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Syncopated Ladies dance their way into the boys club of tap
Mentored by Debbie Allen, the two Los Angeles sisters behind Syncopated Ladies are bending the tap genre for modern audiences and carving out their place in what traditionally has been a tap-dancing boys club.
By Makeda Easter

“Women are taught to follow the rules, to be quiet, to ask permission,” Arnold said, referring to the deep cultural norms that help to explain why so many aspiring female dancers did not see a place for themselves in tap. “When you’re dealing with improvisation and freestyle, there is no asking permission.”

It requires courage, she said. “A lot of courage.”

But seeing the group of women dancing without confines, inspiration struck.

“I thought these are sisters I need to bring together to create something,” she said.

So Arnold, along with her sister and fellow tap dancer Maud Arnold, recruited tappers for an all-women group called the Syncopated Ladies.”

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All of this started with you @jenna221b and your wonderful scripts about ‘The Trial of Sherlock Holmes’. I’ve just finnished it and I loved it. Please don’t say this is complete.  :)))  You can’t just stopp here!  I’m chewing my nails, you know!


Well, now to the point: Jenna’s story reminded me of the movie 'Oscar Wilde’ with Sthephen Fry and Jude Law. Years ago - before Sherlock BBC started - I watched this heartbreaking movie for the first time and afterwards looked for more Information and historical facts on the Internet. And now all those memories turned up again.  :))) 


Oscar Wilde and the love of his life - Lord Alfred Douglas - are often spoken in one breath. And that makes me angry. Why? Well … this statement is true for Oscar Wilde - he loved Lord Douglas indeed. But it’s certainly not true for Lord Douglas. He enjoyed living with Wilde and showed off his renowned friend enthusiastically and with passion at all the good times. He was possessive and jealous and tried to dominate him - successfully. But when the tide turned and Wilde was charged and convicted - Douglas turned his back and let him down utterly.


Oscar Wilde lost his reputation, his work, his freedom and in the end … his life. And yet … he was not completely alone and without friedns. There was one man in particular who stood by his side through everything. A man who was his lover bevor Lord Douglas came along … and this man never stopped loving Oscar Wilde.

He tried to organize his escape (which Wilde refused).

He had to leave London too.

He returned to offer financial and emotional suppot after Wildes release.

He was loyal to him until the very last day … and beyond.

He held his hand when he died (and it was a horrible death)

He repurchased the right’s of Wildes work which was sold off after Wildes bankrupt.

He gave these rights to Wildes sons with all the money earned from that.

He produced the definitive edition of Oscar Wildes work.

He commissioned the sculpture on Wildes tomb.

In this tomb there was prepared a small compartment for his own ashes … for he wished to be buried at the side of the man he loved.


The name of this man is:

R O B E R T   B A L D W I N   R O S S


He was openly homosexual.

Because of his faithfullness to Oscar Wilde - even after his death - Ross was 'vindictively persued’ by Lord Douglas who attempted more than once to have him arrested and tried for homosexual conduct .      God - just think of this!!!  

He mentored a group of young poets and artists - mostly homosexual - during WW1.

Ross died in 1918.

1950 the ashes of Robert Baldwin Ross were placed in Oscar Wildes tomb in Paris.

2008 the University of Bradford’s LGBT Society named its library collecton the 'Robbie Ross Liberation Library’.


So … I just had to write this because I only heard of this man because of the before mentioned movie. It’s always Wild and his 'Bosie’ (Lord Douglas)! No one seems to know about Ross. That is not fair. This man deserves to be known!


At the end of my ramblings I can tell of a little side effect that happend when I looked up informtion for this post . For I found also this interesting little thing:

 In spring 1918 a member of the Parliament published an article. He accused some members of Ross’ circle that they belong to a group of 47000 homosexuals who were 'betraying the nation’ to Germany. ???  This article was titled “The cult of the clitoris”. (What a title indeed!!!)  The actress Maud Allen - who had played Wildes’ Salome - was revealed as a member of this 'cult’. She caused a national sensation because she sued the writer of the article … unsuccessfully of course! 

(source: Wikipedia)


You can believe me - I stopped reading abruptly when I stumbled over this 'cult’. Does anyone know more about it? Could it be related to the 'cult’ in TAB?  Thoughts?

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I imagine Pearl in like a reference costume but it's really out of date. "Oh, that's a really nice flapper outfit" "It's clearly Maud Allen, the famous Salome dancer! You need to follow your newsreels! "

this is the best thing i’ve ever read