s entrance), but she seems very affectionate, maybe a tad too much…

And then there’s Tamatoa and his grandma and, well…

…and it took him a week, because apparently she was absolutely humongous…

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That picture of Maui getting his finger pinched by tiny Tama has me giggling thinking about all those youtube videos of guys putting crawdads on their nips and now that's all I can think of Maui doing next.... because he doesn't learn!

I don’t think he’s THAT dumb