matzoh ball 5k

WHAT?! I Won A Trophy!

I woke up this morning to this email:

 Wanted to let you know that Alex won 3rd place in the TI category for his age group. We will be awarding the trophies this Friday at services.Hope you or Alex are able to attend.If not the trophy will be at the Temple for the next several weeks.

TI is Temple Isaiah, my synagogue who sponsored the Matzoh Ball 5K I ran in this past Sunday. They had two separate categories for each age group. Members of the synagogue and non-members. Apparently, I won 3rd place amongst members in my age group! 

p.s. I’ve never won any award for anything athletic other than “most improved” for every little league team I was ever on. This is better…

Matzoh Ball 5K: Highlights and Results

Yesterday I ran my 5th race, my 3rd 5K. Here are some of the highlights of the race:

  • Got a super cheesy shirt!

  • Ran with my Dad (see above) and Stepmom. It was my Dad’s first 5K. He took off like a madman. It was pretty funny. I definitely think he knocked some kids down.
  • We ran around the lake, which was a really nice run. It was overcast which made it better. I had only ran around this lake once and I walked a lot of it because it’s a bit hilly. I’ve never run up a hill in the entire 6 months I’ve been running. Yesterday, I RAN UP MULTIPLE HILLS! Including the hill to the finish line. (cruel right?) As most of you know I’ve been training for the last 3 weeks with inclines on the treadmill during T.E.A.M. Weight Loss. I attribute the fact that I was able to run up those hills in large part to my trainer, Kristin. Not because I couldn’t do it before, but because she showed me I could. Up that final hill to the finish line all I could think about was “This is what I’ve been training for. This is a test and I’m going to beat it.”

  • I ran the first mile in 12 min. WHAT?! I’ve never ran a 12 minute mile in my life. That was pretty awesome.
  • I got a new PR! My goal was to finish in 45 minutes. My previous PR for a 5K was 46:03. OFFICIAL TIME: 43:29:6!