Johnny Depp and his POTC makeup artist Ve Neill on the set of Pirates 2 - if anyone wanted to see some BTS stuff of Johnny and the amazing artist he presented a lifetime achievement award to last night :)

New interesting tidbits from the DP Jaclyn Glenn interview. 1.) While she was there filming with Gurggles him and Lainey were in a big fight (mauh perfect relationship guyz!) And 2.) He was at the time paying lainey like $100 everytime he did something bad (JG didn’t remember what it was). I wonder how long he’s been blatantly paying his wife to abuse her.

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Cliff notes for your last anon: Cait's note was "mauh!" 💋 not "meh", she was prob reading the OL script w/ her hubs sitting by (not pictured) by her side, he didn't ignore her - he probably thanked her in person 💋💋, they're both in such close proximity he can just look outside to see the 🌈... 🌈's seem to be their love language, & finally, she's expecting more good to come in the next year. Is your glass 1/2 empty or 1/2 full? Mine's 1/2 full & I thought her msg was 🙌🏼✨❤️. Zen ⛵️'n here.

Oh quite definitely “muah"💋, anon! No, It wasn’t a selfie of them sitting arm in arm in the front row of their own private surprise Rolling Stones concert, flown in special just for Sam’s birthday. It wasn’t glitzy, or expensive, or showy. It was better in my opinion. That rainbow was personal. They’ve been sending each other rainbows since the very, very beginning. It’s definitely a language of affection between them, and the sentiment Cait included with this one made it even more lovely. She could have easily sent some generic sentiment, but she chose to send something deeply meaningful instead.

And as to him not answering. They’ve done this before when they are obviously together somewhere There is clearly no need for a “public” response so none is made. Also he was somewhat constrained in his ability to answer appropriately by the very personal nature of that rainbow tweet. Any light banter reply would have cheapened the gesture she made and reduced its meaning. And a more honest response would be giving way too much away. So silence is really the best option, and simply let that beautiful gesture stand on its own.

Zen shipping for sure, anon! The glass, I think, is full after this day!

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