NGL I hate how white girls incriminate Maui and try to paint him off as a sexist figure for stealing the heart. Yes, stealing the heart was bad but we’re conveniently forgetting that the humans asked him to take the heart for their own selfish greed. Maui did anything the humans asked and that was just to prove the selfishness of humanity. He didn’t steal the heart because he was a man and Te-Fiti was a woman, he stole it because the humans asked him to get it for them, just like he got them everything else (he sang a song about this y’all). So yes, go ahead and interpret the movie anyway you want, but don’t incriminate Maui. I am tired of seeing white girls acting like he’s a misogynistic freak when the whole point of his character was to point out the flaw of humanity. But oh well, here we go with white girls completely incriminating   another moc. Like there is a post floating around equating Maui to male violence and well, way to go white girls completely missing the fucking point and being racist tbh.

(also if you see this please reblog it, i hate that maui is now some icon for male violence. especially being a moc torn apart by white tumblr)


I think one of the most underrated Moana moments is that Maui says that he is a hero to both men and women (keyword being “both”), but then corrects himself to say “all.” I remember reading somewhere that some Polynesian cultures actually consider there to be a third gender that represents those who do not fit in with either male or female and are somewhere in between. Seems like Disney is starting to realize that gender is not binary.

On a related note, sorry for the bad quality Netflix screenshots.


Maui Sunset