matza ball soup

I have to go clean and cook. We’re having a belated passover dinner tonight (my grandma is Jewish) with my second oldest brother A and his wife, along with my other brother’s roommate C and his younger brother. So, wish me luck with that. Tbh super excited for matza ball soup!!!

nebulaesbian  asked:

5, 8, and 10 :o

5. Can you read or speak Hebrew? 

kind of! i can read/write biblical hebrew and i can read aramaic but i cant speak like. conversational or anything alskjdf

8. Favorite Holiday

uhhhh probably purim because you just get fucked up and eat candy it’s great

10. Favorite Food

listen… no offense to nyall but ashke food is nasty as hell. the only good ashke food is matza ball soup the rest of it sucks! but for my own culture sahlab and kanafah are SO GOOD