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Jealousy is a Blue-Eyed Monster

Pairing: CastielXReader

Word Count: 1995

A/N: Smutty smut smut warning, mature readers only please. Mild Dom!Cas. It’s slightly longer, so I’m throwing in a Keep Reading break before the smut, so, you know, keep reading! One-shot written for @roxy-davenport ’s Lexie Carver SPN Writing Challenge. Prompts - #62 “Are you jealous?” and #54 “Did you write me a love letter?”

“And this one is courtesy of a shifter in Portland three years ago, no four,” you lifted your tank top up, revealing a straight line milky scar stretching from your armpit to under your breast, “Strong bastard, turned my knife on me. It was a clean cut - I’d just sharpened the blade.”

Dean leaned closer to examine the scar, pursing his lips in approval, “Nice work, did you stitch it yourself?”

“Super glue and duct tape,” you grinned, “Trick I picked up from Bobby.”

Dean whistled, “Impressive, but I’ve got better.” He jumped up, unzipping his jeans and dropping them down to reveal his boxers. He lifted one leg up on the couch next to you, peeling the boxers up his thigh to reveal a quarter-sized dense purple marbled scar.

“What the hell?” You ran you fingers inquisitively over the scar, “That’s no bullet or stab wound.”

“Arrow, tipped with flaming holy oil,” a proud smirk plastered across his face, “And FYI, don’t ever give Sam a crossbow.”

“Friendly fire! You win!” Laughing, you threw your hands up in the air, conceding defeat.

Dean chuckled, fishing his discarded pants off the floor, “Loser makes the beer run.” He winked at you, grabbing a bottle off the table and taking the last swig.

“What is going on here?” Cas’ gravelly voice boomed the instant he appeared, taking in the sight of you and Dean, stripped down to your skivvies. He glared at Dean angrily, jaw clenched.

You flinched at the harsh tone of his voice, peeking over the couch back to look at him. In the shadows behind him, you could almost make out the outline of his wings spanning threateningly across the room.

“Woah, nothing happened Cas,” Dean raised his arms in surrender and backed several steps away from you, “Innocent fun comparing old scars.”

Both Dean and Cas’ postures relaxed as you looked between them, noting with curiosity that they shared a brief look of unspoken understanding.

“Actually, I think I’ll make the beer run, grab some fresh air,” Dean collected his shirt from the arm of the couch, pointing at you, “You owe me one.”

You lifted your chin and nodded - watching as Dean exited the room, giving Cas a wide berth.

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The Antithesis of Nobility - Part 4

Final Part of me and @inner-muse joint writing effort exploring a dark AU of torture and angst with our ot3 Cullen x Annabel X Kelandris. 

What sick plans does Tristan have for the two ladies and will the OT3 be reunited?

Warning: This fic contains violence, graphic torture, swearing and heavy angst.. This series is for mature readers only. You have been warned.

Part 1Part 2Part 3 (All on AO3)


Whistling a cheery tune Tristan opens the cell door. “Good morning,” he offers his greeting as several guards file in. Wandering to Kelandris he lifts up her chin. “I must say, my lady, you are looking a little worse for wear. Have you been getting enough sleep? That pesky slut’s not been keeping you awake has she?”

Kelandris blinks blearily up at him, half-conscious. Her eyes flicker and she twitches, briefly considering snapping at him, but immediately discards the idea. Moving is too painful, besides it’s not her who would pay for it. Instead she simply bares her teeth in a bloody, wordless snarl.

Smug, Tristan smiles. “Don’t worry my lady, I’m sure we can fix that problem.” Annabel curses at him and he glowers. “You and your clever foul mouth…” he tuts. “Lets see what wonderful things I can get it to say next hmm? After your lady is given a nice long rest, of course.” Guards move in and he stands clear as Kelandris is carefully released from the stock and into fresh restraints.

She puts up a cursory fight, but a couple blows across the ravaged skin of her back easily pacify her. They subdue her quickly, twisting her arms up cruelly behind her and binding her in place. She buries her teeth in her own lip again to keep herself quiet; between the trickle of blood running down her chin and the rage crackling underneath her savage glare, she looks about ready to eat their captor alive.

“Where are you taking her!? You can't—”

“I can and I will!” Tristan cuts across Annabel furiously. “And if you want her back, you’ll do what I say.”

This nightmare is only getting worse, despite Annabel’s flaring desire to beg, she knows what she needs to say as the guards begin dragging her love off. "I keep my promises.”

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Need: Redux

Pairing: CastielXReader

Word Count: 540

A/N: One-shot explicit fluff – mature readers only!

You dreamed of his hands snaking over you – your body writhing in pleasure as he rubbed circles around each of your nipples in turn. His soft full lips peppering your skin with wet kisses. The feel of your sweat slicked bodies rolling together - moaning in friction. The way he growled when you raked your nails across his back. The fluttering sound of his wings.

Castiel appeared beside the bed - a wry smile tugging at the corner of his mouth as he observed you dreaming of him. It had been weeks since he last parted from you, but even the turmoil in heaven could keep him away only so long when you dreamed so vividly…so, loudly.

His deep blue eyes met yours as he darted his tongue between your folds. His tongue, soft as a feather, tickling your clit. His fingers slipping into you, curling inside your heat – beckoning you over the edge.

You moaned lowly, fists clenching the sheets. Castiel sighed deeply, his arousal growing as he watched what the mere thought of him did to you.

His lips crashed into yours as he plunged his cock into you with a growl – his head falling to your neck, grunting, fingers digging into your waist as he pounded into you - your hips rolling to meet every thrust. You clenched around his throbbing cock – tumbling into orgasm again as his thrusts became sloppy and he found his own release, groaning out your name.

You gasped, arching your back, the air catching in your throat. Castiel couldn’t stand by any longer. The scent of your dripping arousal, heavy in the air, filled his nose. With a needy growl, he crawled over you and began pressing tender open mouth kisses across your neck, swiping his tongue along your collar bone, relishing the taste of salt on your skin. You gradually roused from sleep as he continued his gentle ministrations. Your nose catching his scent, the sweet earthy smell in the air after a thunderstorm ends, before your eyes fluttered open.

A sleepy grin spread across your face as you carded your fingers through his hair, “Castiel.”

A happy sigh rumbled through his chest as he exhaled into your neck, “Y/N.”

You pulled the full weight of him on top of you – his body instantly relaxing into your curves. He really was here - you weren’t dreaming anymore. You wrapped your arms around him in a tight embrace, burying your face in his hair and inhaling deeply.

After allowing you a few breaths, he shifted - propping himself up on his elbow as he brushed the hair out of your face. His blue eyes, pupils blown with desire, met yours, “Y/N, I…”

You caught his words with a kiss - his lips smiling back against yours. The fact that he missed you, and you missed him went without saying. The physical needs you had were a far more pressing matter. You curled your hand around his neck as he parted his lips, deepening the kiss as you explored each other’s mouths. You parted with a gasp for air, as he rested his forehead against yours, both of you savoring the feeling of being together – knowing the moment would pass all too soon.

So, I found this at the Goodwill Store. Yep, that’s a corgi on the cover!
This book is part of a series of romance novels about a morally bankrupt woman who dies young, but gets the chance to redeem herself in the afterlife… by returning to Earth in the form of a fat corgi named Piggy who must help her lonely owners find love.

This author sure knows how to write corgis!

P.S.: Mature readers only, please ;)
Submitted by ms-cherry-tart