Michael Jackson Collection Part 1:

•Posters (Continuously adding)

•Books (left to right):
- The King Of Style
- The Making Of Thriller
- The King Of Pop (Tribute)
- Legend~Hero~Icon (Tribute)
- Dancing The Dream (by Michael)
- Man In The Music
- Moonwalk (Autobiography)
- 83 minutes

•Films (left to right):
- Number Ones
- This Is It (2 disc edition)
- A fan’s collection
- Life Of An Icon
- Captain EO
- Moonwalker
- The Wiz
- Private Home Movies
- HIStory I & II
- Vision
- Wembley 1988
- Off The Wall*
- BAD 25
- A troubled genius

•*Off The Wall Documentary (The journey From Motown to Off The Wall). OTW CD and piece of chalk to draw on the inside.

•CDs (left to right):
- The best of Michael Jackson and Jackson 5
- The Motown Collection
- The very best of The Jacksons
- Off The Wall (special edition)
- Thriller (special edition)
- Thriller
- BAD 25
- Dangerous (special edition)
- Blood on the Dancefloor HIStory in the mix
- HIStory
- Number Ones
- Invincible
- This Is It
- Michael
- Xscape (Deluxe)

•Authentic piece of film from ‘This Is It’.

•Limited edition commemorative bank note

•Limited edition commemorative bank note 25th anniversary of Thriller.

•Fact cards and on the back, photos of Michael. Including original 80s gum.

•Original 80s keychains and badges.

•iPhone case.


•Olodum shirt.

•Two pillow cases.

•'Moonwalker 16’ personalised shirt from a school friend for my 16th birthday.



Michael Jackson was not an artist who comes along once in a decade, a generation, or a lifetime. He was an artist who comes along only once, period. He was driven by his hunger to learn, to constantly top himself, to be the best. He was the consummate student. He studied the greats and became greater. He raised the bar and then broke the bar. His talent and creativity thrust him and entertainment into the stratosphere. 

I mean Michael Jackson was awesome! Totally in charge. In fact the more I think and talk about Michael Jackson, the more I feel the “King of Pop” was not big enough for him. I think he was simply “The Greatest Entertainer That Ever Lived”. -Berry Gordy 

Happy Birthday King - August 29th 1958


The price of fame can be a heavy one. Is the price you pay worth it? Consider that you really have no privacy. You can’t really do anything unless special arrangements are made. The media prints whatever you say. They report whatever you do. They know what you buy, which movies you see, you name it. If I go to a public library, they print the titles of the books I check out. In Florida once, they printed my whole schedule in the paper. Everything I did from ten in the morning until six at night. ‘After he did this, he did that, and after he did that, he went there, then he went door to door, and then he…’

I remember thinking to myself, 'What if I were trying to do something that I didn’t happen to want reported in the paper?’ All of this is the price of fame.

- Michael Jackson