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She’s been running us ragged. Be a good chap and take her out tomorrow and give her a bit of a tour?

FAITH: A Short S7 Jonerys Series

Chapter 5 is here! 2 more to go. Thanks for sticking with me!

Rated: Mature. Word Count: 2,492 (yep). These are just gonna be long now I think, so read below the cut or on ao3

The Last King of Winter (Eastwatch): Jon III

The sight was nearly eerie, though one he was sure to never forget. She was a small, pale thing in dyed hues next to the image of her three dragons just before them. Her voice was even too small for the cliff she had landed on with Drogon, swallowed by the gush of wind—and course, by the plumes of air her dragon kicked up as he flew off. Yet it was Jon who felt foolish as he strained to hear her clipped reply to his truth.

He was still shaking from the sudden encounter with Drogon. His left palm was still warm with the memory of heated scales and the large red eye that had trained on him. Forgive me for calling them beasts, he thought. Yet how am I wrong?

“They’re not beasts to me,” Daenerys said, watching Drogon fly to meet the other two, where they sailed above the castle. “No matter how large they get or terrifying to everyone else. They’re my children.”

Jon didn’t know her. But in that moment, he caught a glimpse of who she’d been and how she came to be the woman before him now. There was something endlessly powerful about Daenerys Targaryen. Yet in moments like these—when she was fresh from a battle won with dragonfire, her silver-gold hair twisting in the wind down her back, with the flush of a mother’s pride at her cheeks—Jon saw her. When his heart lurched in his chest, he knew his feelings for certain.

It is love.

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I was wondering if you had any insight on how to integrate new chickens into the flock? I am planning on getting two more chicks this spring, both easter eggers and from the same hatchery as my other gals, but have never added to the flock before this. I do have some time, but I'd like to figure things out a bit before I possibly endanger the new or older hens. I was planning on putting the lil ones in a small coop and letting my other gals check 'em out until the chicks mature. Thoughts?

Yep, that should work. If you have an exceptionally nice hen (or roo) try letting them in the pen with the young ones first. Let them become buddies and give them special treats while the young ones and friendly birds are together so they associate the young ones with good things. We often would let the little ones out loose with the big ones while we stayed with the little ones to protect them and give them a safe place, but this only works if the lil ones see you as their parent. It helps to have a kind, mature rooster since he’ll usually want to father anything that makes lil peepy noise, not always though so be careful.

We all thought Vanessa was older than her canon 19 years old at some point because 

1) She was played by Karen who was much older than 19 at the time of the recording and Broadway performances

2) She’s had a pretty tough life, works hard to pay the bills for her alcoholic mother and ends the play with a promise to live on her own as an independent adult. That’s growing up and maturing fast for you.

But yep, 19 years old. That makes me admire her even more, to be honest, so young and already accomplished so much, already so assertive and confident. 

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😛 Stick their tongue out at my muse

🐻 — nonverbal starters / @silentcigarette

Giggle-snorting at the face, Anita hooked her fingers into the corners of her mouth and pulled her cheeks, tongue flopping out in an equally immature expression. “Bleghghghg~”

There are no adults here.

You’re Not Alone

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Tittle: You’re Not Alone

Pairing: Thomas Brodie Sangster x Reader

              Thomas x Isabella

               Robbie Kay x Reader

Rating: M for Mature

Requested: Yep

Warning: Swearing, cheating, smut

A/n: HOLLY HELL ROBBIE LOOKS CUTE AF IN THAT GIF. That is please enjoy the imagine

  “Mrs Y/l/n, you phone has been going off for the past half hour, would please answer it.” My professor snapped, his comment causing my entire class to stare at me. I blushed as I nodded, grabbing my phone and bag and running from the room. I stopped at one of the benches outside of my class and opened my phone. I had 199 missed messages, most of them from The Death Cure cast telling me to not go on social media, and 26 missed phones calls, all of which were from my best friend Robbie. I decided to call Robbie back later and see just what was so important that the entire cast had to text me.




  Look, I know Dylan has already texted you, but you need to listen to him, don’t go on Twitter or any form of social media, you’ll thank me later.

  Mum: Call me when you get this, I just heard all about it from Dylan, I need to know your okay.


   Want me to kill him, or her? I can kill them both. I mean I know he has a history with her, but still.


   Seriously, answer your phone, I’m getting worried over here.


   I’m coming to the school, I have tried calling you  and you haven’t answered, I need to know your not plotting some kind of murder. oh and DON’T GO ON SOCIAL MEDIA


  You went on social media didn’t you? I thought I told you not to? Just call me.

  Tommy <3

    I know this won’t mean much, but I am sorry.

  I let out a sigh and pulled up Dylan’s contact, and dialed his number. He answered on the first ring.

  “Thank God! Do you not know how to answer your phone?”

  “Some of us have college classes to attend Dyl.” I huffed, rolling my eyes as he started yelling about how I was okay to Ki and Kaya. “Will you please just tell me what the actually hell is going, and why everyone and their grandmother is telling me to stay off social media?”

  “Thomas is cheating on you.” Dylan sighed, his words causing me to freeze.


  “With Isabella. There is a video of the two that went viral. It shows the two of them kissing, and her leaving your guys apartment. I know it’s a low blow either way but I wanted to make sure you heard it from me. I would have hated it if you found out because a thousand teenage girls sent you the video on Twitter.” Dylan said softly.

  “Thank you, I um I have to go Robbie just showed up.”

  “Okay, I know you won’t talk to him anymore but don’t cut Ki, Kaya and I out of your life okay? We love you.”

  “I love you guys to, and of course I won’t. Bye Dyl.”

  “Bye.” The moment he hung up I let out a sob, getting up and rushing over to where Robbie was standing. The moment I reached him I fell into his chest, clinging onto his shirt. Robbie let out a sigh as he hugged me tightly against his chest.

  “I am so sorry.” He cooed. He kept one hand on my lower back, while his other moved to my hair, his fingers playing comfortingly with my hair. “It’s going to be okay.”

  “I have no where to go Robbie, I can’t go back there, not after he.. he…” I cried, hugging my best friend closer to me.

  “Shh you do so have somewhere to go, you’ll come live with me.”

  “Robbie, I..”

  “If that sentence ends with ‘I can’t’ i suggest you shut it while your ahead. You can and you will.” Robbie said sternly, pulling my back so he could look me in the eye. “I am your best friend, and I love you more than words, there is no way you are staying in a hotel. You stay with me.”

  “What about my stuff?” I sniffed, reaching up so I could wipe the tears from my face. The act proved to be useless seeing as I couldn’t stop crying.

  “Colin, Sean and I are heading over this weekend to grab your stuff and move it out, while we are doing that Camila and Fiona have demanded that they get you for the day. They said something about having a ‘two timing ex bashing’ day. I didn’t ask for details. I also went ahead and grabbed some of your clothes, your makeup stuff and whatever else I thought you might need from the apartment.” Robbie explained, smiling at me while he grabbed my bag from me, throwing it over his shoulder. I nodded, as I curled into his side.

  “That sounds great. Thank you. I seriously love you so much.”

  “Don’t thank me princess, what kind of best friend would I be if didn’t come and save you?”

  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Several Months Later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     *****Robbie P.o.v********


    I was in love with her, everything about her made me feel complete and happy. I wanted her to be happy, that’s why when she told me she started talking to Thomas again I lost it.

  “Robbie I don’t get why the hell you are so pissed off about this? It’s my life!” She screamed, her hands landing on her hips.

  “I am mad because you deserve better, much better, than him. You deserve the world, not some ass that can’t even tell you still has feelings for his ex!”

 “I told you, he said it was over between them!”

  “Ya and he said the last fucking time too.”

  “God dammit Robbie, don’t you get it! I am alone! The only guy that will so much as look at me is him! I don’t want to go back to him but I don’t want to be alone either.” She screamed, her words causing my breath to catch in my throat.

  “You’re not alone. Y/n don’t you get it? I have always been there for you, and I always will. When he failed to tell you he was flying out to Vancouver to film and left you stranded in LA, I was the one that came and got you. I was the one on the end of three am phone call as you cried because you two got into a fight. I have always been there, because I have always been so madly in love with you.”

  “What?” She breathed out, her voice barely raising above a whisper.

  “I am in love with you.” I said again. I looked her over for a moment before I crossed the room, the moment she was within reach I grabbed her by the arms and pulled her into me. She stared up at me, confusion clear in her eyes, I knew she was about to say something but I cut her off by placing my lips against hers.

  She froze for only a second before she melted into the kiss, her body pressing against my own as our lips moved in a passionate kiss. I hummed against her, my hands running around her waist as I pulled her closer against me. She moaned as she reached up, her hands moving to wrap around my neck, her fingers twirling the ends of my hair between them.

  “Robbie.” She muttered against my lips, moaning as I moved to place a kiss to her jaw. “I need you.”

  “Are you sure?” I whispered, pulling back to let my gaze search hers.

  “I love you too Robbie, and I am sure that I want this, that I want you.” She answered, her hands moving to cup my cheeks. “I had no idea how I felt before but then last week we were walking downtown and you were laughing about something, and the sun was hitting your hair just the right way and that’s when it hit me. I am in love with you.” She whispered, cutting off any response I may have made by pressing her lips back against mine.

  “Hmm okay baby girl, come on then, we are doing this right.” I muttered as I pulled away from her. I gave her a soft smile as I wrapped my hand around hers, leading up the stairs to my bedroom. Once we were inside I lead her to the bed, pulling her in front of me so she could crawl into the middle. Once she was comfortable I slowly crawled on top of her, pressing random kisses to what ever skin I could see on my way. When I reached her lips, I placed my own against hers. As our lips moved in a heated kiss, I let my hands slip up her top, my finger tips brushing against the flesh on the under of her bra.

  “Robbie.” She panted against my lips, moaning in the back of her throat when I slipped my tongue into her mouth. She tasted like heaven. A mixture of the sweets she was eating before with a tint of mint, no doubt from her gum. Sh has a love of mint bubble gum as was always chewing it.

  “You are so beautiful.” I moaned, smiling at her when I moved my mouth to her jaw, pressing kisses along her jaw to the bottom of her ear lobe. “So so beautiful.” I hummed against her skin, smirking when her hips bucked against mine when I started to suck on the skin just below her ear.

  “Oh Robbie.” She moaned, her hands moving down my back, her fingers pulling up the hem of my shirt up, her fingers drawing circles along the small of my back. “I love you.” She hummed as she pressed a kiss to my shoulder.

  “I love you too darling.” I hummed, smiling when I leaned up so I could pull my shirt off, a soft moan leaving her lips as she started to run her fingers up my chest. “I want to make you feel good.” I whispered, smiling at her as I ducked my head into the crock of her neck, switching between soft kiss to sucking gently on her skin. She kept moaning, her back arching as I slipped my hands under her shirt, pushing her bra up so I could knead her breasts.

  “Robbie.” She panted, her mouth forming a perfect “o” when I started to swirl her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, my mouth leaving a trail of kisses as I moved to suck her other one. As my tongue flicked over her nipple, her hands tangled into my hair, holding my head against her breast.

  I let her breast go with a silent pop. I smiled at her, my eyes racking over my body as I slowly pulled her shirt and bra off. I tossed them to the side, smiling at her as I slowly put my head make against her skin. I started to press a series of kisses in a line down her stomach. The closer I got to her closed center, the faster her breathing became.

  “Robbie, baby, please do something.” She hummed, her eyes fluttering shut when I slowly began to pull her pants and underwear down. I threw them over my shoulder, smiling as I leaned down to press a gentle kiss to the inside of her thigh. She groaned loudly, her fingers tangling into my hair as she pulled me up to where she wanted me the most.  I chuckled as I came to her heat, smirking up at her before I pressed my lips against her.

  Instantly she let out a moan, her hips bucking up in pleasure when I started kitten lick her clit. “Oh God Robbie yes.” She moaned, her breath catching in her throat when I slowly slid a finger inside of her. I pumped my finger into her gently as I started to gently suck on her clit. Her hips bucked up against me, her moans falling from her lips in pants.

  My cock twitched against my pants, as she let out a scream of pleasure when I slipped another finger inside of her. I started to pump my fingers into her at a quicker pace, curling my fingers up against her walls. As I continued to eat her out, I let my free had slide down to slip in between the waist band of my pants. I started to palm myself. I groaned against her again, my moans causing her to scream out in pleasure.

  “Robbie I need you to be inside of me.” She moaned, her hands moving to grip tightly onto my shoulders. I gave her one last quick lick up clit before I pulled away from her. I smiled as I licked my lips, gathering her juices from my lips. I hummed at her as I quickly removed my pants, I pumped myself a few times before I moved to press my tip against her core. I let out a moan as I slowly pushed into her, letting my head fall into the crock of her shoulder as I slowly began to thrust into her.

  “Oh damn baby girl you feel so good.” I moaned, pressing a kiss to her shoulder. She let out a scream when I wrapped her legs around my waist, giving me a new angel so I hit her g-spot every time.

  “Robbie, I’m close.” She moaned, her hands gripping into my shoulders.

  “So am I baby girl, cum for me my darling.” I moaned into her skin, cursing as my own high washed over me. I continued to thrust into her at a sloppy pace.

 “Oh fuck Robbie.” She screamed, her hands digging into my skin as her own high washed over her.

  “That was.” I panted, when I rolled off of her. Y/n hummed out in a happy silence as she curled into me, her head resting on my shoulder as her arm wrapped around my waist.

  “Amazing?” She giggled, finishing the sentence I was to lazy to finish.

  “That it was.” I chuckled, smiling as I pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “I know this may be a bit silly but I want it to be official. Will you please do the honor of becoming my girlfriend?”

  “Your right that was silly, but yes Robbie, I would love nothing else than to be your girlfriend.” She chuckled, as she turned her face up to press a kiss to my lips.

  “Good.” I chuckled, smiling as pulled her tighter into my side.

come and take a walk on the wild side

cool pose// this is my christmas gift to dani, an asanoya fic to the prompt ‘my pet spider escaped and terrified the new neighbor’, enjoy!!

Relationship: Noya/Asahi

Rating: T

Words: 4,605


There’s a bloodcurdling scream of terror, and then Noya remembers that, right, there’s a new person moving into the apartment next to him. Oops.

(in which Noya is accidentally the Worst Neighbor Ever, Asahi loses twenty years of his life to stress, and Rolling Thunder is the star of the show.)


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wow i’d quite like to get married, but the idea of being some dude’s wife just really repulses me, idk why? must be because i’m still stuck in the “boys have cooties” stage, despite being fifteen and mature for my age. yep, that’s it.

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I've finally watched upstate and I feel so sad about Maya selling all her clothes. Those clothes were so important to her, they gave her so much hope. Also, the clothes don't make the man, both Farkle and Smackle changed their outfit but they never stopped being themselves, they only matured.

Yep. But don’t try to tell Riley that. She’s reallllll hung up on outer appearance at the moment…😔