I don’t know why it took me so long to get Dead Dav3 done.

Also wow I understand symmetry not really.

Dead Dav3 and the first one I technically did.

He wears the Plush Suit with the head and his head is most reminiscent of the Dead Mau5 helmet. His ears have Records insert in and the back of the helmet is slightly spiked to reference his hair. The rims of the records will light upp red BUT the freckles and sideburns light up yellow like his blonde hair. The head has shades and made with the shades plastic while the teeth is supposed to be for his deadpan look.


Dead Jad3.

The design is based off Bec’s head/the Bec symbol! She was originally going to be in the Dead Shuffle dress, but color scheme didn’t work out so I switched it to her eclectica dress(can be also worn with the Squiddle jacket/shoes!). The bright green should light ups, so the head lights up around the ears and cheeks and the buck teeth and nose! Decided to give it the dorky round glasses and buckteeth as homage to Jade’s actual design.

There was an overwhelming like for the Dead Dav3 design so I’m just going to slowly do a Mau5tuck set to go along with Dead Dav3.

This one is Dead Ros3!

The base is the Squiddle/Horroterror symbol! Anything yellow should be glowing, thus the ends of the tentacles, eyelashes and her headband are light up. The eyes are from the symbol but the lips and her headband are reminiscent of her actual design along with her wearing the velvet dress! Anything black should be the same material used to make shades/sunglasses so you can actually see through the helmet. I originally had the helmet more to her text color, but it looked better to match it up to her velvet dress instead. Either way. That is a gratuitous amount of purple.

Dead J0hn. who totally breaks the continuity of having a 3 at the end of their names because John, you’re a butt.

There was no way John was going to look cool.

His helmet is based off the Green Ghost symbol. Unfortunately, you can’t see the buckteeth and the light up so well because the ghost/slime thing was so bright in color, but he his teeth and the ends of his hair glow blue. When I actually draw decent fanart, it’ll show up better. Also Wise Guy Suit aww yiss. IT HAS HIS HAIR.

Dave’s will probably take a little longer since his is the most complex.