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Story Time!

One time I was having such bad period cramps that I sat on the toilet for an hour straight. I felt awful because my boyfriend was over to spend the night.

Just when I was about to text him and apologize and tell him that he could go home THIS FUCKER WALKED INTO THE BATHROOM WITH ICE CREAM AND SAT ON THE FLOOR AND WE WATCHED NETFLIX ON HIS LAPTOP.

I have never been so appreciative of someone in my entire life.

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Have you ever try to be as mature as Arthur and his classmates when you were their age?

hmmm, not that i can recall. i think i was a little older than eight when i started watching arthur so i didn’t really think of them as role models or anything like that

All the past struggles, delays + disruptions have all been apart of the divine plan for you to grow and mature. This beautiful period you are experiencing is more than just a stroke of luck. You together with your spirits have done the work + now you may enjoy the fruits of your labor. Keep in mind that you must constantly maintain inner order to remain victorious. Know that your power is in this new found ability to be patient + flow without force. As long as you remain diligent, coupled with patience, you will have long term success. Now is a great time to begin projects as you are learning to economize where your situation demands it. Go with your gut feelings and take those steps you have been longing to take. Know that with the ancestors + spirits on your side, victory will always remain.
—  Omi Kongo

I was at my cousin’s bridal shower at a hotel that served tea when my younger cousin started panicking because her period had come and she didn’t have any products with her. I went to ask the male waiter for our room about where I could get a tampon for her. He left the room and came back with this basket which he put in the room’s private bathroom. He was very matter of fact and mature about it. He even asked if we needed any pain killers and offered to go and get them for us. This is how periods should be handled. Tampons and pads are not gross, not taboo, and nothing more than sanitary items like soap or paper towels. If all men could be this mature about it, that would be lovely.

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Hey,in your post about "you've got to hide your love away" you say something about john and paul kissing, sleeping together and paul who dont take it serious. can you explain it for me? please. 🌺 (Ñ English isn't my first language sorry if something is wrong )

English is not my first language too so don’t worry i don’t care,…you mean this post right?

Talking about ‘You’ve got to hide your love away’ I wrote this:

I’m not denying that this song wasn’t written for Brian, I believe John wrote it after the ‘strong’ experience he had with him in Spain. I also believe that John tried to identify himself with Brian and his very difficult life at the time as homosexual. Said that, after John had that experience with Brian, in which he probably confessed him how hard it was to be homosexual in the 60s, he internalized those feelings and wrote this song not really as a tribute to him, but as a confession of someone who is in love with somebody and doesn’t know what to do cause he’s afraid people will condamn him forever.  

John was married with Cynthia, he had no reason to hide his love away. If the song was entirely for Brian, he wouldn’t have written such an intimate song, he would have written a song in third person, or create a character as he often did.

In this song he’s struggling with HIS feelings, not somebody else’s. That’s why I firmly believe that the Spain holiday opened his eyes about his relationship with Paul. A relationship that in 1965 was still considered by both of them (but mostly Paul) as a joke, something both of them experienced during that time (sleeping in one bed, kissing during recordings..) but hadn’t the courage to admit it to each other. They were still in their own bubble, but while Paul was cleverly ignoring it, pretending it was just a friendship, it was John who started questioning it openly, worried about his feelings and what they might lead to, one day.

In the last part what I mean is that during the early 60s both John and Paul were living the excitement and the bright side of their fame and their relationship, but without questioning it.

In 1980 John compared his relationship with Paul during that time to the early stage of marriage and sex:

In a marriage, or a love affair – when the seven-year-itch or the twelve-year or whatever these things that you have to go through – there comes a point where the marriage collapses because they can’t face that reality, and they go seeking what they thought they should be having, still, somewhere else. If I get a new girl, it’ll all be like that again; if I get a new boy… But for all marriages, all couples, it’ll all be the same again. But what you lose is what you put into that… relationship. The early stuff – the Hard Day’s Night period, I call it – the early period, was the early equi– se– what I’m – what I’m equating it to is the sexual equivalent of the beginning of a relationship. Of people in love. And the Sgt. Pepper-Abbey Road period was the period of maturity in the relationship. And maybe, had we gone on together, maybe something more interesting would have come out of it. It would not have been the same. It would have been a different thing. But maybe it wouldn’t either. Maybe it was a marriage that had to end. Some marriages don’t get through that phase. It’s hard to speculate about what would have been. “ John, September 1980 - Playboy Interview.

During that time, the A Hard Day’s night period, the Help! period, John and Paul spent countless time together, for example, when they were on tour they always slept together, like Bob Bonis said in an interview:

Did The Beatles get on each other’s nerves a lot? They were always so closely confined in their hotel rooms?“

“No. It was surprising. They always had a suite. George and Ringo stayed together in one room, and John and Paul in the other bedroom, and a big, big room in between.

- Gary James’ Interview With The Beatles’ Road Manager Bob Bonis.

Also Paul has confessed it many many times during his interviews.(an example here)

During the Think for Yourself session  you can hear them kissing

This was the early stage of their relationship, as John also explained, there was excitement, there was fun, there was the joy of the fame, but on another hand both of them didn’t know what the hell was going on, and didn’t bother to discuss it. It wasn’t just a friendship, and they knew it, but they both were too afraid to confess it to each other, and Paul more than John.

They didn’t talk, they didn’t express the feelings they had for each other. The only time that this happened was in Florida in 1964 while they were on tour, when they got drunk and confessed how much they loved and needed each other. This is the famous story that inspired ‘Here Today’ lines “what about the night we cried, because there wasn’t any reason left to keep it all inside" .

I believe that this period was the most intense for both of them, but they didn’t acknowledge it, all the things that happened, the confession, the kiss, sleeping together, and God knows how many other things,…were never really discussed.

John and Paul were in love with each other, but they their relationship in a very different way: Paul didn’t like to express his feelings, he preferred to deny, to not give John too much for a couple of reasons: afraid of the social/historical enviroment in which they lived and afraid of their career.  Also, Paul was overconfident, I believe he was 100% sure John would have always been there for him, and always loved him, no matter what, that’s why he was so shocked when Yoko took his role in John’s life. He took his relationship with John for granted, he knew that John needed him, and that’s why sometimes he was pretentious enough to reject him.

John was more open, more honest and didn’t think about the risks. That’s why the ‘Dylan period’, gave him the opportunity to write more personal stuff, like ‘You’ve got to hide your love away’.

This way of dealing with each other feelings was their major flaw, because they never really talked about their feelings and what they had for each other and it brought to such huge misunderstandings that later caused their break up.

Just a little example of how these issues they had were never discussed and brought to misunderstandings and later to a break up: Michael Lindsay Hogg (the man who directed both “Let it Be” and “Two of Us”) secretly recorded John, Paul, Yoko, Linda, and Ringo talking while they were filming “Let it Be”. One day, January 13th 1969, John and Paul have an argument, and John brought up an old discussion they had, when John asked Paul “do you like me?” and Paul never gave him and answer.

JOHN: Because you–‘cause you seem to have got it all, you see.


JOHN: I know that, because of the way I am, like when we were in Mendips, like I said— “Do you like me?” Or whatever it is. I’ve always–uh, played that one. So.

PAUL: Yeah.

John has always played ‘that one’, who questioned their relationship, who talked freely about his feelings to Paul, and who asked for an answer, that Paul never had the courage to give him, and will regret it only after 1980.

“nuthin’ to be ashamed of, only natural” Cassidy (Preacher) + Reader Insert

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Warnings/TWs.: smutty mature content, period sex, bloodhound, biting, blood

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Capitalist desire for imperialist expansion, as the expression of its highest maturity in the last period of its life, has the economic tendency to change the whole world into capitalistically producing nations, to sweep away all superannuated, pre-capitalistic methods of production and society, to subjugate all the riches of the earth and all means of production to capital, to turn the laboring masses of all zones into wage slaves. In Africa and in Asia, from the most northern regions to the southernmost point of South America and the South Seas, the remnants of old communistic social groups, of feudal society, of patriarchal systems, and of ancient handicraft production are destroyed and stamped out by capitalism. Whole peoples are destroyed, ancient civilizations are leveled to the ground, and in their place profiteering in its most modern forms is being established.

(…) To capitalist economists and politicians, railroads, matches, sewerage systems, and warehouses are progress and culture. Of themselves such works, grafted upon primitive conditions are neither culture nor progress, for they too dearly paid for with the sudden economic and cultural ruin of the peoples who must drink down the bitter cup of misery and horror of two social orders, of traditional agricultural landlordism, of super-modern, super-refined capitalist exploitation, at one and the same time

—  Rosa Luxemburg, The Junius Pamphlet
September 1980 - Interview with John Lennon
September 1980 - Interview with John Lennon

“For Beatles fans the dream ended in 1970, when Paul McCartney announced the break of the band. In later years John liken the break up to that of a divorce.

JOHN: In a marriage, or a love affair, when the seven year itch or the twelve year or whatever these things that you have to go through, there comes a point where the marriage collapses because they can’t face that reality, and they go seeking what they thought they should be having, still, somewhere else. If I get a new girl it’ll all be like that again. if I get a new boy, but for all marriages all couples, it’ll all be the same again. But what you lose is what you put into that relationship.

John’s partnership with Paul began in 1957 when they were both teenagers and it culminated in 1969 on Abbey Road, the group’s last video record.

JOHN:The early stuff, the Hard Day’s Night period, I call it the early period, was….what I’m equating it to is the sexual equivalent of the beginning of a relationship. Of people in love. And the Sgt. Pepper Abbey Road period was the period of maturity in the relationship. And maybe had we gone on together maybe something more interesting would have come out of it. It would not have been the same. It would have been a different thing. But maybe it wouldn’t either. Maybe it was a marriage that had to end. Some marriages don’t get through that phase. It’s hard to speculate about what would have been.” - John Lennon Interview, September 1980.

Fan Theory: Perception of Time in VK/VKM

Hello VK/Zeki Fam, long time no see! *Hugs everybody*

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I’ve been offline for a millennia due to a new job and family life stuffz but I I finally have some free time to go into the VK meta I’ve been dying to sink my teeth in to! (beware, there may be terrible puns ahead.  You’ve been warned.)

From what I’ve seen in the Vampire Knight meta-sphere, reactions towards the past two chapters are mixed, leaning towards the Hino-san, what the fruitcake are you doing to us now? end of the spectrum. 

@getoffthesoapbox​ @soulisthirsty@zerolover66​ and others before me have written some excellent analyses & theories, and I don’t plan on doing a full rehash.  Instead, I’d like to propose a different theory…

I’ll start this fan theory with a question:  
Do Yuuki and Zero perceive time differently?

This may seem like an odd question, so let me break it down.  

Do people perceive time differently?  

It can be argued that they do.  You often hear folks talk about “life changing experiences” or how a near death experience alters their perspective.  If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, and know that you only have a few months left to live, your perception of time will likely be very different than that of a healthy teenager.  Even though both individuals could theoretically die in a freak accident at the same time, or the sick individual finds a miracle cure, the way they value their time, more likely than not, differs.  

You can also look at it this way: one year to a 3-year-old is 1/3 of their life, whereas one year to an 80-year-old is 1/80 of their life.  Time passes differently for children versus adults.

Which leads me to another question: 

In Vampire Knight, do mortals with finite time perceive time passing differently than immortals with infinite time?  

From what we’ve been shown canonically, I believe there’s a chance that the answer is yes.  

Let’s take a look at a scene from VKM chapter 10:

In this panel Yuuki comments that 60 months feels like 1 month.**

60 months = 5 years

That means 5 years feels like 1 month of “normal life” (basically 1 month to the rest of us.)

Take your age and divide it by 5. If you’re 20 years old, that’s the equivalent of 4 months.

(More under the cut!)

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Avidly reading my artnet worldwide mail of the day, I came to ponder posting their Top Ten in matters of Jan Vermeer (1632-1675) better known as Johannes Vermeer, the artist who taught the world to see ordinary beauty, in such a quiet and introspective artistic manner, that it took hundreds of years for anyone to notice he was a genius, whose talent we so reveer today.  Lets discover Margaret Carrigan’s ranking:

1. View of Delft (1660–63) - Vermeer’s View of Delft is where, on the most elemental level, the artist simply demonstrates his supremacy, that of stripping away all that intricacy down to its fundamentals. The image has an almost guileless quality.  Much has been made of the artist’s undeniable use of his favorite optical aid—a camera obscura—to render his hometown skyline accurately.  Yet what’s most poignant about this view is its idiosyncrasies. The artist seems to have shifted the buildings ever so slightly, most noticeably in the long section of the Rotterdam Gate, to make the city feel less cramped.  In Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time, the narrator describes the painting as “more striking, more different from anything else he knew.”  The result certainly remains one the most memorable cityscape in European art, and Vermeer’s very best.  2. The Art of Painting (1666) is one of Vermeer’s largest paintings.  It’s called The Art of Painting, and it is, indeed, at the pinnacle of any list celebrating the artistry of painting.  It literally draws back the curtain on the artist’s studio.  It is one of the greatest artistic ‘balancing acts’ of all time, perfectly coordinating a sense of artifice with a sense of naturalism.  3. Girl with a Red Hat (1665–66) This is another “tronie” like Girl with a Pearl Earring, and one of Vermeer’s smallest works to boot.  It shares a lot of what Vermeer’s does best in matters of light and detailing qualities—from that dramatic patch of light across the face to the way all the textures play off of one another—it really comes together.  4. Woman Holding a Balance (1662–65) is one of Vermeer’s mature period works. This painting’s composition and lighting is not only superbly well balanced, but also its symbolist meaningfulness is rich, where Vermeer uses contrast to tell a tale of vanity and virtue, worldly pleasures and divine morality. 5. The Milkmaid (1654–58) falls in the middle of the artnet’s ranking, which is fitting because, this is a work often considered a turning point between Vermeer’s early and mature styles, so much that the almost photographic sense motivated many scholars surmise that it was around this time that Vermeer started incorporating his ‘Camera Obscura’ image-capturing technology, in order to better understand the effects of light, as noted by H. Perry Chapman in her essay “Women in Vermeer’s Home: Mimesis and Ideation.”  The effects are great, Vermeer no longer relies on a harsh chiaroscuro to create this nuanced luminescence. Instead, this virtuoso orchestration of light and color is achieved through the use of alternating primary colors and zones of light and shadow.  Colours are magnified as Hues are not only used but Enlightened for the viewers more attentive comprehension of the visuals and their narrative.  Lets leave Vermeer and his Milkmaid fix lunch and we will rejoin this ‘top-five’  for it to complete into a Top-10, later in the day.

To Do Masterlist

•Rough make up sex (Mature)

•Y/N and Justin’s first time together (Mature)

•Y/N is Khalil’s little sister and she’s close with Justin and Za. They end up having a threesome (Mature)

•Talking about wet dreams together (Mature)

•Justin gets embarrassed when he gets a boner in public

•Justin’s on tour and he gets a call saying you’ve hurt yourself

•Bringing their baby home for the first time

•Y/N teases Justin before he goes on stage and he ends up being 30 minutes late for his concert (Mature)

•Justin’s surprised when you ride him for the first time (Mature)

•Spending the day with Jazzy and Jaxon

•Justin makes a sexual joke when he sees you during one of his shows and the crowd reacts

•Y/N and Justin have feelings for each other but won’t admit it to each other. She compliments Justin when she’s drunk, spilling the truth

•Y/N pranks Justin and he gets mad

•Y/N and Justin are good friends but Justin’s in love with her, he shows up at her house drunk and confesses. Things take a turn (Mature)

•Y/N is dating Justin and they go clubbing but she sees him dancing with another girl, so she dances with a random guy. When you get home the night gets rough (Mature)

•Y/N and Justin have passionate, angry hate sex (From both their P.O.V’s) (Mature)

•All Justin wants for his birthday is a baby. He gets excited by the idea of having kids

•Strip poker

•Y/N and Justin have a 3 year old boy and Y/N is out with her friends but their son doesn’t feel well and starts crying, so Justin has to beg her to come home

•Y/N is Jazzy and Jaxon’s nanny, when Justin comes home from the holidays, he meets her and finds her attractive. They end up having sex

•Carpool Karaoke

•“Why do they make this look so easy in all those porn movies?! This hurts like fuck!”

•[Y/N] wins Best Actress at the Oscars and you take Justin as your date

•Y/N is afraid to be comfortable with Justin because of her past boyfriend

•Y/N is famous and goes on the Ellen show for an interview and is asked about the dating rumours involving her and Justin

•Y/N has had a child before her and Justin got together and she goes to take the child to his father’s house but the kid wants to stay with Justin instead

•Justin is jealous because you’re out and men keep staring at you but he can’t do anything because you’re only dating on the down low and when you both get home he fucks his jealousy away (Mature)

•Justin is having a hard time without Y/N on tour and he’s really sad, so she goes to surprise him but he has an anxiety attack on stage and she has to help him and he doesn’t connect that she’s there until he calms down

•Y/N and Justin are having sex, Hailey and Kendall walk in and they end up having a foursome (Mature)

•Y/N and Justin split up. They sabotage each other’s dates and argue constantly. They can’t accept that they’re not over each other

•Y/N owns a Ferrari, one day Justin wants to race and if she wins she get a head and vice versa

•Doctor Bieber (Mature)

•Justin is Y/N’s gym instructor/trainer. One day he can’t control himself at the sight of her and they end up fucking (Mature)

•Justin uses sex toys (Mature)

•Justin Bieber/Jason McCann (Part Two) (Mature)

•Periods and Inconsiderations (Part Two)

•Bounce On My lap (Part Two) (Mature)

•Y/N takes Justin’s virginity (Mature)

•Y/N let’s Justin draw a nude painting of her

•Justin’s fantasy comes true thanks to Y/N (Mature)

•Fantasising and Late Night Calls (Part Two) (Mature)

•Y/N is having dinner out with her family when Justin won’t stop constantly calling her. She later finds out he wants her to go to the bathroom and touch herself (Mature)

•Y/N wears sexy lingerie & garter straps, causing Justin’s mind to wander (Mature)

•Y/N is getting married to someone but right before they get married, Justin stands up and confesses his love to her, making her doubt everything

•Justin is going to visit a school to pick one person to go on tour with him and he picks Y/N, it gets heated.

•"I can be sobbing in front of you with a broken heart and I’d still crack a joke.“

•Y/N makes herself squirt, she tells Justin and he asks her to show him (Mature)

•First Time Foreplay (Mature)

•Y/N and Justin go skinny dipping

•Y/N teases Justin when they’re having dinner and he ends up fucking her (Mature)

•Y/N and Justin get caught by the squad (Mature)

•Y/N and Justin have sex in the bathroom at a club (Mature)

•Y/N is on her period but Justin is horny

•Y/N goes on tour with Justin and they get into a fight. Y/N leaves, causing Justin to take time from the tour to go after her

•Y/N and Justin are best friends, they are both virgins and make a deal to be each other’s first time (Mature)

•Y/N is a dancer and dances for Justin to ‘Dance For You’ by Beyoncé and they end up fucking (Mature)

•Explicit Imagination (Part Two) (Mature)

•'Let Me Love You’ imagine

•Y/N and Justin are getting married but before it starts Justin begins to get the nerves, causing him to run away

Y/N gives Justin the silent treatment and he gets annoyed (Mature)

•Justin is tired from being in the studio. He comes home and pushes Y/N against the wall. Things get heated.

•Y/N and Justin are stuck at Y/N’s parents’ house due to a storm. They have to be quiet during sex (Mature)

•Justin and Jason both fuck Y/N. She has a blind fold on and she has to guess who is who (Mature)

•Y/N and Justin’s kids walk in on them having sex (Mature)

•Sex (Justin’s POV) (Mature)

•Justin has a wet dream while cuddling his best friend and he gets embarrassed while Y/N finds it flattering (Mature)

•Y/N and Justin are having sex. Justin is trying to make her cum multiple times as she becomes overstimulated (Mature)

•Nerdy Justin (Mature)

(ringing tone) (kchlick)



“Hey, ma! What’s up?”

“Happy birthday, my dear!”

“…oh? Uh, today? Oh, geez, I totally forgot! Sorry I’m not there right now, ma! I promise I’ll come tomorrow.”

“Don’t be silly, it’s your birthday, you can do whatever you want.”

“Oh, right. Heheh!”

“…how are you doing?”

“Oh, you know. Cleaning up after dad’s mess. Same old same old.”

“…I’m sorry.”

“What?! What for?!”

“I’m sorry you have to take care of him. I’m sorry you’re now responsible for the person who’s supposed to be responsible for you. If only I could stop him…” 

“Stop it, ma, we’ve talked about this before right? Dad needed someone to beat some sense into him, and I wasn’t even the one who ended up doing the deed!”

“…yes, but…”

“You know what? I’ll come by tonight. Don’t mope about it anymore and just, I dunno, prepare a cake for me or something.”

“Eh? But, I haven’t done the groceries!”

“Well then, get to it! I’m wrapping things up for today and continue later, so be sure to have everything ready. Love you, ma! Bye! See ya!”

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Thoughts on the Holodomor?

The Holodomor is just an invention of Ukrainian reactionaries, which then was echoed by Nazis and their ilk back in the day, and later on by Ukrainian reactionaries that exiled themselves in Western countries. The claim that Stalin ‘engineered’ a famine is ridiculous as it is disingenuous, given the connotations of the word itself (Holodomor as a term came later as an attempt of Ukrainian nationalists to compare it to the Holocaust) 

That said first piece of evidence is to note that the 1930′s famine was a product of a combination of several factors, first off was a drought that affected the region in the 1930′s. Specifically, in summer of 1931 drought and hot winds affected the regions of the Southern Urals, Western Siberia, the Volga Region, Bashkiria, and both the south and center of Ukraine.Rain precipitations on the areas affected was between 10 to 50% than on normal periods. This couple with the fact that the regions that were affected by the drought normally didn’t expect much rainfall, made the situation all the more severe.

“In the main spring maturation period of mid April to mid June, precipitation in the southern Urals and Western Siberia was one fourth of the amount that agronomists there considered necessary for normal plant growth”

Of the Western Siberia agricultural districts nearly one third of them had total crop failures in 1931, for the reasons pointed above. In other regions the average grain yields per hectare dropped between 70-90%. 

By 1932 precipitations increased substantially on several regions and while normally this is a good thing on some districts the rainfall was so severe that it was two or three times higher than their historical averages, and this led to a reduction in crop yields in 1932.

You can find more information the topic on a paper done by Mark Tauger which you can find here

Aside from that it is also worth noting out that famines have been common in the region as in a 1000 year period there have been about 400 famines. But it was until the Soviets came to power that these tendencies were curbed down. The 30′s famine being the last one. Unless you coun the post war famine but that is linked directly to the damage that fascists left on Soviet soil as they were kicked out from the USSR during the Great Patriotic War


Ponyboy’s twin sister

> you’re 3 minutes older and don’t ever let him forget
> as little kids you literally talked to nobody else at school, you were born with a best friend and you had a secret language and made up games and all the cliche twin stuff
> your teachers and parents worried about you and Pony not developing enough socially, so you branched out more and more the older you both got
> your mom was literally your hero, whatever you couldn’t talk to Pony about you went to your mom with (especially as you started to mature and got your period and boobs and stuff)
> (your mom had to explain to Pony why you couldn’t share a room anymore after that. he was heartbroken but you still watched the sunset together every night before bed)
> your dad taught you how to read and write, and when it came time, to play football, baseball, and basketball. he made sure you were great at all of them because you came home from school once and asked him why girls weren’t allowed to be on the school teams.
> when you were little you would always try to wrestle with Darry, and he’d be afraid of hurting you because you were sort of a scrawny little kid. but you could hold your own with him for the most part until he started working out and building muscle (you kicked his ass in a football game once, but he was never mopey or pissed about it, just really proud)
> Darry helped you with homework a lot and whenever he learned something new in class, he taught it to you.
> you used to copy Soda a lot when you were little, follow him around, repeat what he said, etc. because you thought he was the most tuff person in the world, and it annoyed him at first, but after he talked to Mom about it he started to use it to make sure he was a good influence on you — he sobbed and sobbed when he dropped out of school because he was so afraid you’d do it too, or that he wasn’t a good example to you anymore
> you always found it harder to relate to other girls because you grew up surrounded by your brothers and the gang, but your mom made sure you and them all knew that girls are tuff enough and god help all of you if she ever caught anyone saying anything sexist or objectifying
> the boys would instinctively come to your aid whenever you got slapped on the ass or cat-called by any other greaser or any soc, but they learned pretty quick that they didn’t have to because you could handle it
> also, your mom secretly took them all aside and scolded them — she didn’t want you to think you needed a man to defend your honor for you
> the only thing she would not budge on was rumbles, but it wasn’t because you were a girl. she didn’t want any of her kids (whether biological or the “adopted” sons from the gang) fighting like that. of course they all still did, but you were a terrible liar, so they never brought you along.
> (Dallas still gave you fighting lessons on the regular so you would know how to throw a right hook without breaking your thumb on the next guy who wolf whistled at you)
> you didn’t smoke — you just had no desire to.
> after you and Pony did a unit on space in science class one time, you checked out all the astronomy books from the library and learned every single constellation by heart. you watched the stars whenever you were out at night, and the only reason the boys didn’t tease you or Pony too much about it is because they knew you weren’t afraid to beat them up and you had a quick tongue.
> you had a gigantic crush on Johnny Cade and everyone but Johnny knew it until the day you kissed him in the lot — you went steady for about three weeks until your parents’ accident, and you ended it: you still had feelings for each other but it just wasn’t the right time to be in a relationship. he was very kind and understanding about it.
> when your parents died, you locked yourself in your room for two days. Ponyboy slept outside the door until you came out the day of the funeral. when he had his nightmares, you returned the favor.
> in addition to sports, you took ballet classes from when you were 5 to when your parents died — you just couldn’t afford them anymore, and you couldn’t bear to see Darry work another job to pay for them (you know he would have if you didn’t lie and tell him you were quitting to focus on school)
> Darry was just as hard on you as he was on Ponyboy, but for different reasons: he didn’t use his head enough, and you used yours too often to sass your teachers, principal, and the Socs. you still brought home good grades though and were pretty respectful to Darry, so there wasn’t much he could realistically say about it.
> you didn’t doubt Darry’s love as much as Pony did, but sometimes you still found yourself asking where your big brother went and who replaced him.
> the night Darry hit Pony and he ran away, Soda clammed up; you screamed at the top of your lungs and asked why in the world Darry would do that, Mom and Dad would be so ashamed, how could he, you didn’t even know who he was — basically everything your mom would have said if she were there
> (you cried the whole time though — every time you got mad you cried and the gang knew not to press that button)
> you snuck out to look for Pony and Johnny later that night after Darry and Soda fell asleep — when you ran into Dallas, you bullied everything out of him. when he told you Johnny killed a Soc and why, you passed out cold on the ground and he had to carry you back home. he was careful not to wake anyone, and you could never thank him enough.
> Darry tried to apologize to you a million times but you didn’t speak to him for the five days Pony and Johnny were gone. you blamed him for everything and he knew it. Soda tried to bridge a gap, but it didn’t work. you weren’t mad at him for it though, and talked to him like normal, and even cried to him every night
> you made Dallas bring you along to Windrixville to see Pony and Johnny. when you saw your brother again it was like a missing piece of you clicked back into the right place.
> (you wanted to kiss Johnny more than anything right then, but didn’t want to frighten him because of all he had been through)
> when the church was on fire, you ran inside right on Ponyboy’s heels to save the kids in the building. you broke your arm when you landed too hard on the ground after jumping out the window (actually Pony pushed you out), but weren’t burned, and you refused treatment until you knew the others were taken care of first.
> when you saw Darry and Soda at the hospital, you almost knocked them over; you held on to Darry the longest and kept apologizing to him until you were out of breath. you kept thinking how he smelled and felt just like Dad holding you there.
> during the rumble, you didn’t fight because of your arm, but even if it wasn’t broken you still probably wouldn’t have fought. you stayed with Johnny instead, and you made sure his mother stayed away, and you made sure the nurses were kind, and you made sure that he wasn’t alone or afraid for a second. you knew he was getting weaker and weaker, and it was breaking your heart, but you stayed. you wrote down his letter for Pony and put it inside “Gone with the Wind.”
> (years later, after working to put yourself through college, you would become a nurse yourself)
> when Johnny died, he told Ponyboy to stay gold, and he squeezed your hand; you knew he was saying, “thank you.”
> you followed Dallas out of the hospital, running after him and demanding he tell you where he was going because you knew he was about to do something crazy. he told you to get lost and pulled out his heater, and you were so scared and overwhelmed that you turned and ran home. when he was killed that night, you blamed yourself.
> you stayed by Pony’s side night and day in the few days he was sick; Soda and Darry took shifts and tried to get you to do the same, but like hell were you going to leave him.
> eventually, you got married and had kids of your own: all boys.

Evolving Different Skin Tone

@iamnotoneofthem asked:

I don’t know if this is a question you can answer (with it being more of a biology-related one), but maybe a follower can help! In my fantasy world, a (humanoid) species migrated to a different continent about ten to five thousand years ago. They came from a continent where skin colour varied greatly, resulting in diversity, and the group I’m asking about settled down in a desert. They each live for about 400-500 years. Would their skin colour adapt over twenty-two generations (max.) or not?

I’m pretty sure my dad is wondering why I didn’t go into hard sciences right now, for all I end up researching biology. Anyway! This is a topic I know a little about, so I will attempt to at least give you factors to consider.

Your question actually has a lot of layers in it, to the point I can’t really give a solid answer. My instinct is “maybe to no”, but my answer depends, based on how your species actually works.

First is why humans evolved diverse skin tones in the first place: sun protection. Dark skin means less vitamin D and ultraviolet light gets into the skin, which in turn lowers the risk of cancer and vitamin D poisoning (among others, but those are off the top of my head) when you get a lot of sun; this is why you find darker skin in populations in hot regions with minimal tree cover. Meanwhile, light skin lets in a lot of vitamin D, which is an advantage in northern regions that have weaker sun; they have a lower risk of cancer and don’t receive as much vitamin D because of their environment. If your humanoid group doesn’t need sun protection and/or doesn’t rely on vitamin D, then asking if they’ll evolve lighter or darker skin is completely moot.

Second is how evolution works. The basic principle is “evolution favours those who can pass on their genes more easily and more often.” As a result, people who hit age of maturity are favoured, and those who live in their age of maturity for an extended period of time and reproduce frequently are really favoured. You have a very long lived species, here, and we don’t know anything about how long it takes for them to be able to reach maturity and have a second generation (or how many kids they can produce), so ask yourself questions along those lines. Is there anything about their skin tone that would make it they struggle (or thrive) in their environment? Do they blend in better/worse so predators do/don’t find them, feel better/worse so they have/don’t have many children, don’t/do develop cancer so they die young or after a small amount of kids? All of those are valid reasons.

Third, you have to consider how quickly their genes mutate. As a general rule, long lived species are either really adaptable, really simple, or have a lot of advantages against shorter lived species from the gate, just because if they’re not one of the three then they struggle to survive if a major change hits. Really adaptable opens up the possibility they will mutate to fit their environment more quickly, which can either mean “body changes while alive” or “body has ways of making sure offspring get everything good I have,” so evolution happens faster. And having a lot of advantages means there just plain old isn’t much that kills them naturally, but it also means they don’t need to evolve much if at all.

Fourth, desert environments actually favour those who cover up. Take a look at those who live in the Sahara, and you’ll find they are a lot paler than you’d expect for being in the sun all day because their cultural clothing is billowy to trap cool air and make it they don’t get sandblasted in wind.

All that said, five to ten thousand years is actually the blink of an eye in evolutionary standards. The Inuit traveled to Canada’s North from Asia about that long ago, and their skin hasn’t changed at all. However, it is very important to note that their diet is extremely heavy in fish— which means they’re getting all the vitamin D they need through diet instead of their skin, so have had no genetic incentive to get naturally paler. 

So, really, it depends! If they don’t need dark skin as a species because they don’t rely on vitamin D and/or are immune to cancer (long lived species usually are, or at least have quite the resistance— cancer comes from a mutation of a cell’s replicators, and the older you get the more your cells replicate, so the more likely it is they will scramble; cancer is basically another name for ‘broken cell replication that causes them to duplicate way too fast’. Certain lives-over-100 species of whales don’t get cancer, for example, so it’s more than plausible your species doesn’t), then they end up not having any incentive to change their skin tone. Also, if they end up with environmental factors that allow them to sustain whatever skin tone they had previous, such as diet or clothing, then it’s also moot.

But in general, 22 generations really is not that long. We’ve seen some level of extreme change in the past 3 generations, where we are getting significantly taller, but that is mostly medicinal and diet factors (both “we are eating better quality food thanks to genetic modification of food, and we are using growth hormones in food that in turn impact us”). I would say they’re more likely to have changed body shape and height based on environmental factors, but, it’s still really not a long time for anything to happen. There might be some beginnings of noticeable change in the newer generation, but nothing super drastic. 

Of course, if any more biologically inclined followers have input, please feel free to chime in!

~Mod Lesya