We all know about Ariel x Moana but what about Maui x Hercules? Like can you imagine that? Hercules is such a goody two shoes and Maui is a bit of a bad boy it would be great.

“C'mon Herc’! The super cool rare artifact is in the tomb!”

“I dunno Maui. Isn’t that bad? The gods are not gonna like this. And what if the guys spirit doesn’t like us breaki-”

“Oh my gods Herc’! No one is gonna care! The guy in there is dead! And what the gods don’t know can’t hurt us.”

(And because I don’t want to leave Megara out in the cold now that Wonder Boy is dating the Demi God of the Wind and the Sea I’ll pair her up with Eric since he’s similar to Hercules in that he’s a genuinely nice guy and all.)

Mad Max / Moana Crossover

The Kakamoras are war boys and Human Tamatoa is their immortan joe.

Instead of cars its boat.


Also the Kakamora who shoots another Kakamora with the blow dart is Nux. 

Max is Maui and Moana is furiosa.

anonymous asked:

Can you write a thing from right after Maui leaves, and he talks to Mini Maui and decides to come back?

All right, here you go! One order of angst, as requested. 

Maui’s flight from Te Fiti is silent.

He’s not sure why that bothers him. It’s been a thousand years since he’s interacted with another soul, it’s not like this is a change. It’s definitely Mini-Maui, Maui decides. Mini-Maui and nothing else. Just that the tiny tattoo hasn’t said so much as a word for the past two hours, and honestly, Maui’s kinda worried that he’s fallen off the tapestry or something. Thing is, he’s got no spread of tattoos and no way for him to check up on the little guy when he’s more feathers than skin. 

With a reluctant sigh, Maui begins to skim the horizon for islands. He’s got all the time in the world to check up on his little buddy but for some reason his eyes flit from side to side with panic like he has somewhere to be like he has someone to save -

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working on my chapter 12 of It’s Arranged

Maui felt his heart doing a somersault in his chest as he saw those men holding her limbs firmly, fettering her down with ropes. He bit his lips until it bled - trying not to allow his protective instincts to kick in was a challenge as he watched her struggle, shrieked and thrashing violently on the ground.

After she was disarmed and perfectly restrained, one of the burly guard slung her onto his shoulder like a rag doll. She pounded on his muscled back with her bounded fists, to no avail. “Let go of me, you coward!” she shouted furiously, but the men kept on walking, ignoring her convulsive lashing, indignant protests, and empty threats before he deposited her on the ground in the middle of village’s clearing.

Maui tried to numb his emotional turmoil, focusing his mind to systematically plan out his ambush, after all he was alone and there was a good three score of guards at least around her.

But as he ran through his plan mentally, the thought of confessing to Moana made his stomach dropped to the proximity of his knee. Truthfully, Maui never believed he stood any chance with Moana - she was betrothed to the refine, confident, ever-so-perfect man, Tanemahuta - her prince charming, everything that she deserved and everything that he wasn’t. Moana had to be completely insane to even consider him as her life companion and even more for breaking her engagement with Tane to be with him.