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A Little Lost by exclamation

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 73366

A magical accident sends Stiles back in time. Now he’s stuck in New York, living with Derek and Laura, and the only way to get back to his own time is to learn to use magic. Meanwhile, he must figure out how much he can tell them about their future. Can he warn them about the dangers they face? Can he change his own past?

And can he trust the creature known as Bookworm, who seems to know him better than he knows himself?

Nebula Correspondences
  • Abell 36: tranquility, peace, insight, clarity, knowledge 
  • Abell 78: invisibility, protection
  •  Ant Nebula: communication, strength, power, energy, success, diligence 
  • Barnard’s Loop: vitality, survival, movement, motivation, strength, valor
  • Boomerang Nebula: communication, truth, astral projection
  • California Nebula: assistance, opportunity, finances, passion, creativity, competition, energy, emotional strength, pride
  • Carina Nebula: spirituality, inspiration, purification, protection, travel
  • Cat’s Eye Nebula: beauty, perception, divination, wisdom, mysticism, the unknown
  • Cone Nebula: motivation, confidence; revenge, general cursing
  • Dumbbell Nebula: abundance, prosperity, healing, emotional strength, new beginnings, opportunities
  • Eagle Nebula: wisdom, justice, growth, magic, success, business ventures
  • Egg Nebula: rebirth, spirituality
  • Elephant Trunk Nebula: creativity, ancient energies and knowledge, gentleness, patience, compassion, memory, diligence
  • Engraved Hourglass Nebula: divination, knowledge, protection, vision, intuition; banishment, cursing others, curse redirection
  • Eskimo nebula: money, protection, balance, mental awareness, focus, mental and psychic clarity
  • Flame Nebula: passion, love, lust, ambition, happiness, energy, empowerment, alertness, good health; anger, war, revenge
  • Ghost Nebula: divination, protection, banishment, removing curses, protection in sleep, spirit communication
  • Heart Nebula: love, romance, family, beauty, lust, fertility, fidelity, self-love, emotional healing, passion, friendship, joy
  • Helix Nebula: psychic protection, psychic awareness, drive away evil
  • Hen 2-47: Money, prosperity, fortune, joy Iris Nebula: wisdom, spirit work, guards secrets
  • Horsehead Nebula: inspiration, freedom, sexuality, fertility, intimidation, brings nightmares to enemies 
  • IC 434: Respect, strength, abundance
  • IC 405: protection, rebirth, bonds, guidance, self-love, emotional balance 
  • IC 2118: tranquility, sleep and dreams
  • Lagoon Nebula: divination, empowerment, intelligence, improves communication
  • Lemon Slice Nebula: joy, friendship, cleansing, protection from baneful magick
  • Little Dumbbell Nebula: self-love, emotional healing
  • Little Ghost Nebula: protection, purification
  • Medusa Nebula: charisma, beauty, healing, protection from harm
  • Messier 78: balance, banishment, binding 
  • North American Nebula: renewal, motivation 
  • Omega Nebula: creativity, closing things or ceremonies, starting anew
  • Orion Nebula: independence, psychic awareness, psychic protection, mental clarity, wisdom, beauty, glamour, brings change
  • Owl Nebula: protection during sleep, meditation, intuition, wisdom, clarity 
  • Red Rectangle Nebula: strength, courage, focus, empowerment in times of trial
  • Saturn Nebula: protection, honesty, sincerity, justice and law, time, spiritual awareness, intelligence, wisdom, chaos, spirituality
  • Shapley 1: protection, wishes
  • Southern Owl Nebula: self reflection, honesty
  • Spirograph Nebula: beauty, motivation, energy, self-empowerment, the arts, creativity, confidence
  • Ring Nebula: calm, honesty, friendship, family, protection of the home, respect
  • Tarantula Nebula: dreams, mysticism, creation, new beginnings, binding, chaos, illusion, deceptions 
  • Trifid Nebula: birth, youth, creation, growth
  • Stingray Nebula: prosperity, compassion, healing, maturity, good fortune
  • Veil Nebula: travel, astral projection, realm travel
  • Westerhout 5: growth, connections to the natural world, self-improvement, breaking down barriers, life, harmony, hope, healing
  • Wolf Rayet Nebula: independence, guidance, truth, hope, communication, ambition 

**special thanks to @cosmic-witch for going through this for me

timeskip mod plans

i’m getting a lot of asks about individual characters, so i’m posting this as reference for me and anyone else who’s interested! (will be updating as i go):

  • Alex – professional gridpall player (NGL), married to Penny, happily adjusting to fatherhood
  • Penny – married to Alex, lives in a newly built home, has a new baby girl, has a garden, no more messy trash yard!
  • Sam – playing gigs around the valley, performs music live at saloon on weekends, renting a room from Gus
    • (if player marries Alex): +married to Penny
  • Abigail – adventure/magic lifestyle explored, dating Sebastian, living in a cliff-side cabin, adventures for a living, has a cat now
  • Sebastian – living with Abigail, accompanies her on adventures, still codes for extra cash, souped up bike, learned a bit of magic
  • Maru – successful inventor, multiple robots around the house, new big telescope, (WIP) rooming with Haley?
  • Haley – photographer for fashion/travel magazines, matured quite a bit more, dealing with living alone in the house, (WIP) possible new roomie Maru?
  • Emily – married to Sandy, living back and forth between Calico/Pelican Town, following fashion designer ambitions
  • Sandy – new apartment below Oasis, travels to Pelican Town weekly
  • Leah – Accomplished sculptor, cabin expanded with a gallery, spends most nights at Elliot’s cottage
  • Elliot – Bestselling author, has contact with his family again, upgraded cottage, dating Leah casually (nervous about being “official”)
  • Shane – stopped drinking, goes to see Harvey weekly to followup on therapy stuff, content chicken farmer, no more Joja!!
  • Harvey – busier clinic w/ patients from neighboring towns, healthier eating + exercise for himself, playing with remote control airplanes, testing weather balloons with Demetrius, he has a beard now

Townsfolk and bachlor/ette updated outfit concepts below cut:

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alyssastrology  asked:

Hi can you update the drug addict Stiles tag please?Thank you!!

Oh man, this one seriously needed an update, @alyssastrology! - Anastasia

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We’re Still Living Like Lovers by xxxillusionxxx

(1/1 I 471 I Mature I Steter)

Peter and Stiles have a dysfunctional routine.

In Recovery by Inell

(1/1 I 1,150 I Teen I Stackson)

Stiles and Jackson meet again while in rehab.

10,000 Days by baeberiibungh

(2/2 I 3,227 I Not Rated)

Stiles ‘Wolfy’ Stilinski is a sex driven, drug addled singer whose songs are fire and voice ice. Derek is the hellhound come to collect his damned soul…

I don’t need you, but i really do by VoidSterekOTP

(1/1 I 3,297 I Mature I Sterek)

“Why weren’t you at school?” Scott asks concerned.
“I wasn’t feeling to good this morning and I threw up last night. Dad let me take the day off” Well it wasn’t exactly a lie he just left the part out where he spent all day in bed with his boyfriend snorting coke off of each other’s chest and smoking pot.

Change (new and approved) by Skookyumi

(1/? I 3,748 I Not Rated I Sterek)

He wanted to be gone. He longed to be high, to be so gone that the sofa looked nonexistent from the sky, but it wasn’t like that anymore. It was just slow burning, black numbness. Dying would be better then this. Maybe that was what he should do, because there was nothing left for him.

Be Like the Cool Kids by shuckyou

(5/15 I 6,222 I Mature I Sterek)

Stiles puffed out a breath of smoke and it floated into the air, polluting and toxic. He didn’t care though.

Scott and Jackson were skateboarding. Trying to see who was better, and Allison and Lydia were watching and laughing.

This was a time where he could let all his troubles go. He could ignore his problems, because boy did he have a lot, and just be free.

Chronological Order by InsertName

(1/1 I 11,567 I Mature I Sterek)

Stiles travels, becomes an addict, falls in love, almost dies, and makes a friend. Not in that order.

Ultraviolence by Demimonde (Katherene)

(5/5 I 13,148 I Explicit I Rape)

Stiles loses his dad, and Peter makes everything all better.

Say Something by knw

(13/? I 48,953 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles Stilinski is a recovering addict seeking to rehabilitate his public image through a dance reality show. Derek Hale is the professional dancer tasked with getting him through the competition.

Unfortunately it’s harder than Stiles expects: not only is he managing his own illness and press scrutiny, but he needs to act professional around Derek when all he really wants is to climb him like a tree.

Just Bent by AsexualDerek (Cammerel)

(37/37 I 97,108 I Explicit I Sciles)

Their marriage hadn’t always been this facade - this twisted pack of lies to keep the truth from their friends. Stiles is sure Scott’s been cheating on him for a while. Things can’t get much worse, but they always do.

Red/Blue Dex Entry: A Pokémon that has been overhunted almost to extinction. It can ferry people across the water

OR/AS Dex Entry:
People have driven Lapras almost to the point of extinction. In the evenings, this Pokémon is said to sing plaintively as it seeks what few others of its kind still remain.

The first and most recent dex entries for Lapras. Its one of my favourite pokemon, but I’ve always found it poignant how it seems to represent dwindling populations of real world cetaceans (whales and dolphins) that have too been hunted to near extinction in the recent past, despite being gentle and intelligent creatures. Anyway, I’d thought I’d do a lil’ biological overview of them (which is in no way canon, just something I wrote based on irl cetaceans and fossil plesiosaurs!)

Lapras are large marine reptilian pokemon, found in polar and sub-polar waters.  They are endothermic (warm blooded) with a thick layer of fat for insulation. They feed primarily on fish pokemon, such as remoraid, but also forage on the seafloor for benthic pokemon, such as Krabby, or Shellder. They possess a single horn on their head, used to form and sustain air holes under layers of sea ice. They are extremely long lived pokemon, and adults often have dense encrustations of a small binacle subspecies, only found on Lapras. They are highly intelligent, and have a sophisticated communication with conspecifics (other Lapras) via singing. Lapras travel to warmer, temperate waters to breed and rear young, for example they can be spotted off the coast ot Kalos in the Azure bay. Males sing endlessly during this period in order to compete for females. The calves are born via vivipary (live birth) and are reared in the shallow warm waters until they are mature enough to travel back to colder waters, where food is more abundant. Calves stay in the protection of their mothers for years. Females travel in pods of closely related mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters and grandmothers, whereas males lead a more solitary lifestyle.

Unfortunately, due to their gentle nature, and valuable oils and fats, these Pokemon have been hunted to near extinction, and are classified as a highly endangered species.

Recommended by rainfiresnowearth:

Title: Time’s Fool
Author: Lunabeegood
Word Count: ~79,000
Rating: Mature
Status: Complete
Summary: After the 2nd Wizarding War, Hermione works as an apprentice at Hogwarts where Severus is still the Potions Master. She performs a time-turner experiment using Severus in the demonstration, and things go horribly wrong. Follow the pair as they arrive in various times, in unfamiliar roles, and try in vain to come back home while learning about each other and their true feelings.

“Bloody stop that!” She snapped as she pried his hands from her person. “I don’t have my wand.”

“Neither do I,” he said with disdain.

“Severus!” A woman called from inside.

“I think that’s my bloody wife,” he said as he looked back toward the room.

“You, married? The horror,” she said in a shocked voice.

If the other Sailor Soldiers were the leads in their own stories:
  • (Excluding Mina, obviously, because she already has her own story, and Chibi Moon, because it would ultimately be the same kind of story as Moon's)
  • Mercury: A slice of life/underdog story about a painfully shy and lonely genius as she follows her dream to becoming Japan's youngest doctor. Dodging bullying from her peers and attempted sabotage by her superiors, it's a story about a loner overcoming isolation and winning in her own quiet way, supported by an ecclectic but excitable background cast. A similar moral to modern interpretations of Cinderella with a sleek 90s shoujo art style like Wedding Peach.
  • Mars: A distant, motivated, powerful and beautiful young shinto priestess is trying to live her own life and achieve her goals of becoming rich, famous and successful, but she has to waste time warding off evil demons, lost spirits and smitten boys. Kind of a cross between Ghost Sweeper Mikami and Mushishi, with a heavy, retro art style similar to Devilman.
  • Jupiter: A tall, strong schoolgirl is consistently mistaken for a delinquent and accidentally becomes the leader of a bike gang, when all she really wants to do is open a combination florist/bakery. Love confessions are mistaken as challenges for this poor Rambo romantic! A bombastic art style with shounen leanings like Binbougami Ga and Slayers.
  • Pluto: A more relaxed and mature approach to time travel combining & contrasting it with the mystery and thriller genres. A shadowy figure cuts through time and space, piecing together mysteries and transplating people into the right places at the right time. Reuniting lovers, averting catastrophes and bridging generations without ever committing her sacred Taboos, the story slowly unravels the central character's past and her own unfixable mistakes. A solid, minimalist art style as per Naoki Urasawa's Monster combined with abstract textures and colouring like Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.
  • Neptune: An unfathomably graceful, rich and beautiful young lady encounters a series of problems she solves by sheer magnitude of her perfection. An affectionate parody of extravagant 70s shoujo manga serving as an elegant counterpart to One-Punch Man, with a style heavily referencing The Rose of Versailles.
  • Uranus: Unfettered shoujo romance featuring an androgynous lead whose womanizing tendencies lands her frequently in hot water. Gathering rivals from around the world in racing, classical music and vintage automobile collecting, she must avoid their constant attempts to best her while chasing her elusive and elegant "first love" from so many years ago. Dramedy/romance with a ornamented but dynamic style like Magic Knight Rayearth or Revolutionary Girl Utena.
  • Saturn: A slow-paced, Gothic horror/thriller manga centered around a frail and amnesiac girl, who finds herself one day incapable of leaving her family's enormous mansion after one of her father's sinister science experiments goes awry. The house has transformed into a dark maze defying any logic, and she must travel through its endless rooms to try and save him while uncovering their painful past. A visual and directorial approach like a Junji Ito version of Alice in Wonderland.
Thank you. Thanks for breaking my heart. Truly. Thank you for doing something that I was too afraid to do- let you go. Thank you for your infidelity that ended what we had, even though it caused me excruciating pain. Thanks for allowing me to be free so I could do the things I didn’t even know I wanted to do. Thank you for loosening your grip on my heart so that I may have room to fill it with new adventures. Thank you for opening my eyes to the endless opportunities that I didn’t see because of you.  Honestly, thank you, because that pain was the best thing that ever happened to me. That pain created a better version of myself without you. The heartache is gone and I have never been as happy with myself as I am now. And for that, I thank you.
—  NM

Recommended by rainfiresnowearth:

Title: In His Rooms
Author: Hikorichan 
Word Count: ~65,000
Rating: Mature
Status: Complete
Summary: When Hermione Granger is given the opportunity to save Severus Snape, she willingly spins back through time to give him a chance to survive Nagini’s bite. After all, he deserves it. And how hard can it really be?

“That is enough!” shouted Snape, sitting up violently. “How dare you insult me in my own rooms, you little—”

“Mudblood? Is that what you called Lily too?” I spat back.

What little colour there was drained from Severus’s face. He leapt across the space between us and grabbed my arm, yanking me up to my feet and pointing his wand at my throat. I had an odd sense of deja-vu, and my wrist twinged in pain as he tightened his hold on it.

“Ah, so you do like torture like the Carrows,” I said, staring defiantly at him.

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Angsty Leggy hcs? (Also thank you for the nsfw Leggy hcs yesterday, it improved my day)

Aw I’m glad I could help Anon :3 

  • Most the angst comes from the fact, Laf is the same age as Ham and part of his little crew, Peggy’s sisters are not all about that life
  • Mr. Schuyler is MOST definitely not about that life
  • Peggy is a bit of a youthful girl and has a lot of experimentation to do, Laf feels like he’s mostly a phase
  • There is some maturity problems, Laf has traveled Traveled and probably has had other relationships, Peggy has not, sometimes his doting feels like he’s trying to be her second dad
  • Money, Laf is always owing money and Peggy lends him a lot (daddy’s got dough) however she starts to think he’s dating her for the cash
  • No set in stone future, they both feel a little out of their element when it comes to setting something up
  • Laf leaves for France a lot, Peggy hasn’t been there once, what is he hiding there and what happens if he decides not to come back?


Author: exclamation

Summary: A magical accident sends Stiles back in time. Now he’s stuck in New York, living with Derek and Laura, and the only way to get back to his own time is to learn to use magic. Meanwhile, he must figure out how much he can tell them about their future. Can he warn them about the dangers they face? Can he change his own past? And can he trust the creature known as Bookworm, who seems to know him better than he knows himself?

Info: 73k | Mature

Notes: It’s only a first part, there are two more, but I don’t have time to read them this week and this one was awesome, so rec it is. Time traveling fic, with great plot, feels and very interesting new character, Bookworm. It was well written and original and I can’t wait to read the other parts! Also there is death in this part, hopefully it will be fixed in the sequel! - K.

Sneak Peek:

She started reading, eyes darting back and forth across the lines of words. Almost at once, the silent tears started to fall. She reached up and wiped them from her cheeks with the cuff of her sleeve, not taking the chance of them dropping onto a page and spoiling the book. Derek didn’t know what to make of it. When she reached the bottom of the page, she closed her eyes again and sniffled gently.

“Are you alright?” he asked. “What did you see?”

“Broken soul,” she whispered. “Poor little broken soul, surrounded by so much blood. He hides it all with smiles and laughter, but he’s surrounded by death and he blames himself. Poor little broken soul.”

She opened her eyes and looked directly at Derek, a fierceness behind the tears.

“Help him, Derek. You have to help him.”

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I have a long flight and am looking for some good episodic sansan to last 13 hours, if you have recommendations! Plus points for Mature :)

Over 150K words and very mature… Happy travels!

Northern Lights and Midnight Sun

A Lightness

Alyssa’s Tears

Boots of Braavosi Leather

The Reason is You

Her Liquor’s Top Shelf   

Kiss The Girl 

Gods and Monsters

Sandor’s Feelings Revealed

The Triangle

There’ll Be Some Changes Made

A Sweet Poison  (edit: I’ve been called out on this one, and rightfully so, because it’s not Sansan until late in the story, but it’s seriously worth the read anyway)

ユーリ!!! on ICE fanfiction, recommendation post!

I’m already hunting down YoI fanfic because I really need it, and I found beautiful things that I’m going to list right here! Like, really, thanks to all those talented, amazing people who started writing OS, mini-long, long and everything for this fandom. Enjoy!



Distance, surveycorpsjean | victuuri | One Shot | Rated Explicit

snow on fire, ftmsteverogers | victuuri | One Shot | Rated Explicit | AU

Unwritten, kaizuka | victuuri | chaptered, mini-long| 6/6, complete | Rated Teen & Up Audience | Soulmates!AU |

Always my Soulmate, watermelonsmellinfellon | victuuri | OS collection | 23/?, on going | Rated Explicit | Soulmates!AU |

i know my madness, astoryaboutwar | victuuri | One Shot | Rated Explicit | what if |

Talk to me, SuggestiveScribe | victuuri | One Shot | Rated Explicit | kinky |

Stay Close to Me, dasedandconfuzed | victuuri | One Shot | Rated Teen & Up Audience | AU |

Praise Please, surveycorpsjean | victuuri | One Shot | Rated Explicit | 

Fever, MilkTeaMiku | victuuri | One Shot | Rated Explicit | alpha/beta/omega dynamics |

Of Love and Other Emotions, @iloveyoulikekatsudon | victuuri | OS’ serie | Rated Teen and Up Audience | 

He Wants Me Dead, RunawayWhispers | victuuri | One Shot | Rated Explicit | PWP |

Next Level, ghostystarr | victuuri | One Shot | Rated General Audience | 

Look and See, @peachylixir | victuuri | One Shot | Rated General Audience |

Chasing Fate, GuyBlackhand | victuuri | chaptered | 8/11, ongoing | Rated Mature | alpha/beta/omega dynamics |

katsuki_fc wrote, tetsurashian | victuuri | chaptered | 7/7, completed | Rated General Audience | Social Media!AU

like your french girls, ebenroot | victuuri | chaptered | 7/7, completed | Rated Teen and Up Audience | Artist!AU

From the Moon, ButterBeerBitch | victuuri | One Shot | Rated Mature |

Flush, MilkTeaMiku | victuuri | One Shot | Rated Explicit |  alpha/beta/omega dynamics |

the greatest distance from the sun, @gervilla | victuuri | chaptered | 8/?, ongoing | alpha/beta/omega dynamics |

Yutopia, @animefanimefic | victuuri | chaptered | 12/?, ongoing | Rated Mature | alpha/beta/omega dynamics |

On My Love, RikoJasmine | victuuri | chaptered | 5/?, ongoing | Rated Teen and Up Audience | time travel!AU |

starstruck, @haikuyus | victuuri | chaptered | 12/?, ongoing | Rated Teen and Up Audience | Parent!AU

a great desire to love, @omgkatsudonplease | victuuri, side otayuri, Chris x Victor | chaptered | 7/7, completed | RatedTeen and Up Audience | Kimi no Na wa!AU

Happiest Moments, @sadhipstercat | victuuri | One Shot | Rated Teen & Up Audience | Soulmates!AU |

i have my body (and you have yours), astoryaboutwar | victuuri, slight otayuri | One Shot | Rated Mature | Soulmates!AU |

Absolute, @sciencefictioness | victuuri | One Shot | Rated Explicit |

Expomise, thankyouforexisting | victuuri, side literally everyone???, prepares your otps??? | chaptered | 5/?, ongoing | Rated Teen & Up Audience | Hogwarts!AU |

Entwining Fates, rinsled05 | victuuri, side Leo x Guang-Hong, otayuri | chaptered | 5/8, ongoing | Rated Teen & Up Audience | Hogwarts!AU |

Tu Meum Animum, bratinella | victuuri, side otayuri? | chaptered | 7/?, ongoing | Rated General Audience | Hogwarts!AU |

i’ve stumbled onto sounds i wasn’t able to make alone, @copperpatina | victuuri | chaptered | 9/9, completed | Rated Teen & Up Audience | musician!AU |

fresh off the presses, @wbtrashking | victuuri | One Shot | Rated Teen & Up Audience | bookstore!AU |

silver, @pageleaf | victuuri | One Shot | Rated Explicit |

NEW - the lounge, @wbtrashkingvictuuri | One Shot | Rated Mature | alcoholic therapy!AU |

NEW - Gods of Circumstance, Ritequette | victuuri | chaptered | 6/?, ongoing | Rated Mature | time travel!AU |

NEW - intermezzo and glissando @wbtrashking | victuuri | One Shot, ‘between two notes’ serie | Rated Teen & Up Audience | time travel!AU |

NEW - Five Times Viktor got jealous (and the one time Yuuri noticed), braveten | victuuri | One Shot | Rated Teen & Up Audience

NEW - Make It Good, Make It Better, @savour-y | victuuri | chaptered | 6/7, ongoing | Not Rated/but Mature | rivals!au

NEW - So the Skies Opened up (and Drowned Us All), Petricular | victuuri | One Shot | Not Rated/but Mature | !! Non-Graphic Rape/Non-Con !! |



Endurance and Peach Tea, chapstickaddict | otayuri | One Shot | Rated Teen & Up Audience |

From Almaty, With Love, BoxWineConfession | otayuri, side victuuri | chaptered | 13/13, completed (i’m mourning) | Rated Explicit | 

write my name on your skin, RenaitAbeille | otayuri, side victuuri | chaptered, mini-long | 2/2, completed | Rated Teen & Up Audience

Lingers On Me Now, violetchachkii | otayuri | chaptered, mini-long | 3/3, completed | Rated Explicit | alpha/beta/omega dynamics |

what hoodies are made for, pissedofsandwich | otayuri | One Shot | Rated Teen & Up Audience |

Nothing More Than What We Have Now, Ren | otayuri | One Shot | Rated Explicit |

NEW - Hashtags, @abrandnewheartotayuri, side victuuri | One Shot | Rated Teen & Up Audience |



in skating we axel, pictureperfectporcelain | victuuri, otayuri, Leo x Guang-Hong, Phichit x Seung-Gil | chaptered | 15/?, ongoing | Rated  Teen and Up Audience | Chat group!AU