maud no why

Why you should appreciate AtsuLucy

Their interactions are some of the best this manga has to offer, SERIOUSLY LOOK AT THEM

^This was their fated reunion btw

They both understand each other since they went through the same background. Look at these poor children

On the plus side though they came out of it with matching tattoos 😍

Their really just complete losers who love to mess with each other mainly just Lucy


She just wants his attention tho

Although when she gets it she’s at a loss for words

its part of her charm

They really are cute together


anonymous asked:

i can understand why some ppl don't like doubles but if i were to come across someone, anyone, who isn't alright with doubles, esp from my source(s), i think i'd just. rather not interact with them? it's a lot of restrictions; so many lost chances for other cool ppl you could meet and befriend (even if you're getting to know them as not the double trouble chara), and if you think you might click better with someone else, there's the whole "replacement" drama, it's just... no thanks y'know?

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why am i kin with colin the computer??? why dont i live up to the headcanons that everyone has??? im a memeing machine instead of a really Real Clever Smart Guy that everyone thinks i am. like,,, yes,,,,,, im smart, i have common sense,, but i wasnt - still arent - uber smart. i was only a windows 95 wtf. -colin the computer ((dhmis))

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why. why do ii get 2o happy thiinkiing about you, then ii remember all the horriible 2hiit you diid two me? why would you do that two me? ii thought we were pale. ii.. why would ii mii22 you?! ampora treated me 2o much better, she wa2 alway2 better than you karkat zahhak!! but. here ii am. mii22iing you. fuck, why am ii 2o horriible? fuck, ii hate you, but, ii dont. iif you 2ee thii2 iim 2orry. ii mii22 you and ii want you back, but, ii cant help but get 2adgry when ii remember you.

“why. why do i get so happy thinking about you, then i remember all the horrible shit you did two me? why would you do that two me? i thought we were pale. i.. why would i miss you?! ampora treated me so much better, she was always better than you karkat zahhak!! but. here i am. missing you. fuck, why am i so horrible? fuck, i hate you, but, i dont. if you see this im sorry. i miss you and i want you back, but, i cant help but get sadgry when i remember you”

[‘sadgry’ is the words sad and angry put together, not a homestuck quirk word!]