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i see that a lot with my mom too, like whenever i show her something i’m interested in all she has to say is “that’s cute” or something along those lines.

we finished watching kubo and the two strings earlier this year (i cried at the ending again btw) and all she said was “that was cute”

another thing is, my aunt automatically assumed graphic novels are things marketed to kids. she said that i could get a career publishing graphic novels bc her elementary school kids are interested in them.

it’s like it doesn’t occur to older people that these things actually have meaning too. they can’t look past their own initial beliefs that these things are for kids to understand the complexity behind them and the amount of thought and effort that goes into them, and the content of them that’s actually?? pretty fucking deep?

it’s just frustrating that they group all these very complex and honestly well-done works as childish and “cute”

El día de tu cumpleaños
te hicieron regalos muy valiosos:
un perfume extranjero, una sortija,
un lapicero de oro, unos patines,
unos tenis Nike y una bicicleta.
Yo solamente te pude traer,
En una caja antigua de color rapé,
un montón de semillas de naranjo,
de pino, de cedro, de araucaria,
de bellísima, de caobo y de amarillo.
Esas semillas son pacientes
y esperan su lugar y su tiempo.
Yo no tenía dinero para comprarte algo lujoso.
Yo simplemente quise regalarte un bosque.
—  Jairo Aníbal Niño

A happy Heather Chandler and McNamara. I don’t ship them romantically, but I really could imagine Chandler acting protective with her.

Artistic note: I can’t really stick with one version of Heather Chandler, so when I draw her I kinda mix up the face of the movie and the outfit of the musical. Kinda.