Hey guys! Admin @kipio here! 

I’m so glad to have seen so many applications and interest on the network and I seriously was so surprised by all the applicants. You guys are all so talented and sweet and I couldn't have waited longer to meet all of you guys! 

Before I go an announce the new members I’d like to say that if you weren’t accepted this time around please don’t get upset! There were so many applicants and reviewing all your applications and choosing 20 people out of 40+ applicants was extremely difficult . HOWEVER, FRET NOT applications will open up again with a new round of members spots awaiting to be filled next month on 8/17/17! So if you applied this time around and didn’t get in then you can apply again for the next round! And if you're just seeing this and want to become a member then apply when applications open up again! 

Now to have that all cleared up HERE ARE THE NEW MEMBERS! *drum roll*

@uncoolly // @creatagonist // @kenjocatze // @screamingshark // @matzby // @chikkachu // @thehibiscusthief // @usikuagani // @xmidnightxrosex // @wendiuh // @leokoat // @pumqkinchu // @agapevincit // @yuncumber // @aethirium // @amajikies // @azurejpg // @bescribbledpolaritis // @secondaryred // @coco-walnut 

Congratulations on getting accepted! To all you new members please read below to finish setting up! 

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